The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Fifty One

Leah's POV

"We need to organize Jayden's christening," I whispered to Mrs. Sanchez after Jade followed her brother, with her breakfast in hand.

Nodding, Mrs. Sanchez joins me at the table with a cup of coffee that is so tempting but I am breastfeeding and coffee is definitely a no, no for now!

"So what date, do you have in mind?" She asks, while I shift the baby monitor and my breakfast closer to where she sat.

"Well daddy is here, so I was thinking I should do it before he leaves," I explained.

Daddy arrived the day after Jayden was born and he broke down with tears of relief, when he saw me sitting on the hospital bed, cradling Jayden.


"Lily, oh my God, my beautiful Lily," daddy hugged me, palming my cheeks before kissing my forehead. "I was so worried," daddy cried. "I was so afraid and I begged your mother to look over you and she did." Daddy insisted, wiping the tears that started flowing down my cheeks.

Smiling, happy that Jordan and daddy's worst fears, didn't come through.

"We're both going to be fine," I repeat the words, Dr. Mehra has using to assure Jordan.


"Would the end of the month be okay?" I asked, frowning, wondering if we can pull this out in less than two weeks.

Chuckling, "well if your husband and Vinnie can do this," Mrs. Sanchez waved her hands around the kitchen, "then we can definitely pull out a christening, especially with Jade as our official event planner." She reminds me of Jade's new status at the company.

Clapping my hand in excitement, only to stand quickly when I heard a whimpering sound on the monitor.

"Baby's up," my eyes widen nervously, as I grabbed the baby monitor and quickly exit the kitchen and headed for the bedroom

"Aww," I cooed as Jayden whimpers softly, his lips pouting and his fist clenched, as he wriggles in his oversized newborn jammies.

By the time I returned downstairs with Jayden, Jordan and Vinnie were having coffee in the sitting room going through some paperwork.

Vinnie turned first, his eyes lights up when he sees Jayden in my arms.

Dropping the papers he was holding, he stands and walks towards me.

"There's our boy!" He gushes.

Jordan turned smiling as Vinnie takes Jayden from my arms.

"Don't drop him," Jordan warns Vinnie.

While Vinnie fusses over Jayden, I leaned against Jordan's arm.

"Where's Jade?" I asked, aware that she wasn't in her room nor the kitchen.

Lifting his eyes to the doorway, with a regretful smile.

"I told her everything that grandpa did but the only thing she is unhappy about is not having a day in court with Michael." Jordan chuckles softly.

Lowering my eyes, I remember feeling the way Jade does right now but, Jade is so much stronger than I and she has her big brother in her corner.

Placing a finger under my chin, Jordan forced me to look at him, "you overcame your pain of deceit and so will Jade." Jordan smiles softly, averting his eyes to glare at Vinnie.

"What the fuck Vinnie?" He stands and walks around to Vinnie, taking Jayden away from him.

Frowning, wondering what I missed.

"You want to be godfather to my son and lifting him so high in the air?" I leaped of the chair to stand by Jordan as he reprimand Vinnie.

Placing his hands against his chest, Vinnie's eyes grew misty, "I'm actually going to be his godfather?" Vinnie asked, having missed everything else that Jordan reprimanded him for.

With my hands on my hips, "not if you use my son as weights," I added, tilting my head with an attitude, I didn't know I possessed.

Ignoring my comment, "I'm deeply touched," Vinnie gushes, drawing me into a bear hug. "You guys are best and I promise to be the best father figure, ever." Vinnie pats my back as he spoke.

"So you're giving out the godparents spots to my no-named nephew?" Jade's voice flowed into the room before her.

All three pair of eyes averted to the doorway as Jade enters with blood red eyes and a bright smile that didn't appear forced.

Nodding, I moved forward and pulled her into my arms, "yes and, your godson's name is Jayden," I whispered in her ear.

Rosie was my first choice as Jayden's godmother but Jade needs this right now.

Clutching me tightly, her body shuddering with silent sobs as she shook her head.

"No one can take my place as the favorite aunt and I am satisfied with that title," lifting her head to stare into my eyes, "I know Rosie is your best friend and she has been a great support to you and," pausing she looks at Vinnie and then at her brother with a wide grin. "Just as Vinnie deserves to be Jayden's godfather, Rosie is Jayden's godmother!" Jade was saying, when Vinnie screamed.

"JAYDEN? His name is Jayden?" He looks at Jade and I before turning to Jordan who was scowling at me.

"Oops," I covered my mouth because Jordan wanted to unveil our baby's name at a special luncheon.

Staring at Jade and then at Vinnie, "remind me, not to share any secrets with her again." Jordan said with a small curve at the corner of his lips, pretending to be upset.

"You named your kid after her?" Vinnie shook his head in disbelief. "Couldn't you find a name that pays tribute to mines?" Vinnie asks Jordan before glaring at a snickering Jade.

Ignoring them, I took my child out of Jordan's arm, "Jayden is hungry," I lied, exiting the room, hearing footsteps behind me.

"Didn't we agree to keep his name confidential, until.." Jordan was saying when I turned to face him.

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