The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Fifty Four

Jordan's POV

Slapping the cheque in my pocket, "I'm on a short mission," I chuckle to Kern.

Leaning closer to Jade and I, "just a quick heads up," he whispers above the noise in the ballroom, "Cole is here and so is your mother and that bitch," he says, drawing backwards.

Twitching my lips, now who could the bitch be, I wondered.

"Cole's sister-in-law is here?" Jade asks as if reading my mind.

Kern eyes widen, "oh yeah, she's here too," he laughs nervously. "But man, Cole is really sorry for fucking up, he just didn't know the plans his sister-in-law made with your mother." Kern continues.

Nodding, having no idea where my friendship goes from here but if Cole can't respect my wife and my home, then he can't be a part of my life and his wife's definitely, out!

Jade nudges me when a waiter walks by.

I shook my head but took a glass for her, "if I'm drugged, you have to ensure that I get home safe," she chuckles.

Kern frowns at her comment and glances between Jade and I, his eyes masked with concern.

"That's a story for another night," I shrugged glancing around the room at the other guests present.

"I should do some socializing," I tell Jade, pointing to her champagne glass, "and no more of those," I warned, smiling when I heard my name call.

"Mr. Branson," Joel Saunders, a business associate and longtime friend, of grandpa greets me smiling from ear to ear while his companion, lifts her chin giving me a smug look.

"Mr. Saunders," I greet him with a firm handshake and a slight nod to his companion. "It's a good to see you." I added courteously.

I can see his eyes looking over my shoulder, "isn't grandpa with you?" He asks curiously.

Chuckling, I shook my head.

"He took the night off to start spoiling my son and sent me in his place," I admitted.

Mr. Saunders laughed out at my comment.

"Yes, yes," his eyes twinkle in laughter, slapping me on the arm, "but you turned out good under his watch, so I know your son is going to turn into a fine young man." Mr. Saunders, praised grandpa and his parenting skills with Jade and I.

"So where's your wife?" He asked curiously.

Raising an eyebrow, "at home monitoring grandpa spoil her son." I explained, indicating Jade who stood a few feet away sipping champagne and mingling. "Grandpa sent the future of Bransons to represent him," I added. "That's Jade, my baby sister." I smiled.

Frowning, "Yes, I remember her, I was present at her wedding," his words stabbed me in the chest.

Jade's wedding was much more extravagant than Leah and mines, so everyone that grandpa knew, attended.

"Yes, it was the wedding of the year." I admitted softly, my eyes slowly drifting back to where Jade stood, laughing happily.

"And what about your wedding?" Mr. Saunders companion asked.

Smiling at the thought of Leah, "after Jade's wedding, my wife and I decided on something smaller." I smiled in contentment.

Curling her lips in a dry smile, "in these circles, girls don't like small and simple." She laughed, looking around.

"Then I consider myself bless, to have found gem, unlike any other," She said, he lips curving in a genuine smile.

Nodding, "yes you are." She agreed, even though she never met Leah.

Tilting my head, "I have yet to meet our host." I said, preparing to leave politely, "but I hope to see you at our annual Ball," smiling at Jade once again. "Which my beautiful sister will be planning and hosting." I decided on the spot to hand over Bransons Annual Ball to Jade.

Grasping my hand between both of his, "won't miss it for the world," he laughs, patting his jacket pocket. "I only walked with pocket change here and I'm keeping the bigger bulk for Bransons." Mr. Saunders whispers, chuckling softly.

With Jade in sight, I continue walking around meeting and greeting business associates of grandpa and dad, frowning at one or two snide remarks targeted at grandpa, dad, Jade and I, which obviously comes courtesy of, my mother.

I was literally searching the room but for the love of God, I couldn't find Finley anywhere.

"Looking for someone?" A soft voice chuckles.

Turning around, I snicker when I came face to face with the Finley slut.

"Definitely not you." I turned away, when she hollowered to stop.

"Hey wait, dad is just over there and I'm sure he would like to see you." Finley's slut, whose name I never cared to learn, says behind me.

Scratching my chin, I glance around the room for Jade, smiling when I made eye contact with her.

"Where is Mr. Finley?" I ask politely.

Pointing over my shoulder with a shy smile, "he's over there, with mom and your mother," She informs me.

Tilting my head, signaling to Jade to followed me, because we came to confront our mother and confront her, we will.

With my hand outward, inviting her to lead the way.

"So how's your wife?" Finley slut asks politely and if I wasn't aware of her vile personality, I would believe that she's sincere.

"None of your fucking business." I responded easily. I'm not here to socialize with her.

I chuckle softly, when she stopped no doubt stunned at my words, before continuing towards a table where my mom sits with the Finleys, Cole's wife, my two aunts and their husbands.

"Jordan," Mr. Finley stood up calling my name, getting the attention of mom and her siblings.

"I almost left with my money." I chuckle dryly, accepting the hand he held out for me to shake, before turning to kiss each of my aunts, respectively.

"Yes, continue ignoring me."

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