The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Forty Four

Leah's POV

"Who got a phone call?" Jordan joins in, raising an eyebrow curiously.

Since Rosie made the comment, he stared at Jade and I.

Nodding my head in Jade's direction, with my eyes glued to his face, I didn't miss the knowing glance he exchange with Vinnie.

Folding my arms comfortably on the bed, my suspicions grew.

"Let me guess," Vinnie starts mockingly. "The soon to be ex." Vinnie fills in the gap, drawing Rosie tightly into his arms.

Gritting his teeth, he turned to Jordan, who stood thoughtfully beside him.

Sensing the tension in the room, Jade stares nervously at her brother and his best friend. "Don't worry J," Jade addresses him as she sometimes does, when she's being affectionate. "I'm done with him and would only be meeting him, in the presence of our lawyer and with the police report from Evelyn's confession, he gets nothing from me." Jade explains what we were discussing a few minutes ago, before the guys returned.

Holding unto her hand, "you're so much stronger than me, that in just one moment you could cut ties when it took me twenty five years to finally consider it." Jordan whispers.

I couldn't see Jordan's expression but Jade and Rosie frowned at him, while Vinnie smiled knowingly.

What the hell are those two up too?

"What are you talking about?" Jade whispers, keeping her eyes locked on her brother.

Chuckling dryly, "nothing to worry your pretty," ruffling her hair that's always neatly groomed. "Big head," he laughs and dudges a slap from her, "about!" He pulls her into a bear hug!

As usual, Rosie left early with Vinnie to organize dinner for the girls and Jade left to shower in the private adjoining bathroom.

As usual, Jordan climbs unto my hospital bed or as I call it, my personal prison.

"Are you ready to talk about what's going on and why weren't you surprise about Michael reaching out to Jade?" I asked softly, before Jade returns.

Jordan averts his eyes, with a grim look, clenching his jaws tightly.

"Can we discuss this later?" Jordan asks softly.

Normally I might probe to get answers to my questions but Jordan is clearly dealing with something that he isn't ready to share with me and I need to give him the space and time, until he is ready to share it.

Nodding, I smiled and leaned my head against his chest, inhaling the scent of his favorite body bath.

"You smell good," I chuckle, closing my eyes dreaming of the moment I get to go home with our baby boy.

I woke up to a dimly lit room and no Jordan beside me.

"Hey," Jade whispers softly, as I move to sit up!

I look around the room, "where's Jordan?" I rubbed my sleepy eyes, only now realizing that I fell asleep in Jordan's arm.

"Grandpa wanted to see him, so Vinnie came to pick him up awhile ago." Jade explains his absence, which piqued my curiosity.

Nodding, I moved to climb off the bed.

Reaching out Jade insists on helping me to the bathroom and stood watch while I use the toilet and took a quick warm bath, since it's already late.

"Jordan nibbled on his dinner but he says to eat all of this," I scrunch my nose at the saltless dinner in front of me. "And he'll bring you back something special." Jade chuckles.

I joined Jade on the sofa while she flicks through the television for something to watch but she seems undecided and I suspect she's pretending to be unperturbed by the present state of her life.

"Did I ever mention how little strength it too for me to pick up and leave Seattle and start over?" I asked.

She knows how and why I left but maybe I could use this time to tell her about how I felt watching Rawle and Lissa get engaged with my parents approval.

I had no tear to shed for my past because it was just a stepping stone to where I was suppose to be and I am happy!

"Did Jordan help you get over Rawle?" Jade's question me.

Smiling, "I'm not sure but your brother was the most difficult person to deal with in the beginning." I admitted, wryly.

Raising both eyebrows she turned to face me front on.

"From what I heard, Jordan lost it when he saw you and and Mrs. C walking towards his apartment the day after you arrived." Jade chuckles, hugging me, she pulls a strand of my golden blonde hair. "Maybe he thought you were an angel," she laughs.

Surprise at her words because I remember how abrupt and hateful he was from the moment I entered the Branson's building.

Humming to myself, "that's up for debate," I laugh, "but what I really want to tell you, is that once you realize, you and Michael are over and there's no going back, then focus on tomorrow." I knew my mindset is what enabled me make the first few steps on my own, then Mr. Branson added steps for me to climb, with Rosie helping me upwards and Jordan continuing from her.

Chuckling, "you have the same people in your life who helped me moved forward." Stunned with the realization.

"Yeah, I am blessed to have you all in my life." Jade admitted. "But did any old feelings for Rawle resurface, when you saw him?" Jade asks, sounding curious.

Grinning, "I was already with Jordan when I saw him again and I can honestly say, I was angry with myself for ever considering to marry him." I responded truthfully.

With a quick glance at the door, Jade leaned closer, "Michael tried to hurt my brother and I can never move past that." Jade admitted softly, her eyes drained of life.

"No one blames you!"

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