The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Forty

Leah's POV

I invited Michael over, now that Vinnie and Jordan went out for a short meeting.

If my husband were to handle this situation with Michael, it won't have a good ending.

Michael's late and I only have thirty minutes for the brief conversation I planned in my head and then the rest will be up to Michael.

I sat up when I heard the doorbell, nodding to Mrs. Sanchez.

I knew going behind Jordan's back is wrong but I need to try first, before getting Jordan involved.

"Leah," Michael walks into the kitchen ahead of Mrs. Sanchez, greeting me curtly.

Is he aware, that I have an agenda for inviting him over?

Smiling, I indicate the chair opposite me at the kitchen table.

"I know you're on your lunch break so I figured we could have lunch while we talk." I told him watching him glance at the food already, laid out.

Ignoring my invitation, Michael stands behind a chair at the table.

"I'm good thanks." He responded politely. "Just tell me why I am here?" Michael got straight to the point of his visit.

Oh, this is how it's going to go?

"I know everything but I am giving you a chance to come clean to Jade before it reaches Jordan's ear." If Michael wants to be direct, we're going to get direct.

His eyes narrowed, "and if I don't?" Michael is playing hardball with me?

"Then the first thing you need to do is hand in your resignation at Branson's" I hope my nervousness isn't showing and Mrs. Sanchez is close.

"I'll think about it," Michael says turning abruptly.

Pushing back my chair, I stood up. "Think about which part?" I asked. "Your resignation or coming clean to Jade?" I continued.

Where's the soft and caring Michael I know?

Ignoring me, Michael started walking away, "the only reason you're still standing and still employed at Branson's, is because of Jade but just remember, Vinnie will kick your ass all the way back to Seattle without a dime in your pocket." Suddenly angry at him and protective of Jade, I wasn't afraid.

Chuckling, Michael turned to face me again.

"And what are you going to do about it?" Michael walked closer, unnerving me.

"Do you really think I would invited you over for a heart to heart and not be prepared?" My bluff stops him in his tracks.

I didn't miss the momentary fear that flashed across his eyes.

Lifting my chin, I feigned a confidence I didn't have. "You have until tonight to email me a copy of your resignation or Vinnie and Jordan would be paying you a visit." Sitting back down, I nod to the kitchen exit, "you know where the door is." I'm not getting anywhere with him and I want him out before Jordan and Vinnie gets back.

Nodding, Michael walked out the kitchen and I hope Mrs. Sanchez is around but, he doesn't realize it's just the both of us in the house.

Moving towards the surveillance monitor, I watch Michael walk out the front door, breathing a sigh of relief, I followed him with my eyes, out to the driveway where his White Porsche is parked.

Clutching my chest, I wobble out to see Mrs. Sanchez bolting the front door and setting the alarm.

Michael's car is still parked in the driveway but we have the entire house secured with all the alarms activated.

"Why isn't he leaving?" Mrs. Sanchez whispers.

Feeling nervous, "did you see him leave the house?" I asked, doubting that I actually saw him leave.

Mrs. Sanchez and I locked ourselves in Jordan's den because I was suddenly afraid.

What have I gotten myself into?

With my eyes glued on the monitor, I finally got a glimpse of Michael stepping out of his Porsche watching the house.

He knows the house because he spent the weekend here with Jade before leaving with Jordan and Vinnie on the trip but as I far as I know, the den has been off limits to everyone, except Mrs. Sanchez and I.

"Look," Mrs. Sanchez points to the monitor, as we saw Michael gave a salute before getting into his vehicle again and this time he drove off.

"What's going on Leah?" Mrs. Sanchez, sits in front of me giving me a stern look. "Jordan holds me responsible for you when he is gone and if Michael is a threat to you, I have no other choice but to inform your husband." Mrs. Sanchez has never been this firm with me before and I got her involved, without tell her why.

Grabbing her hands, I stare at her pleadingly. "Just give me until the morning and I will tell you what I know." I begged her.

Staring at the monitor, with her eyes on the front gate, she nods slowly but I can see that she is not please with me for the first time.

"Please," I pleaded.

Standing up, "okay Leah, I am giving you until tomorrow morning, now come and eat all that lunch I've already laid out." She smiles and her smile confirms, she has forgiven me, this time.

By the time Jordan and Vinnie returned, the kitchen was already clean with nothing indicating, Michael came over.

I didn't get a chance to tell Vinnie about Michael's visit and he didn't know I invited him over, so it's on me when Jordan finds out.

"Jordan, I have something to tell you." I said, the next morning, as he walked out of the shower, looking so darn edible with a towel draped around his hips and using another to wipe his head and face dry.

"I was wondering when you would tell me why the fuck Michael came over and you kept it from me?" Jordan hissed.

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