The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Fifty Seven

Leah's POV

"Leah, grandma and I will wait until they come home," grandpa Branson says but I am way to, restless to remain upstairs alone with Jay.

Smiling softly, "I'll wait since Jade promised me a late night snack." I gave the only feeble excuse I could think off, to wait until Jordan gets home.

I know it's early but I am weary about the circle he will be mingling in.

"Well at least take little Jayden upstairs," grandma suggests but I shook my head.

Hugging him in my arms, "we're good." I reassured her.

"Leah, I know you're worried about Jordan being in the midst of people who wants to break you up but, remember Jordan is in control and he doesn't make wrong decisions." Grandpa soft smile is a total contrast to his normal gruff voice.

I nod slightly, agreeing with grandpa but still, I wish I was there.

Leaning back in the sofa, against grandpa, "don't let him get accustom, to constant hand holding because mark my words, you'll regret it." Raising an eyebrow, grandma warns me.

Taking a deep breath, inhaling my son's baby scent is the most soothing thing ever.

"Then you need to warn your grandson and granddaughter about that," I smiled mischievously. "When I put him in his crib and turn my back, he's in one of their arms." I explained.

"Jordan needs to get back to the office," grandpa says gruffly.

With my eyes on Jay, I consider grandpa's words because with me being okay, Jordan has no reason to be working from home anymore but, that will have to be, between Jordan and grandpa.

"How much maternity leave does a father get?" Grandma asks, staring thoughtfully at grandpa.

Screwing up his face in disgust, "none," he responded in the gruff voice, I've grown accustomed to.

The loud ringing of his phone interrupted our conversation.

"That was in the old days, these days men get time out to spend with their wife and newborn, especially, if he's the boss," grandma whispers, with a soft laugh.

"Jordan did what?" Grandpa bellowed into the phone, freezing grandma and I instantly. "Why would he do that?" Grandpa raised his voice loudly.

Grandma tried shushing him, indicating a sleeping Jay but he lightly, shushed her instead because he appeared angry and it has something to do with Jordan!

What did Jordan do?

What happen now? I felt panic rising from my chest.

Grandma and I looked at each other, concern about grandpa's side of the conversation.

"No, he hasn't returned yet but I will get to the bottom of this and I am sorry about the donation." Grandpa continued. "I will have my secretary get another cheque and Jordan will personally deliver it with an apology." Grandpa added, then abruptly hung up.

Shaking his head, grandpa turned to me and then at grandma. "I can't believe Jordan, I just can't believe him." Grandpa was saying in frustration when grandpa gently pat his thigh.

"Calm down dear," grandma smiles soothingly. "Just remember, Jordan doesn't make wrong, decisions." I fought a smile as grandma repeats grandpa's words back to him, in the same, soft soothing tone.

Raising an eyebrow, grandpa looks at his wife from the corner of his eye, "do you want to know what he did?" Grandpa asks gruffly.

I was about to nod for grandma to say yes, "it doesn't matter because like you said a few minutes ago. Jordan is in control and he doesn't make wrong decisions." Grandma reminds him, again.

Slapping his hand on his thighs before struggling to stand up.

"Oh, I can see that I'm going to regret making that comment." He stormed out of the sitting room, leaving grandma and I staring at each other confused.

We didn't have to wait long before we heard the front door slamming, with the scent of fast food and Jade soft giggles, confirming that they were home.

My eyes flew to grandpa, who sat with a stern look, avoiding eye contact with grandma and I.

"How's my sweet boy?" "How's my baby?" Jade and Jordan says simultaneously as they entered the room, oblivious of any tension.

"Wash your hands first," I warned, giving them a fierce motherly look.

Putting down the two bags that smelt of burgers on the table between us, they both playfully glared at me before exiting the room.

"Be good," I turned to see grandma giving her husband a stern warning.

Huffing angrily, grandpa clearly intends to ignore her.

"Did you threaten to cut all business ties between Branson and Finley?" Grandpa stood up angrily and accosted Jordan as he entered the room before Jade.

Frowning, curling the corner of his mouth in disgust, Jordan shook his head.

"No," Jordan moved towards Jay and I, a soft smile slowly creeping on his lips as his eyes fell of his son, whom he slowly takes him from my arms, lowering his face unto Jay's chest, inhaling deeply.

"Then why the fuck did he call to complain about you threatening him?" Grandpa clearing wasn't done and now I wish I had taken their earlier advise and remained in my room.

"I have no idea what the fuck he called to whine about but I definitely, didn't threaten him," Jordan says, his voice soft and calm but I sense, he could explode, if pushed any further. "I fucking fired him and cut all ties with him and his company." Jordan turned face me.

"I bought burgers, so lets put him in his crib and come back down and have a late snack," Jordan smiles, pecking me lightly on the lips.

"I've been telling her to put him in his crib for so long but she insist on waiting for you downstairs." Grandpa laughs softly.

"You fired him?" Grandpa eyes widen in shocked!

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