The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Forty One

Leah's POV

"I'm sorry but..." I started to explain but Jordan flung towel angrily against the bathroom door, making quick strides towards me.

"You're sorry?" Jordan thundered, "you knew what he did and trusted him to come here alone and not try to harm you?" He asked, glaring down at me.

I knew I was taking a risk but I had to try something without Jordan getting involved but he won't let me explain and I didn't expect to see, Michael so, far gone.

I couldn't stand because Jordan stood in front of me and I was too fat to crawl backwards, so I had to sit quietly under his piercing eyes, until he had his say.

Seeing the change in my demeanor, Jordan lowered his voice, "Leah," Jordan started again but I was too hurt to hear what he had to say.

"I need to pee," he held my arm, to help me up. Standing, I moved past him, clad only in one of his T-shirts, I entered the bathroom and shut the door behind me, open the tap, then allowed the tears to flow.

Clutching my stomach, "your daddy don't understand how I feel." I whispered. "If he wasn't forced to return home early, things would have been so very different." I sat on the toilet seat and continued weeping, aware that Jordan is waiting on the other side of the door.

By the time I emerged from the bathroom, Jordan was already dressed in a joggers.

I avoid making eye contact with him as he encircled, me in his arms.

"I'm sorry for yelling but I am not sorry for being angry." Jordan said in his way of apologizing. "Michael tried setting me up, so he wouldn't have hesitated, in harming you." Jordan squeezed his explanation in but he didn't give me a chance to explain my feelings about Michael's betrayal.

With my eyes lowered, I remained frozen, unable to get over how different things could have been today if I didn't end up in the hospital.

"Leah," Jordan calls softly but I wasn't prepared to hear him out. He knows about the trap Michael set up for him so, it's in his hands now because I failed.

"I'm hungry," I tried to move but he didn't loosen his hold on me. "I'm hungry." I said again, as I started wriggling in his arms, feeling him loosen his hold on me, I strode out of the bedroom.

My hair was in disarray but it's my morning look, so I strode into the kitchen, smiling as I inhaled pancake!

"No wonder I'm starving." I chuckle to Mrs. Sanchez who stood with her back facing me in front of the stove.

Flipping another pancake, "I knew the scent would wake you up." Mrs. Sanchez laughs, as I piled some on two plates for Jordan and I.

Grabbing a bottle water, I sat in my usual seat, while Jordan dragging his chair closer to me.

"I forgot to buy one thing for the baby," Jordan says, trying to break the ice between us.

I lifted my eyes because once it's baby related, I'm all ears.

Raising my eyebrow at him questioningly, I wait for him to continued.

Pointing to the chairs around the table, "a chair for the baby to use, around the table." He smiles, that charming intoxicating smile of his, that has me swooning but I won't give in so easily.

Jordan ended up doing all the baby shopping for the nursery so I am left with the clothes and other necessities which Jade and Rosie are helping with.

Nodding, I concentrated on the breakfast in front of me, only to lift my head with a worried frown when I heard the doorbell ring and saw Jade standing on the doorstep, tapping her feet impatiently.

I lifted my worried eyes to Jordan's, realizing he's not disturb or worried about her visit.

Mrs. Sanchez pulled another plate, as she saw her on the monitor, while Jordan went to the door.

They were arguing as they came to the kitchen but it wasn't about Michael's betrayal, it was about Jade losing the set of keys, Jordan give her for the front door.

"Leah," Jade greeted me enthusiastically with a slight hug, pulling the chair beside me and the empty plate on the table.

"Thank you Mrs. C" Jade smiles, piling her plate with pancakes, with me sandwiched in the middle of the Branson's siblings.

"How many times do I have to tell you, her name starts with an 'S'" Jordan says with playful annoyance.

The siblings banter went on for a few minutes well, leaving me in my own thoughts.

What the hell is going on?

"Did your hunger drag you out of bed this morning?" Jade finally looks at me, chuckling at my dishevelled appearance.

Shrugging, "more like a guilty conscience." I responded, glaring at Jordan's amused expression.

"What's going on?" I asked, frowning at the both of them, confused after what I did, base on what Vinnie said.

"Leah, I sent Michael packing last night, so please don't make yourself sick by stressing." Jade says gently.

"Michael told you what he did?" I asked, surprise that Jordan's knows Michael was setting him up but he's not upset.

Jade nods with a sad smile.

"Jade," I turned to face her but she shushed me.

With teary eyes, "I'm a Branson," she says, drawing me into hug.

I can feel her body heaving in silent sobs.

Lifting her head, "your going into the hospital was a Godsend," she smiles. "If you didn't, then Jordan wouldn't have had to return home early and Michael, Rawle and Evelyn would have caught Jordan in the trap they set for him." Jade's words, upset me, again.

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