The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Fifty

Jordan's POV

Ensuring our offspring was filled and safely tucked in, Leah and I curled up in bed to have that talk, I was dreading and Leah was anxiously awaiting.

"Tell me what you've been up too since we got home for the hospital," Leah suggests softly.

Wrapping an arm around her neck, "while you were in labor, grandpa took over handling Jade and Michael's affairs and..." I paused, taking a deep breath, aware that there will be finality when the words passes between my lips.

Lifting her head, Leah sits upright, staring at me with concern.

"And?" She touches my cheek gently.

Taking another deep breath, "and my mother," I started, taking a deep breath before continuing. "Mom has been evicted from the house," I needed to get it off my chest and who better to share my burdens with, than my better half.

Leah sat upright, her eyes glistering, as she stares back at me with the same sadness in her eyes that I felt in my heart.

"What happened?" She asks softly, adjusting herself to sit straight with her legs crossed in front of her.

"You went into labour just after Vinnie told my grandparents and father what happened between Jade and Michael and mom's part in all of it." I explained, frowning at Leah's confused expression.

Shaking her head in disbelief, "your mother was involved?" She asked, softly and continued shaking her head. "How long have you know this?" She looked away, thoughtfully.

With everything that has been going on, I am wondering if I forgot to mention it to her before.

"It was just before you went into labour," I said, "I threw it all behind my back, when you went into labor and only found out afterwards that grandpa took matters into his own hands and handle mom and Michael, his way!" I explained.

Finally Leah looked at me again, "your mother set Evelyn up to seduce you to break us up?" Leah still sounds surprise.

Nodding slowly, "yeah she did," I confirmed, reaching out, I drew her into my arms again. "And this is the last time she'll be messing with us!" I whispered, hoping to ease her worries away.

Drawing away once again, "I can't believe how far she would go to break us," She sat upright, once again, still reeling from the shock.

"Leah," I tried holding her again but she pulled out of my reach.

"How?" Pausing, she covered her face briefly, "how, was she able to convince Michael to go along with her and what happened to Michael?" She asked, her eyebrows deeply, knitted together.

Tilting my head, reflectively. "Somehow, she was able to convince him, that our son would take everything the Branson owns and should he and Jade have kids, they would only have access to what you and I give to their child." I explained it just the way grandpa did.

"I can't believe Michael wrecked his life because he believed a lie." Leah says mostly to herself.

With a heavy heart, I nod in agreement.

"So, where's your mother now?" Leah asks leaning against my chest once again.

Closing my eyes, thankful Leah couldn't see my pained expression, aware that I have to let go of mom, not for me but for my wife and son,

"I honestly don't know," Leah sat upright once again as I was speaking, to stare at me in disbelief.

Ignoring her surprise expression, I continued. "I was with you at the hospital during your labor, so grandpa and Vinnie dealt with everything." I continued explaining, wishing I had done it in front of Jade at the same time.

Leah laid back down, leaving me to continue after taking another deep breath.

"She left immediately because Vinnie got the cops involved and with the Ambrose slut's confession, grandpa threaten to press charges on behalf of Jade and myself, so Michael signed the divorce without obtaining a dime from Jade and mom left with only the monthly allowance she will be receiving from dad!" I personally wanted to add more but that would be encouraging her to continued down this path with her evil heart beating and I couldn't admit that to Leah.

Leah remained silent when I was done speaking causing me to nudge her to ensure that she was still awake.

Instead of commenting on all that I shared with her tonight, "so, now the biggest question is who do we choose as Godparents to our angel?" Leah totally changed the topic and I am grateful because as much as I wish my mother to be in my life, I'm fulfilled with my wife and son!

"Vinnie and Jade," I responded without it a second thought.

Lifting her head, with a deep grin, Leah throws her arms around my neck, "oh my God, that's exactly what I was thinking." She gushed happily, already forgetting everything we just spoke about.

We spent the next couple of minutes discussing Jayden's christening.

While Leah slept because being a new mom was taking a toll on her, I remained awake wondering how to have the same conversation with Jade, in the morning.

Since Jayden came home, Leah sleeps less and wakes early, that is if she even sleeps at all.

I woke up to find my wife, son, sister and Mrs. Sanchez, the woman whose been a mother to me, in the kitchen.

"Hey sleepyhead," Jade chuckles nodding to the doorway, I just walked through. "Vinnie already had breakfast and he's hard at work in the office." She adds lightly.

Kissing Leah and a sleeping Jayden on the head, "thanks." I whisper softly to Mrs. Sanchez for the cup of coffee because I don't wake my son who will keep his mother awake if he's woken before his time.

"Meet me in the office when you're done," I told Jade, immediately heading out.

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