The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Fifty Three

Jordan's POV

I reluctantly pulled away from Leah to follow Jade outside, when she gently tugged me back.

Taking a deep breath, she looked away from me, "you know your mother could be there, right?" She turns worried eyes on me once again.

Looking over my shoulder at a smiling Jade, "and the old man knows that, so maybe Jade and I, need this." I have no idea what tonight holds for us but while Leah was in the hospital, grandpa cut mom out off you lives and this my opportunity to severe, all ties for good.

Kissing the tip of my nose, "I love you." I remind her.

"And I love you," Leah smiled but only with her lips, while her eyes and voice said another thing.

The soft whimpers of Jayden off the baby monitor, that is clipped to her jeans pocket, got her attention.

Chuckling she shoves me aside, "baby calls," she waves us off, "and don't have fun!" Leah exclaims as we entered the vehicle.

From the backseat of the rearview mirror, I observed that Leah didn't rush off to Jayden but remain standing on the front porch, with her eyes lingering on grandpa's departing benz.

"You know mom's there, right?" Jade broke the silence.

Turning to face her, I frown and smiled.

"And guess what they won't be expecting?" I chuckle.

Leaning into my arms, "hurricane Jade," Jade laughs out.

Jade never attends these functions because of all it's formalities but she does enjoy planning it.

"Well you'll get a few ideas of what not to do when you plan Branson's Ball," I nudged her slightly.

Lifting her head, "oh, oh." She sat up excitedly. "I've already done some sketches and it's out of this world," Jade gushed all the way to the hotel where the Finley's are hosting their dinner.

Taking a deep breath, I reluctantly got out of the vehicle, followed by Jade.

"Don't go to far, we won't be long," I chuckle dryly to grandpa's chauffeur.

Saluting me, "I know the drill," he laughs, nodding to Jade.

"Oh wait," Jade paused. "I forgot my shawl in the vehicle," Jade was saying as she ran slapping the side of the Benz.

"Jordan Branson," I turned to face the mayor and his much younger wife.

Accepting his outstretched hand, "Nixon," I smiled politely nodding to the entrance. "Guess that it's that time of the year," I smiled, because our ball is coming up and he will be one of our guests.

Next, I shook his wife's hand lightly. "Ma'am." I nod, watching the smile leave her eyes, as I addressed her as ma'am.

"It's always a pleasure to see you." She nods politely, then smiles, mischievously as she looks around me. "The wife is absent tonight?" She asks and I nod.

"Yes, she's home with our newborn." I smiled as my thoughts immediately flew to my wife and son.

Chuckling, she smiled at her husband and then back at me.

"So while she's at home, you're here to socialize with the ex-fiance?" Her laughter confuses me.

Raising an eyebrow, "ex-fiance?" I repeat.

Indicating the doorway, "our host beautiful daughter." She laughs.

Shaking my head, "I don't know where you get your information but I was never engaged to her, nor did I ever date her," pausing I wait for her to digest this information as the mischievous smile leaves her lips.

"I have only been engage once and I am married to the same person I got engaged to." I explained, aware that the Mayor shifts uncomfortably on his feet.

Surprised at my response, "oh," Mrs. Nixon exclaims in surprise. "I.. I was misled," she appears embarrassed.

Frowning, I wonder if she has been told that my wife broke up the Finley slut and I.

Indicating the doorway, "after you," I smile politely at the Nixons, looking around for my date.

I followed the Mayor and his wife inside, walking slower, as I wait for Jade to meet up with me.

I stare at my sister, whose elegant black gown hugged her model figure, flowing lightly to the floor.

Michael's loss is definitely a better man's gain.

Jade smiled impishly as she walks towards me, with her black shawl draped over her right arm but what catches my attention, is the black diamond necklace set, that she's wearing.


If mom is here, this is definitely a slap in her face.

Throwing an arm around her shoulder, "you came well prepared to make a statement," I touch the necklace lightly.

Tilting her head backwards to smile at me, "did you think all this cleavage was a attempt to get get laid tonight?" Jade giggles loudly, bringing attention to us as we entered the grand ballroom, where the charity dinner was being held.

Screwing my face up at her, I shook my head.

"I don't think telling your brother that you're hoping to get laid tonight is appropriate." I grimace, shoving her lightly with a fake expression of disgust.

Kern was the first to approach us, kissing Jade lightly on the cheek, before giving me a bro hug.

"Well it's about time the Bransons twin join the party," he laughs inviting a waiter over.

Jade intercepts the glass of champagne he held out to me.

"Oh no," she chuckles mischievously, winking at me. "He's on daddy duty tonight, so I'll be doing all the drinking since," Jade takes a sip, tilting her head in my direction, "big brother will be heading back early." She tips her head backwards, downing the drink, waving a waiter over.

"Jade," I whispered gently.

Smiling she shook her head, "I'm good, don't worry." She assures me.

Chuckling, I tilt my head at her, "guess, sis is here to have fun, while I look on."

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