The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Forty Seven

Jordan's POV

As much as Leah prepared for this day, I don't think she ever conceive the intense pain she's having and the fucking nurses has the audacity to say, "relax, just remember your mother went through this exact pain."

If Jade didn't constantly threaten me, I would have lashed out on them already.

"Jordan for the last time, your behavior isn't helping Leah, so control yourself!" She snapped at me while I glared at one of the nurses.

I need to get Dr. Mehra back in here. "I'll be right back," I kissed Leah's sweaty forehead.

Reaching across from the other side of Leah's bed, "where are you going? What are you going to do?" Jade grabs my hand, eyeing me suspiciously, confirming that she doesn't trust me or my actions.

Yanking my hand roughly from hers, I point my index finger at her, "your baby's daddy might be a doctor so you have nothing to worry about. Now I'm going to get my wife's doctor." I walked away, stopping when both Leah and Jade yelled my name.

Returning to Leah's side, "I'm going to be fine... but if you... if you don't relax, then... then don't bother coming back inside, ." Leah snaps at me, in between the deep breathing, heaving thing, Jade has her doing.

Lifting my eyes, I glared at Jade, when I heard the soft giggles escaping her lips, I took a deep breath and tried to force myself to remain calm.

Sandwiching one of Leah's hand between my two palms, I kept my eyes rooted on her stomach.

This is so different from the boardroom and they don't teach us how to react when your love one is in hospital!

What Leah doesn't comprehend is, despite my support during her pregnancy, I have been in constant fear, which won't end when she gives birth because my child's wellbeing will always be my number one priority, right on top there, with Leah.

Before Leah's pregnancy, I never gave much thought to fatherhood but all I do now is compare my parents to Leah and I.

My child will never lack love and support from us.

From lowered lashes, I glance at Leah when I felt her tugging my hand.

"This is a exciting day for us," she continues to heave, which seems to be normal based on the way Jade is coaching her. "Please, stop worrying and be excited for us." She stares at me pleadingly. "Plus our baby is coming and we haven't settle on a name yet." She added, blowing intensely.

Nodding in agreement, "I'm excited but I would only be able to relax when Junior gets here." I admitted.

Frowning, "Junior?" Leah gasped. "I'm not calling my son Junior." Lifting her chin, giving me a no nonsense look.

"Yeah, I don't agree with that name either?" Dr. Gibbs smirks as he approached Leah's bed.

Jade stepped aside, with a shy smile.

"Maybe you might consider, Justin," lifting Leah's wrist, he looks keenly at his watch, checking the time, monitoring her pulse.

Gently lowering Leah's hand, "your contractions are running smoothly." He tells Leah, "young Justin should be here in time for lunch." He chuckles, as Jade and I quickly check the time.

It's almost ten, which means it's already been almost five hours, since Leah's water broke.

Blowing heavily, "Justin?" Leah raised her eyebrows curiously at him as she continues to breathe, in and out rapidly.

With a wide grin, he point at his chest!

Shaking my head, "nah, Jordan Jr. sounds a whole lot better, unless he ends up being a doctor." I chuckle lightly, winking at Jade.

"AHHHH!" Leah's loud scream got our attention.

Turning her teary eye towards me, "the baby is coming!" She cried but, her eyes were lit in excitement mixed with pain.

"Really?" Panic started setting in again. "Are you sure?" I asked Dr. Gibbs, knitting my brows tightly together in a deep frown.

"Seriously Jordan?" Jade snaps as Dr. Gibbs nod to a nurse for assistance.

"Page Dr. Mehra and have her meet us in the delivery room." Dr. Gibbs instructs, patting Jade's hand lightly. "You owe me ice cream this evening." He smiles gently, while Jade quickly averts her eyes to mines.

Pointing to Leah who was groaning rather loudly in pain, "can you focus on my pregnant wife and stop making eyes at my sister," I reached out for my wife's hand as the nurse starts wheeling her out of the room they were holding her in.

I look downwards when I felt nails digging into the palm of my hand.

"Behave," Leah mouths, before throwing her head backwards as her pain esculates.

Clutching my hand tighter, "stay with me," her eyes stares pleadingly at me, as if I was going to run.

Nodding, I smile gently assuring her, although I'm aware that I can't hide the fear in my eyes, a fear she doesn't reflect.

"Okay Leah, when I say push then you push okay?" Dr. Mehra says, taking a seat at Leah's feet, with a big smile on her face.

How can these people be so calm?

I see these things in movies but I wasn't expecting it to be so intense, although my intensity comes from my fear of what happened to Leah's mother, happening to her.

As Leah pushed and scream, I fought to remain calm for her because apparently clenching my hands helped her more than it did me.

"You've got this babe," I cooed softly into her ear.

Opening her eyes, Leah forces a smile before another contraction comes on.

"Push Leah, Push!" Dr. Mehra says.

Throwing herself backwards, "let me sleep a bit," she whispers. I'm so tired," Leah closed her eyes, in exhaustion!

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