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Chapter Forty Six

Jordan's POV

"What the fuck!" I yelled when Jade slapped me on the forehead.

Glaring at me, "you dumbass, her water broke," Jade yelled in return.

Gulping, I turned to see Leah who is still in pain, with a small smile hovering on her lips.

"Oh!" I froze, "I'm sorry," I mumbled, "please don't mention this to Vinnie," I pleaded, when the door was pushed open.

Dr. Gibbs moved quickly towards Leah.

"Talk to me," he smiles gently at Leah.

Lowering her eyes in embarrassment, "my water broke," she wince in pain.

Nodding, "good, good," Dr. Gibbs smiles encouragingly, turning to the nurse, "prepare her for a labor room and we will monitor her from there." He instructed the nurse, who was already moving past Jade.

"You could have said that in the beginning," I muttered, glaring at a giggling Jade.

Smiling between the pain she's in, "don't worry, I won't tell." Leah promises.

Jade giggles grew louder, "well, I'm not promising," Jade steps away from me, as I reached out to flick her head.

"Mr. Branson, may I have a word with you?" Dr. Gibbs interrupted us but his eyes were glued on my sister.

I blew my worried wife a kiss, before following Dr. Gibbs into the corridor, nervous about the impending, 'word'.

"Leah's in labour and even though it's a good that she went into natural labor, there could be risks involved." Dr. Gibbs who is filling in until Dr. Mehra gets here, informed me, calmly.

"The main thing is Leah." Jade rushes out and clutches my arm tightly. "Just promise me that she's going to be okay?" Jade piques in, nodding slightly, encouraging Dr. Gibbs to agree with her.

Smiling softly, Dr. Gibbs nod in agreement with Jade.

Blushing, Jade's confident smile becomes shy, as she waves her fingers at Dr. Gibbs before running back to Leah, who is quietly bearing her pain!

"You know that bringing me out here is causing my wife extra grief, right?" I glance at the doorway leading to where Leah laid in pain.

Nodding quickly, "yes, yes but I need to have this conversation with you and having it in front of her, isn't wise." Dr. Gibbs explains.

Wiping my face in frustration, "so what exactly are you trying to say because Dr. Mehra kept telling me that all will be well." I reminded him since, he was also in front of her on one of the occasions when Dr. Mehra reassured me.

Relaxing himself slightly, "Mr. Branson," Dr. Gibbs who stands at my eye level, averts his eye for a moment, before making eye contact with me once again, "childbirth is a miracle and that means, there are always risks involved, but," he paused, lifting an index finger to stop me when I tried to interrupt him.

"Your wife is doing great and she's determined and I know she and the baby will be fine but as a doctor, it's one of the conversations we have with our patients." Dr. Gibbs continued.

"Right," I muttered turning towards the doorway once again, only to stop when Dr. Gibbs spoke.

"One more thing," he smiles, twitching his lips nervously.

I nod impatiently for him to continue.

"After your wife leaves the hospital, I..." Dr. Gibbs paused and took a deep breath before continuing. "Would like to ask your sister out." He blurted out.

Raising both eyebrows, I stared at him in awe. Is he for fucking real?

I'm wondering if he's asking permission or notifying me?

Nodding coolly, "I don't have a problem but you will also have to speak, to her other brother," I responded, turning with a small smirk towards the door, leading to Leah's room.

"Other brother?" I heard the surprise in Dr. Gibbs voice, as he followed me into Leah's room, where she was already prep in a hospital gown.

Nodding, "Vincent, or Vinnie as you know him." I turned around with a small smile, losing my slight amusement when I met Leah's frightful stare.

Palming her cheeks, I kissed her lightly on her lips before whispering in her ear.

"He wanted to ask or maybe tell me that he's going to ask Jade out," I explained to Leah, in response to her questioning gaze.

Clutching my arm tightly. "Seriously?" She smiles and I nod, happy that I didn't have to lie.

Frowning at me now, "and what did you say?" Leah whispered curiously, glancing at Dr. Gibbs from the corner of her eye.

"I said okay but he'll also have to ask her other brother," I smile, happy that Leah and I can make small talk despite the pain she's in and the fear in my heart.

"Vinnie?" She asks and I nod, lifting myself when the nurse returned.

"You can join her in a few minutes when we settle her in the labor room." She tells me.

Jade was by her side in an instant, "why aren't you taking her to the delivery room?" She spoke to the nurse but her eyes are on Dr. Gibbs.

"Dr. Mehra is already in the building and she will do an examination but Leah's progressing as well as expected, so we will monitor her pressure and the baby's, instead of just doing the C-section." Dr. Gibbs explained, questioning Leah and I.

"Would you like to go straight to the C-section?" He then, asked me.

Unsure of what the right answer should be, I shook my head. "Let's hear what Dr. Mehra has to say." I agreed with him for now, then Leah joined in.

"Yes, we'll hear what she recommends." Leah also agreed, trusting Dr. Mehra with her life.

Jade and I looked on as Leah was being examined, with my eyes glued on Dr. Mehra, hoping to read any sign of concern in her dark eyes.

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