The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Forty Two

Jordan POV

I still can't believe Michael ruin his marriage, all because of the Ambrose siblings.

I admit, I never saw that coming and like Jade, I am not only angry but I am hurt!

I accepted Michael into my family and like Vinnie, I considered him more than a best friend!

How could he betray Jade like this and I have a nagging feeling that my mother planned this.

If she is involved, then she has no hope of reconciling with Jade, ever.

Now the next step is, telling our grandparents about Michael, before I make my next move!

"Jordan?" I lift my head at the sound of Leah's voice, sounding weak and in pain.

Grabbing the hand rest on my chair, I stumbled as I rushed towards the doorway, where Leah leaned, clutching her stomach, her face contorted in pain.

"Leah?" Lifting her off the ground, "VINNIE! VINNIE!" I shout over my shoulder to Vinnie, whose office is adjoining mines.

"Couldn't you scream louder?" Vinnie says sarcastically from behind me but when he saw Leah, his tone and demeanor changed.

"What the fuck! Vinnie exclaims, yelling for Mrs. Sanchez.

"Call Dr. Mehra and Jade," I said over my shoulder, lifting Leah, I started walking towards the door. "Tell them to meet us at the hospital!" Mrs. Sanchez walked briskly in front of me, opening the door with Vinnie, following close behind, making the calls.

"Talk to me," I said to Leah, holding her against me while Vinnie drove us to the hospital.

"Dr. Mehra is on call at the hospital but I have to try Jade again," Vinnie informs me, gripping the steering wheel tightly as he spoke.

Vinnie didn't mention my early departure to Michael because he was engaged in a meeting and when he got back to our hotel suite, he heard light sounds in the room I was occupying, only to find the Ambrose slut, scantily dressed, lying on my bed.

Vinnie called the hotel security immediately reporting that he found a thief in our suite and wanted the person arrested.

Evelyn grew afraid and lied, to the security that I gave her a key but when she was told that I had already signed out of the hotel, she confessed that Michael give her his key and sent her to seduce, me!

Vinnie sent Michael packing but he didn't return home until the day he was scheduled to return.

"I'm dropping you off at the emergency entrance," Vinnie interrupted my thoughts, mashing his brakes in front the emergency entrance.

Opening the door, "WE NEED A WHEELCHAIR!" Vinnie shouts, while assisting Leah out of the car.

Screwing her face in embarrassment, "stop shouting," she hissed, at Vinnie. "I can walk." She whispers.

I pretended not to hear her words and scooped her into my arms walking into the emergency room.

A wardsman hustled towards us with a wheelchair, followed by Dr. Mehra.

Sighing in relief when my eyes fell on her!

"I'm not sure what's happening with Leah," I said to the doctor. "She's in pain, so I came right over," I continued, still holding Leah in my arms.

"Calm down Jordan." Dr. Mehra says softly. "Everything will be fine, just put her in the chair." She indicate the wheelchair in front me.

I open my mouth to object but Dr. Mehra shook her head. "Jordan!" Standing behind Leah's back, "Leah will be fine." She repeats the words she has been repeating for the last couple of weeks, the words that does nothing to ease my worry.

"You okay?" I bent to Leah's level as the wardsman started wheeling her down the corridor.

Nodding with a small smile, "please don't worry, okay?" Leah pleads softly.

I nod, although we both know that I am lying.

Vinnie and I remained in the corridor while Leah was being attended too.

"Jordan," I turned at the sound of Jade's voice, as she ran towards me. "What happened?" Her forehead, crunched together in worry.

I quickly explain what occurred before we left home.

"She's stressed out and worried about what Michael did," Jade says, her eyes flaring angrily.

Throwing an arm around her shoulder, "don't blame yourself for Michael's faults." I tried consoling my angry sister.

"Branson?" Jade and I lifted our heads when we heard our name.

"Here," Jade responded to a young doctor, clad a surgical gown.

Panic rose instantly in my throat!

I met Vinnie's horrified expression which added to my growing fear.

"I'm doctor Gibb," the doctor smiled at Jade, since she was the one who answered.

"The patient Leah Branson?" He started speaking to her when Jade point towards me.

"She's my sister-in-law and he's my brother." Jade's voice became anxious, as she gripped my sides.

Nodding, at me. "Mr. Branson, your wife is doing well but we will be keeping her on bed rest until the delivery." Doctor Gibbs informed me politely.

"Can I see her?" I asked holding in my breath. "What happened?" I finally asked the question that has been bothering me since we left home.

"Her pressure is up again and this time it needs to be monitored in the hospital and she started having, false labor pains." Nodding his head slowly, Doctor Gibbs explained.

Throwing her head against my chest, "it's my fault Jordan, it's my fault," Jade sobs, her body shaking.

Grabbing her shoulders, "hey, if you want to see Leah, you can't go in this condition and you know she doesn't blame you and she is just worried about you."

Doctor Gibbs glance at Jade and I, his eyes lingering curiously on Jade.

"Dr. Mehra is with her but we are taking her to a private room and you can see her then.

"We want a ward with an extra bed and couch," nodding to me, "he isn't leaving."

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