The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Thirty Eight

Leah's POV

Jade returned to the hospital earlier than I expected with Rosie in tow.

"Leah." they both greeted me enthusiastically but when they eyes fell on a glum Jordan, they looked at each other before, slowly approaching me.

Lifting his eyes from the window where he stood to the girls and I.

"Good," he nods to Jade, before hugging Rosie. "Stay with Leah, I have to be somewhere," forcing a smile, Jordan squeeze my hand before leaving.

"What's with him?" Jade asks rushing towards me, with quick glances to the door Jordan just left through.

"What did you do?" Rosie asks at the same as Jade.

Shrugging sadly. "I didn't mention what Dr. Mehra said about an early delivery." I told them, aware that he's not angry but worried and hurt.

Sighing, I leaned on the pillow. "I don't know how to convince him that I am and fine and that we will be fine." I told the girls.

Jade laid beside me on the pillow, where Jordan laid last night.

"There's nothing you can do, until the baby is born." Jade whispers, as she caresses my hair.

Nodding in agreement, I lift my eyes to meet Rosie's sad smile.

Chuckling softly, "you know all through high school, Jordan's girlfriends or friends as he called them, only last three weeks max and it's because the girls refused to understand, that Jordan wasn't interested in being nothing more than friends." Jade shares a part of her brother's past with me for the first time.

I am intrigued as to why she's sharing now and curious about what she's about to say.

"When he came to join Michael and I in Paris, he didn't mention you but I knew there was something different about him but, it was when I overheard him asking Vinnie about a Lily, that I became intrigue. Of course, Jordan shut me down by saying you're a new employee, working on an important project." She continued and as she spoke my mind started wandering to when Jordan left before my presentation to Massy's.

Rubbing my belly, "I realize it took Jordan one date to know he wasn't interested in someone and it took him one date with you to know that you're the girl for him." She adds, grinning from ear to ear.

Rosie starts laughing at Jade's comments. "Oh, it only took him once glance to know that she was the one for him." Rosie who was there from the beginning with us, knew, even before me.

"And you didn't like me," I couldn't help reminding Jade.

Sitting upright, Jade was ready to deny it. "I didn't hate you." She stated adamantly. "When I asked about you, Jordan insisted that you meant nothing to him, so I assume you were the one throwing yourself at him." Turning to give me an apologetic smirk.

Throwing one arm sideways around her shoulder, "yeah but just so you know, I kept running him off but he kept showing up everywhere I went." I informed her, chuckling as Rosie laughs with me.

"He sure did," Rosie added, "he even told a guy who was showing some interest in Leah, that Leah is girlfriend." Rosie chuckles, turning to look at the doorway, before leaning closer to Jade. "He even kissed her that first night." She adds as I grew crimson.

Clamping my hand over my mouth, "oh my God, you saw?" I whispered in astonishment. "I didn't see you." I told her frowning.

Chuckling mischievously, "I ducked when I saw you searching for me." Rosie laughs.

Covering my face in embarrassment, "you're horrible." I retorted, pushing Rosie, playfully.

"Whose horrible?" Jordan asks, entering the room, surprising the three of us.

We all looked at each other, dumbfounded for a moment before I answered.

"No one," I answered with a weak smile.

Nodding, Jordan brings a tray with three drinks.

"No coffee, all chocolate." He hands me a cup giving the tray he was holding to Jade.

"Ooo," Jade mummers as she takes her drink, while I was already started sipping from my drink.

Chocolate tea seems to be Jordan's peace drink today and I am not complaining, because it's my favorite drink after coffee.

"We haven't had breakfast, so I called for Mrs. Sanchez to prepare one for when we get home." Jordan says with his eyes on me.

Widening my eyes brightly in surprise, "I'm being discharged?" I asked and he nod slowly.

"Dr. Mehra will be here soon, with the discharge papers so, you can start organizing." He nods the bag containing the clothes, Jade brought for me.

"I'll do it," Jade volunteered and immediately started organizing for my trip back home.

Beckoning for Jordan to come closer, "are we going to our home or your grandparents?" Though it didn't matter because Jordan was here.

With a small smile that doesn't reach his eyes, "our home," he tells me, bringing a slow smile to my face.

Our days returned to our normal routine when Vinnie and Michael returned over the weekend after my hospitalization.

Only this time Jordan spent most of the time outside of the office area, remaining in the sitting room with me.

Also Dr. Mehra came over everyday, depending on her shift to ensure that I was progressing well.

Tired of just sitting around all day, I called Jade to make a trip to get some personal necessities but Jordan had me make a list and took Jade to help him with the shopping!

I was emotionally moved, when Jade returned, telling me that all she did was take Jordan to the respective stores but left him with the list while she did her own shopping, sticking Jordan with her bill.

When Jordan left us alone, "Jordan told me everything about mom." Jade whispers sadly.

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