The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Forty Nine

Leah's POV

Jordan and I cried in happiness when Dr. Mehra give my son and I a clean bill of health, despite him being premature.

"He's a strong little boy," Dr. Gibbs smiles in admiration, staring at my son, who laid comfortably in Jade's arms.

"Because he's got an amazing mom." Jade whispers, gently touching the tip of her nephew's nose.

I gaze around the sitting room, watching everyone hovering around my son, unable to believe how much my life has changed in less than a year.

After another sleepless night, with breastfeeding and constantly checking to ensure that he's breathing, I'm worn.

"Where did Jordan and Vinnie go?" Lifting my feet casually on the footstool in front me, I glance at Rosie.

Shaking her head, "I have no idea but Mr. Branson called while we were on our way over." Rosie explain.

Jade lifts her eyes off my baby, "that's been happening since you came home, right?" Jade frowns.

Shrugging, even though Jordan and Vinnie has disappeared for the past two evenings, I trust that whatever he is occupied with, is important.

"Well, I guess we will have to wait until he returns to share the name he and I have chosen." My smile was followed by giggles, at the girls expression, when I subtly informed them that we have chosen a baby name.

"Tell me, tell me!" Shenelle begs. wrapping her arms around my neck. "I promise I won't tell." She whispers in my ear.

Hugging me from behind. "Me too, I promise to keep it a secret," Janelle laughs softly.

Shaking my head because I promise Jordan I won't be swayed by the innocent smiles of those around me.

"Nuh uh." I join Justin and chuckle at Jade's pout when I refuse to share the name, just yet.

Jade has moved in with us and Dr. Justin Gibbs is visiting us for the first time, making Jade ecstatic.

I didn't move on with Jordan as rebound and I can see that Jade isn't either.

She's appears smitten but I am not encouraging her use the good doctor to help move on and neither is Jordan.

"Dinner's ready," Mrs. Sanchez, the only person who is privy to our baby name, smiled, having overheard our conversation.

"Guess we're eating without the guys once again." I moved to take the sleeping baby from Jade's arms.

Justin left us during dinner because he was on call, so it was just the girls and I.

"You should take a little rest, while Jade and I are here," Rosie suggests as they were finishing up dinner.

Nodding quickly, I left the dining room with baby in had and fed him before joining Rosie and Jade, while the girls kept themselves occupied in the entertainment room.

I slept soundly until I felt myself being lifted like a baby.

Wrapping my arms around Jordan's neck, I opened my eyes to meet his smiling ones.

"I nibbled on my dinner so that I can have dinner with you." I wriggled my legs for him to put me down.

His gray eyes widen in surprise, "oh," he said, slowly putting me down.

I immediately scanned the room, "where's Jayden?" I gripped Jordan's arms tightly.

Showing me the baby monitor, "he's in his nursery and Jade just went to bed," Jordan explains.

I'm still not comfortable with him being upstairs while we are downstairs but Jade's room is next to his.

Raising his eyebrows, Jordan waits for me to release him and move for the stairs but I remained standing in the sitting room.

Nodding slowly, "okay," I smiled nervously. "Let's eat quickly, then." I tugged on the arm I was gripping and led Jordan to the kitchen.

Mrs. Sanchez left everything out, so I quickly dished out dinner for Jordan and I.

"Did Vinnie get dinner?" I asked in betweens bites of the steam vegetables, Mrs. Sanchez insists on giving me.

Nodding, Jordan ate quickly. "We had dinner with grandpa," Jordan smiles, sticking a fork into his beef.

Pausing with my fork in midair, lowering my eyes to his filled plate. "Why didn't you say so?" My forehead, knitted together, confused.

Chuckling, Jordan continues eating.

I resumed my eating at a slower pace, realizing Jordan is only eating, because of me.

"I'm sorry," I said awkwardly. "You should have said something." I felt guilty.

Reaching out Jordan took my hands in his, "and miss this wonderful opportunity to have a meal alone with my baby?" Jordan kept saying that now he has two babies to take care of, Jayden and I.

Still frowning, Jordan moves around the table and gently helps me up.

"Stop overthinking Leah." Jordan whispers gently, pulling me into a hug.

It felt good to lay my head against his shoulder and wrap my arms around his waist, without a baby bump separating us.

"Where were you?" Jordan stiffen in my arms, when I ask the question that has been burning a hole in my brain.

Sighing deeply, "let's go up, then we'll talk," He releases me and turned towards the table.

While Jordan wash our dishes, I packed away the leftovers, before we made our way upstairs.

Jordan and I entered our bedroom and then the nursery from the adjoining door.

He reaches out to move a stray strand of hair that's close to Jayden's eyes.

Smiling, "I know it must sound silly but I can't seem to remember not having him in our lives." Jordan says, gently passing his finger on Jayden's exposed fingers.

Wrapping my arms around him with a side hug, "no it isn't," I shook my head. "I feel the same way." I added with a contented smile.

Kissing Jayden's head, Jordan turns to cup my cheeks. "Thank you," he said kissing my upturned lips.

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