The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Forty three

Jordan's POV

Leah resigned herself to remain in the hospital until the baby comes, which could be a lot sooner than we think.

Once her pressure goes down, the doctor would do the operation.

Mrs. Sanchez has been preparing most of Leah's meals, which she has been forcing herself to eat, especially when her attending doctors were satisfied with her improvement!

Unknown to Leah, Vinnie and I have been monitoring Michael and the Ambrose clan and today we're visiting my mother.

"She's going to suspect something, with us leaving every time Jade and Rosie visits." Vinnie says but, I kept telling her it's her girl time, while I get some outdoor work done.

When Vinnie and I are not there, I have a security post on the outside of the room and one inside because if my mother is behind all that's going on, then she will not leave Leah alone.

I open the front door of the house my mother lives in with the set of keys I kept in my possession.

After searching high and low, I found mom lounging by the pool.

Dragging a chair loudly, smiling as she jumped in fright.

"Jordan," mom squeaked, holding her chest, staring behind me, "how did you get in?" She frowned nervously.

Shrugging, "I turned the doorknob and it opened." I lied, watching her frown, deepen. "You should be careful," lifting my eyebrow, I notice she's looking at Vinnie instead, definitely annoyed.

Nodding slightly. "Yes, I'll be careful." She agreed, leaning back in her chair, closing her eyes. "Maybe you should add a security in front." She suggests.

"We'll see," I lied because I have no intention of helping her from now on.

"How are you making out?" I asked, looking around, noticing everything is as it should be. "Haven't you hired any staff yet?" I asked because the money dad and I pooled together is more than sufficient to keep her, in the life she has been accustomed to for the past twenty six years, except for the excessive spending.

"The money isn't enough to maintain myself and keep a staff." Opening her eyes, mom's stared at me with open animosity.

Chuckling dryly, "maybe it's time you put your education to some good use," I told me, meaning every word of it.

Mom eyes widen in shock but I wasn't done, "I could get you a job at one of our offices." I continued, as she sat upright, ready for a battle, I'm ready for.

"You are as heartless as your sister," she threw insultingly at me.

Laughing cynically, "we are your children." I reminded her. "Imagine Michael chose the Ambrose slut over Jade but is she crying over him?" I laugh, throwing bait for her.

Chuckling, "of course not."I continued, smiling gently. "There's someone already knocking at her door and I am happy for her." I added, as her forehead crunches up and her eyes, displays her increase anger that she can't vent as she please.

"She's a fast player." Mom smirks, in a mocking tone.

"Like I said, she's your daughter." I reminded her, standing up because my work here is done, for now!

Lifting her eyes, she shakes her head. "You hate me don't you?" Mom asks and I can honestly say that I don't.

"I wouldn't be here if I did." I responded gently, leaning across to peck her on the cheek.

"I will lock the door behind me." I added, following Vinnie out.

"Did you just come out here to see me?" Mom's asks.

Smiling I turned to face her again.

Shaking my head with a small smile, "Vinnie and I were on a site visit and I decided to come out to see you at the sametime." I explained, which is another lie.

Walking ahead of me, "let me escort you out." Mom says.

"Great," I chuckle, "we should do lunch one of these days," I said, making light conversation.

Mom didn't mention Leah and of course I have no intention of discussing my wife to her.

Laughing lightly with me, "yes and maybe Jade can join us." She adds.

"Hmm." I hummed because mom knows fully well, Jade wants nothing to do with her.

As we drove from the house, I saw mom staring at our vehicle, until she disappeared in the distance.

"If Michael reaches out to Jade, then you'll know your mother set the whole thing up, again." Vinnie mutters.

"Yeah." I agreed but I don't need Michael to call Jade because mom couldn't hide her involvement with that Ambrose slut.

"I want you to organize to have her evicted, with one month's notice." Since mom called me heartless, I will show her how heartless I can be.

Her monthly allowance can feed and clothe her but for extra spending, she'll need a job.

We pass at the house to pick up some dinner and I use that extra time to shower and change for another night at the hospital.

"So have you guys planned a date yet?" I didn't wait long to tie the knot and I don't want Vinnie waiting either, especially with the gift, Leah wants us to give him.

Shrugging, "Rosie wants to wait until the baby comes," Vinnie nods, with a soft smile.

Chuckling, "ooo, then it's going to be soon." I slapped him playfully on the shoulder.

Both girls were sitting on Leah's bed whispering softly when we returned, loaded with food and a change of clothes for Jade.

"Hey," Vinnie, approached them, while I placed the food on the table. "Are you girls gossiping about the hot doctor?" Vinnie laughs, winking at a blushing Jade.

Shaking her head, "no, we're discussing the phone call she just got." Rosie climbs of the bed to greet Vinnie.

"A phone call?"

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