The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Fifty Two

Jordan's POV

I stopped behind Leah, smiling at the annoyance curling at the corner of her soft lips.

"I wanted to do something nice for Jade, to make her happy," she whispered, glancing over my shoulder. "So what if she knows?" Leah turned and entered Jayden's room.

"Sorry," I whispered, standing behind her when she laid Jayden in his crib.

I felt her trying to elbow me but I didn't budge and started kissing her neck.

Turning around, "don't start something you can't finish," Leah chuckles, wriggling in my arms.

Ignoring her, I leaned down, capturing her lips with mines, smiling, because the only resistance she gives me, is always verbal.

"Jayden," Leah whispers against my lip.

Chuckling, I peeked over her shoulder, "his eyes are closed, I whispered, excited when she wraps her arms around my neck, deepening the kiss.

"Fuck, I missed this,"I mummer against her neck.

"You guys are so perverted," Jade says from behind me. "And in front of your son." She said, before coming around the crib.

Lifting my head, I laugh as she placed her hands over his face.

"Don't you respect our privacy?" Raising an eyebrow, I frown at her.

Shrugging, "Jayden's room is open to me," pointing to the adjoining room, "your bedroom is your domain, this room, belongs to everyone." She lowers her head and starts tickling, Jayden's cheeks, giggling to herself.

Lifting my eyes, sobering up.

"Grandpa called but you left your phone downstairs," throwing the phone across to me, "so give him a call." She says.

Catching the phone, I moved away from Jayden's crib and dialed grandpa number.

Grandpa: "Jordan, my old knee is acting up and I need a huge favor from you." Grandpa started as I answered him.

Me: "I'm listening." I encouraged him to continue, shutting the bedroom door behind me and Jade's loud baby talk, she's having with Jayden.

Grandpa: "The Finley's will be hosting their charity dinner for this years Christmas gift drive, so I expect you and Jade to represent Bransons." I frowned at his reason for calling.


Me: "Leah would never support that." I responded, looking over my shoulder, hoping she didn't hear my response.

Grandpa: "And that's why Jade will be accompanying you." Grandpa was already on the draw.

Me: "Right." I responded, wondering how Leah would respond to me attending a dinner that's being hosted by the Finley's, with the Finley's slut in attendance.

Grandpa: "Good, good." I already spoke to Jade, so the dinner is tonight and it's formal." Grandpa says.

Me: "Wait! What?" I asked in surprise. "I haven't agreed to attend yet," I explain, "I still have to discuss it with Leah." I added but Grandpa already had a plaster for that.

Grandpa: "Like I said, Jade will be accompanying you and you know your mother and the Finley's are great friends, so I want my grandchildren to attend and dispel all the lies she must have told them." Grandpa, explains.

Cornered because Jade apparently agreed, with Leah being the only one in the dark about this charity dinner and it is for the kids.

Me: "Okay, let me talk to Jade and if there are any changes, I will call you." I bargained, which would be the only way to get rid of the ole man, plus he would never send me alone in the snakes pit.

Grandpa: "Great, so grandma and I will will come over and stay with Leah and...." grandpa paused, waiting for me to fill in the blanks.

Me: "And my son?" I responded smoothly. Leah fell for that with Jade and I'm sure Leah will tell him tonight.

Grandpa: "Right, see you then," grandpa seemed about to abruptly hang up, "oh and my driver will be at your disposal tonight." Grandpa added,

Me: "Okay," I was saying when the line went silent.

Taking a deep breath, I turned to see Leah standing with a soft smile behind me.

"Jade mention the dinner and that she will also be attending with you." Leah informed me before I could mention it to her.

Nodding, "I already told grandpa I won't attend if you have a problem with it." I said quickly, not because I am afraid but I will not allow anyone and nothing to bring doubt between us.

Chuckling, "I will fill you and ensure that you're not thirsty, so you won't have to eat and drink anything there," Leah reaches up and pecks me lightly on the lips, "plus, Jade will be there." She added.

"You guys need to get a room." Jade interrupts us again.

Lifting my eyes with Leah's head tucked under my chin, "this is my room." I reminded a giggling Jade, who only said that to get a rise out of me.

"You could have given me advance warning about, why grandpa was calling." I added, watching her gently lay Jayden on our bed.

Leah turned around, "Jade he needs to sleep in his crib," Leah reprimanded her, joining Jayden on the bed.

"Why?" Jade smiles innocently, lying on the other side of Jayden, staring into his cute face, as he tries focusing on the multicolored baby monitor Leah waved in front of him.

"If he gets accustom, to sleeping in our bed, when would we get to give him a sibling?" I said before walking out the bedroom to rejoin Vinnie and complete another day's work.

I didn't turn around to see Leah's expression because the silence I left behind, said it all.

She wants another baby in the future and Dr. Mehra says it's safe, so I am considering it, in the far distant future.

By the time grandpa and grandpa arrived, Jade and I were fully dressed and ready to deliver Branson's hefty donation towards the inner city kids!

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