The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Thirty Nine

Jordan's POV

Despite the AC running everywhere I went, I felt the need for a shower to clear my head, after the heart to heart I just had with my sister.

Jade's disappointment in mom grew as I repeated mom's words to me and what dad said about, Evie.

Jade forewarned me about her new agenda, which is to find this Evie person.

By the time I returned to the sitting room, I realize we ended up with a full house for lunch.

"What are we celebrating?" Rosie who came along with Michael, asked staring at me curiously.

Puzzled with her question, I shrugged, before joining Leah on the daybed, which is one of our newer purchases.

Staring at Jade, "are you celebrating something?" I doubt she found Evie already and I am sure she's the one who invited Michael and Rosie over.

Nodding excitedly, "yes," she turns and smirks at Leah.

Intrigued about whatever mischief my baby sister is up to.

Raising my eyebrow, I stare at her curiously. "We're listening," I glance around the room at all the eyes that's focused on my sister.

"Jordan shopped for more than one item and, it wasn't for him." Jade laughs as Vinnie and I cursed while Rosie and Leah giggles but Michael, just shook his head, without adding a comment.

"You called them out of the office for that?" Vinnie didn't hide his annoyance.

Sticking her tongue out childishly at him, "they are entitled to a lunch break and it's worth celebrating but if you don't want to celebrate with us," Jade points to my office, "you can go right back in there." She retorted calmly, not perturbed by Vinnie's comment.

Standing, Vinnie appeared upset and again my sister didn't give a fuck!

"Jordan is so set in his ways that anything he does out of character is worth celebrating." Jade tells Vinnie. "It's something I would like to call emancipating." She chuckles.

I learned long ago, that agreeing with Jade is always the best option because, despite what she does, her heart is always in the right place.

Rosie tugs at Vinnie's arm, "simmer down," she whispers.

Glaring at me, Vinnie takes a seat. "Are we getting food?" Vinnie's tone finally soften as he picks up his glass of champagne, only to spew it out of his mouth, in disgust.

"What the fuck is this?" He glares at Jade once again.

Smiling sweetly, she hugs Michael, "non-alcoholic champagne." Jade sings as everyone erupted in laughter, except Leah because Vinnie turned on her.

Waving an index finger at her, "you're the cause of me drinking this fucking thing." Vinnie accuses Leah because she can't have alcohol.

"Bring a bottle from Jordan's stash at five and we'll knock glass and discuss it." Leah smirks.

Vinnie stared shamed face at Leah but this isn't Vinnie and from the way Leah is looking at him, she is concern too.

Breaking the tension in the room, "what did Mrs. Sanchez cook?" Rosie, stares uncomfortably at Vinnie before standing up.

Jade as usual, ignores the giants in the room. "Jordan bought lunch for everyone." Jade leans away from Michael and grabs Rosie's hand. "Let's set the table." She drags Rosie behind her.

"What's going on?" I ask Vinnie, who stood up again.

With lowered eyes, "I'm not hungry, excuse me." He said and walked out, heading towards the office.

I exchanged a brief glance with Leah before addressing Michael.

"Did something happen that I need to know about?" I asked because Vinnie is clearly hiding something and I trust him.

Avoiding my eyes, Michael shook his head. "Nothing that I know off." He retorted, standing up. "Let's join the ladies because Rosie and I have to dash back to the office.

"Even though Vinnie said that he wasn't hungry, Leah filled a plate and insisted that she take it to Vinnie in the office.

Leah returned to the dining room, with a worried frown.

I am worried about my friend but I have no other choice but to wait until our guests leave.

Jade kept the conversation going with her bubbly chatter, either she is unaware of the tension with Vinnie or she's ignoring it.

It was a long strained lunch hour and for the first time, I was happy to walk our guests to the door.

"I'm going to the office, call me if you need me." I kissed Leah and nod swiftly to Mrs. Sanchez who will remain with Leah.

Grabbing my hand, "no, let me talk to him." Leah held my hand to raise herself of the couch. "Please," she said when I started to object.

Nodding, I sat down and allowed Leah to have her first shot at Vinnie because I intend to have the last.

Leah didn't stay long with Vinnie and when she returned, she came with the tray she served him lunch in.

"Help me," even though Mrs. Sanchez was still in the room with me, she gave the tray to me.

The kitchen was clean and the sink was empty so I decided to wash Vinnie's dishes before chatting with him.

"Let him be for a while," Leah says, "I will handle it".

Frowning, "what?" I asked. "He's my friend and ..." Leah cut me off as I was explaining why I need help Vinnie with what's bothering him.

"Do you trust me?" Leah asks softly.

Raising an eyebrow to give her a skeptical smile.

"Of course I trust you but.." again Lean interrupted me.

"Then prove it." She challenged me.

Proving it, is dropping it, for now.

"Okay," I agreed promising myself to intervene, if there is no change with his demeanor.

Vinnie returned to his normal self in the days that followed but I sense some tension everytime Jade and Michael came over.

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