The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Four

Jordan's POV

Stopping the bag from bouncing back against me, I turn to the doorway.

"Leah," I whispered to myself.

Her soft smile is so enticing, especially as it reaches her beautiful hazel eyes.

"Mrs. Sanchez said breakfast is ready." Leah smiles.

Nodding, I look down to pull out my gloves and bent to retrieve my towel and phone that laid on the mat beside me, only to see Leah already walking away.

"Leah," I called, walking briskly to follow her, enjoying the way her body filled out during pregnancy.

Stopping, Leah turned as I met up with her but I motion for her to continue, while I dab the towel to absorb the moisture on my upper body.

"I've will be moving the office, to start working from here," I informed her, not missing her surprise frown.

Chuckling lightly, we made our way down the corridor towards the kitchen.

"You will be working at home from today while I will be the one heading out." Leah laughs.

Grabbing her arm, I spun her around to face me. "I didn't finish what I was saying." Staring down at her confused hazel orbs. "You will be working with Vinnie and I, with Vinnie being the only one heading back and forth between here and the office." I explain how things will be working from now on.

Leah's grin brightens up my clouded mind. "Are you sure being stuck with a pregnant lady twenty four 'o' seven for the next three months, is something you want to do?" She laughs and moved to continue towards the kitchen but I held her back.

"I'm prepared to be stuck with you for the next ninety years." I whispered, my eyes softening in remorse as I remember asking Leah to get rid of our child.

I pulled away as I remember that I can never take that back from my wife nor from my unborn child.

"Uh." Averting my eyes from Leah's. "I'll just take a quick shower and meet you in the kitchen." I walked towards the staircase that led to our bedroom.

I am such a bastard for suggesting to Leah that we get rid of our baby!

Such a fucking bastard!

I kept punching the bathroom walls angrily because what I said, can never be revoked.

Drained both physically and emotionally, I fell to my knees.

"God Leah, I am so fucking sorry." I whispered while watching the blood flow from my bruised knuckles.

Dressed in a jeans and dress shirt, I grab a tie and jacket to kept close by for my online meetings.

I still have no idea where Leah was yesterday or why she came late but the main thing, is that she's safe.

The chatter and laughter from the kitchen flowed all the way up the stairs and I realize working from home, meant a lot of extra visitors.

Flexing my fingers, I joined my wife and visitors.

"That was a long shower," Michael was the first to comment as I wander into the kitchen, heading to the refrigerator to get a bottle water.

Frowning, "what are you doing here so early?" I couldn't help asking because he's suppose to be working in the office from today.

Tilting his head, "problems." He says flickering his eyes quickly to Vinnie, whose sitting quietly beside him.

Pulling a chair I joined Leah who already has a of plate waffles and coffee prepared.

Smiling, "thanks," I mummer, reaching out to cover her hand with mines.

Gasping Leah grabs my hand and stares at my bruised knuckles.

Fuck, I forgot that!

"Jordan," Leah looks at me in dismay. "What happened?" She stared anxiously at me.

Shrugging, "I didn't use a glove when I was working out, earlier." I lied, hoping Leah didn't notice me pulling off my gloves.

Frowning with a look of disbelief, Leah drops my hands to focus on her plate and started picking at her waffles.

Vinnie on the other hand gave me a disgusted smirk and shook his head in disbelief before focusing on his waffles.

"So what's the problem?" I turned to deal with Michael and the problem that brought him here.

"Your father doesn't approve of me working in your office," Michael was saying when I cut him off.

"It's not his call." I interrupted him.

Nodding in agreement. "I know that but he's pressuring Jade to get me to work on his projects with Ambrose Construction," Raising his eyebrows, Michael waits for my outburst.

Not one to pull ranks, my father leave me no alternative.

"If you wish to remain at Branson's you need to cut ties with Ambrose Construction." I responded to my brother-in-law.

"You are employed at Branson's and part of your time has been on loan to dad but as of this week, he needs to hire new personnel." I added because both Michael and I know that my father's investment in Ambrose Construction will crash soon.

Lifting one of his eyebrows, Michael gives me a sceptical look. "Who's going to tell him?" Michael isn't wavering about his loyalties, he's just careful about offending his father-in-law.

"Vinnie, first thing this morning, please send an email from my desk, informing Ambrose Construction that Michael is no longer available to assist them part time or otherwise and if there are any questions, they should contact my office." Vinnie nods because since dad hooked up with Carl Ambrose, I stayed cleared since it's his money and his time but forcing my worker to help him will not be accepted.

Michael smiles in relief since I've taken the burden off his shoulders.

"I would also be moving Rosie from the lobby front desk to work with Michael as his secretary. I would feel more comfortable having someone we are familiar with, behind that desk and in our home.

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