The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Forty Five

Jordan's POV

"I know you don't take me for a fool but having Michael's family calling with their version of what happened with him and Jade upsets me!" Grandpa glares angrily at me, while grandma tries to calm him down.

Grandpa was too angry to remain quite, "why the fuck didn't you come to me earlier?" He barked, while I just sat there, my face cold and impassive.

"What really happen?" Dad squeezed grandpa's shoulder before pulling a stool to sit opposite Vinnie.

Since Vinnie was there, he's the appropriate one to relayed everything he saw and what he had to deal with that evening.

I listen to Vinnie repeat everything again and now that I'm aware of my mother's involvement in the scheme, my rage builds to the point, where I want to bulldoze the house with her locked inside.

"How's Jade?" Grandma asks me when Vinnie was done relaying the events of that dreadful night.

Nodding, "Jade's resilient," I smiled, thinking about Jade's inner strength.

Wiping her eyes, "her marriage is over before she celebrate her first anniversary." Grandma cries sadly, while grandpa pats her arm as he tries comforting her.

Dad appears still puzzled at all that Vinnie just said.

Shaking his head, "what did Michael hope to achieve by destroying your marriage to Leah, because that's the only thing he could destroy and the only thing you hold dear." Dad stood up and started pacing, "it makes no sense." He continues.

"We know Senior Ambrose hasn't been pumping funds into his children and their lifestyles anymore." Vinnie paused, his forehead knitted deeply together as he stares downwards.

"So, having Jordan, means having access to the Branson's money!" Vinnie added, still frowning deeply.

Dad stood with hands on his hips, staring at Vinnie more confused than ever.

Lifting his hands in frustration, "I still don't understand how Michael got involved in this mess!" Dad bellows angrily.

Moving towards the phone, "let me get him over here, now!" Grandpa spoke as he lifts the phone.

"Mom's involved." I said quickly, before he could dial Michael's number.

I heard grandma gasp in surprise and dad froze, stunned by the information I just blurted out.

Grandpa spun around and glared at dad, an expression he always wear when it comes to mom fucking up.

"I warned you that she would be the death of you," grandma weeps. "Now she's destroying my grand babies life because she and those horrible people wants more money." Grandma lift accusing eyes at dad.

The look of shame in dad's eyes is nothing new to me and for the first time, I feel it for him.

My mother trapped him for money and now she wants to do the same to me.

I moved to sit and hug grandma, "I know you won't believe it but Jade is doing great," I gushed to grandma. "She's so excited to meet her nephew that she won't leave Leah's side at the hospital." I continued, wiping grandma's tears away.

"Are you sure Jade is really happy?" Grandma frowns in disbelief.

Shaking her head, she starts weeping again, "Michael was such a nice boy," she cries against my chest.

Vinnie joins her on the couch, "you want to hear a secret?" He asks grandma, drawing her from my arm and into his.

Lifting her tearfilled eyes, grandma stares expectantly at him.

"There is this really hot doctor," Vinnie starts saying then leaned closer and whispers in grandma's ear.

Whatever he says, bought out a light chuckle and a faint smile on her lips.

Checking his time, "I am taking over now," grandpa says, pointing to Vinnie and I. "And the two of you are only allowed to look on." He warned us.

Vinnie chuckled lightly, "yes boss!" He salutes him with respect.

Jade was asleep on the couch while Leah remained wide awake laughing at one of her favorite comedies series.

Dangling a box in front of her, "I bought you and Jade a snack but since she's asleep, I'll help you finish it off." I whispered, imitating the laugh of a evil villain.

Instead of taking the container from my hand, Leah reached out, wrapping her arms around my neck and pulled my lips to meet hers.

Licking her lips, she drew away with a small smile, "where did you and Vinnie go?" Leah lifts an eyebrow curiously.

Shaking my head, "can we discuss this tomorrow because grandpa gave Vinnie and I, a major piece of his mind." I chuckle softly, eyeing Jade as she suddenly stirs on the sofa.

Leah stares wordlessly at me before nodding.

Breathing a sigh of relief, I close my eyes hugging my wife close to me, thankful grandpa will deal with Michael and my mother, his way, leaving me free to deal with my work and spend time with Leah, although I am curious about how grandpa intends to get rid of mom from our lives.

"What the fuck" I mutter, feeling Leah's nails digging into my arm.

"I just wet the bed and it's painful," I leaped out of the bed before Leah was finish with whatever she was saying.

"JADE!" I yelled, as Leah scrunches her face in pain.

I heard a loud noise behind me but I didn't turn around because I'm positive Jade, a heavy sleeper, tumbled off the couch, she slept on last night.

Running bare feet around the Leah's bed, I press the button for the nurse's station, while Jade grabs ahold of Leah's hands, cooing comforting words.

"You're fine." Jade's forehead creased deeply, as she blinks her eyes rapidly at Leah. "Remember what we learned on the video?" Jade continues softly, wiping Leah's forehead with the palm of her hand.

Leaning closer to Jade, "she peed the bed!"

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