The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Fifty Six

Jordan's POV

"I learned from the best." I responded coolly to mom and for the first time, I notice contempt in her eyes.

"Have a drink," the Finley slut sings, extending a glass of champagne to me.

Lifting my palm, I stopped her from shoving it further,

"I'm good thanks," I decline politely when all I wanted to tell her, was fuck off.

Laughing mockingly, "see, now he's thinks he's too great to drink from us." Mom spat loudly, her voice travelling beyond the table she sat at.

Is she really going to do this?

Here and now?

Shoving my hands in my pocket, I smile softly at her and if she had taken the time to know me, she would know that she has finally crossed all the boundaries with me.

"I know how you played it back in college with your roommate's fiance, so forgive me for not trusting you or your inner circle." My voice was dangerously low.

Mom's eyes widen in surprise, as she looks at her sisters in shock.

Turning to my aunts, "did you know that she drugged her roommate's fiance, got pregnant and had your father hold a gun at the poor guys head almost three months later?" I asked only because I wanted the truth out, to her inner circle.

Mom's eyes turned from contempt to pleading, as she slowly shook her head.

"After the way you started out your life and the way you treated Jade and I, did you really expect me to follow you and marry someone you could control to gain more of Bransons money?" I walked closer to the table.

"Jordan," Finley moved to block me, glancing nervously over my shoulder. "Don't do this now, at least not here." He said quickly.

Chuckling mockingly at him, "you should have thought of that before sending your offspring to escort me here, to ensure that my father's ex-wife insults me." I snapped.

I turned swiftly when I felt an arm behind my back.

"Ooo what did I miss?" Jade chuckles softly.

My eyes flew to mom, whose eyes almost pop out when she saw Jade or is the black diamonds around Jade's neck that has her shock?

Frowning mischievously at Jade before looking at mom.

"Is something wrong?" I asked curiously.

Mom lift her eyes to mines and shaking her head, her eyes reflecting her defeat.

"Did your grandparents give that to you?" She asks Jade softly.

Scuffing softly, Is she for real?

She's actually more interested in the diamonds around Jade's neck than Jade herself?

Gently touching the diamond necklace around her neck, "actually it's Leah's," I froze in surprise beside Jade, hoping mom doesn't see my shock.


When did this happen and why didn't she mention it?

"Leah's?" Mom repeats Leah's name in disgust and lift angry eyes to meet mines. "You bought that good for nothing girl into our family and little by little she is taking even what belongs to Jade." Mom didn't care about her audience as she raised her voice at me.

Laughing, Jade place a hand against my chest and another at mom's face.

"Oh, that's a gift to a chosen bride of the Branson's men but," Jade paused to stare mockingly at mom. "After what you did in college, you definitely weren't a chosen bride and during the last few years, you didn't even try to be accepted." Jade, touches the necklace once again.

"Grandpa brought it over earlier tonight for Leah but I took a borrow," shrugging, Jade looks up at me, "she won't mind would she?" Jade asks me.

Smiling, "my wife doesn't have a materialist bone in her body." I responded turning to Finley.

"This," I wave my hand at the table mom sat at and the people around it, "is in poor taste, so." Reaching into my inside jacket pocket, I pulled out the envelope grandpa gave to me and ripped it into four pieces and threw it in front of mom.

"I am done with you," I told mom, without any remorse, then turned to Finley, "and Branson is done with you." Throwing an arm loosely around Jade's shoulders, I nod to my aunts and uncles. "Our mother threw us away after we were born and I don't blame you for that, so don't be strangers." I finally smile, kissed the top of Jade's head as we walked away, arm in arm.

"Can we stop somewhere for some take outs?" She asks hopefully already forgetting the people and what just occurred behind us.

"Jordan, Jade," Finley slut ran out into the hotel's lobby to meet us.

Stopping, Jade and I smiled at each before turning our attention to the slut.

Jade raised an eyebrow and stared expectantly at her.

"This," she says, holding her sides as she struggles to breath. "What happen in there with your mother wasn't my father's doing?" She breath heavily, pleading with her lips and her eyes.

"So you took it upon yourself and led Jordan to where that viper sat?" Jade asks and I'm thankful that she took the initiative otherwise I would just insult Finley's slut and walk away.

Nodding quickly, "she loves and misses Jordan so I wanted to give them an opportunity to meet and then with dad being there, it was convenient." The slut responds with a soft smile.

"ERRR," Jade made a buzzer sound. "Wrong answer," tugging my wrist, she smiles apologetically at the slut before making our way out.

"Jordan, Jade," this time it was our mom who called out to us.

"What the fuck now?" I mumble impatiently, craving to hold my son and inhale his baby scent.

"Please hear me out.." mom was saying but I cut her off.

"I said, I'm done!"
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