The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Five

Leah's POV

Jordan's move from his office to the apartment was time consuming but I was confused when Vinnie kept fussing about having to move again soon and only to clamped up when I asked why.

I have been working on one pitch for a client and Jordan insists that it will be my last until the baby is born, so I am Vinnie's assistance or as he kept gloating, he's my boss!

One of the plus is having Rosie come over more often now, that she has been promoted, something she apparently didn't want before because the lobby is where all the action is at.

Jade: "Leah," Jade answers excitedly even though it's only eight in the morning.

Me: "Hey Jade," I spoke softly into the phone as she opened the call, hoping Jordan is far away.

Jade: "What's up with the early morning call?" Jade drops her bubbly tone.

Me: "I wanted to know if you are available to do a bit of window shopping at some baby stores today?" I asked, unwilling to tell her why I wanted to leave the apartment. "And I also need a break from the home office," we both laugh, fully aware that things at the apartment are no longer homey.

Jade: "Shopping, window shopping always work for me." Her bubbly laugh is back. "Want me to pick you up?" Jade adds and I sigh in relief.

Me: "That would be great," I responded, looking over my shoulder. "Would eleven thirty be okay?" I prayed that it would since my doctor's appointment is at one.

Jade: "Works for me," always excited to be out, "see you then." She says and like her brother, she abruptly hung up on me.

Breathing deeply, that was the easy part, now all I need to sell it to Jordan.

My dad explained how hard it must be for Jordan, believing I am a like a ticking time bomb ready to explore and I remember dad describing himself after my mother died and I realize I made the choice to go through with this pregnancy so I won't drag Jordan along to cause him unnecessary pain.

Since his office moved, we've been having breakfast, lunch and dinner together like most couples but still, it's not the same.

"Leah," I spun around guiltily when Jordan walked out the shower.

Smiling mischievously, "ah" Jordan walks towards me instead of the dressing room as he is accustomed doing. "Why do you look so guilty?" He asks curiously.

Shrugging, I twitch the corners of my mouth. "Jade and I kinda make plans to do some, baby shopping," I admitted, leaving out my doctor's appointment.

Frowning, "And I'm not included?" Jordan's cheerful mood disappears.

Unaware why Jordan frowned at Jade and I going shopping, I tried lightening the mood.

I moved towards him, wrapping my arms around his naked torso.

"Truth be told, we are going window shopping for the baby because.." I trailed off, realizing I'm about to lie to him again. "So I'll know what to get when it's time." I reminded him about our decision to let the birth of our child be a surprise.

Nodding, as if he's digesting my explanation. "Window shopping," Jordan repeats, leaning down to nuzzle my neck. "And Jade's okay with just window shopping?" Jordan mummers, his cool lips tickling my skin.

Meeting his lips, "we both know she's going to do more than that." I whispered, before crashing my lips on his.

Sighing in relief, Jordan and I were having a romantic breakfast, sitting side by side as we fed each other, until Vinnie arrived.

"Seems like I'm interrupting?" He asks but still walks further into the kitchen, lifting the covered dishes to see what Mrs. Sanchez prepared for breakfast.

Feeling bold this morning.

"Yeah you are so how about backtracking." I suggested but Vinnie shook his head and loaded up a plate with pancakes to join Jordan and I.

I glared at him while Jordan chuckles softly.

After taking a mouthful of pancakes, "you need to get a lunch room for the staff in th..."Vinnie was saying with his eyes clashed with Jordan's before he clammed up once again.

Chuckling, Vinnie got up from the table to exit the room.

"Why does Vinnie keeps shutting up about the office moving again?" Lifting my eyebrows, I question Jordan.

Already shaking his head, "no one has any idea what Vinnie is constantly blabbering about." Jordan smirks, lifting his coffee mug to drain the cup.

Raising an eyebrow. "So are you taking the day off?" Jordan suddenly asks and then I remember that I am suppose to be working today.

Smiling coyly, I ran my finger up his throat to his lips, "well my husband is the boss," I reminded him.

Cupping my cheeks, Jordan moved his lips slowly over mines and I got all horney again.

Instead of letting him draw away, I clutched him tighter.

"I want you," I whispered against his lips.

Jordan got up and grabbed my hand in his and looked around quickly before leading me upstairs to our bedroom, where he started undressing me before undressing himself.

I dressed for the doctor's visit after Jordan went back downstairs, mentally preparing myself to beg Jade to keep my doctor's visit between us.

By the time Jade arrived, I was tied up in knots and hope my nervousness didn't affect my pressure.

If I am placed on bed rest, Jordan would know that I am withholding information from him and hit the roof.

"Princess Leah," Vinnie smirks eyeing me from head to toe, as I entered the lounge, where Jade chatting with her brother and Vinnie.

Jordan followed Vinnie's eyes and smiles, showing his appreciation for my white maternity frock.

Eyeing me curiously, "so where are you going again?" Jordan asks.

"Shopping Jordan, shopping."

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