The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Fifty Eight

Jordan's POV

"Yes grandpa, Jordan cut ties with Finley, his family and his company and if he didn't do it, I would have done it." Jade frowns at grandpa. "And you should know that he had a good reason for doing so." She give him the same stern glare he gave me when we returned home.

Grandpa stares at Jade and I and then at grandma.

"You trained him and you trust him," grandma says softly, "now you need to let him run the company, his way." Grandma added, her eyes never leaving grandpa's. "And like you said, Jordan won't make wrong decisions." She chuckles softly.

Maybe if Jade wasn't in the room, or if Jade didn't back me up, grandpa would have tried eating my head off for the decision I made tonight but, I stand by my decision where the Finley's are concern and I'm not backing down.

Nodding upstairs, "let's go." I told Leah, kissing her once again while she stares nervously at grandpa.

"And what about the cheque?" Grandpa asked, stopping us the doorway.

Turning to smile at him, "I left it in pieces on your ex-daughter-in-law's lap." I only heard grandpa's soft gasp and Jade's giggles as Leah, Jay and I left the room.

"I was uneasy, especially when grandpa got a call from someone complaining about you." Leah whispers quickly when she figured the rest of the family, couldn't hear us.

Tilting my head, I shrugged, smiling down at Jay. "I did what I had to do," I explained to her and she knows by now that when it comes to business, I won't make hasty decisions that could bring a losses to Bransons.

"I understand but we missed you." She blushes, placing a hand on the railing, leading the way to Jay's room.

Standing arm in arm, staring down at our miracle lying oblivious to everything around him, until he's hungry or need changing.

"We did good, huh?" Leah casually comments.

Chuckling, I stare down into her captivating, hazel eyes.

"We make a great team," I admitted. "And I missed you guys tonight." I continued. "I missed the scent of Jay on me." I laugh.

Poking my stomach, "even his puke?" Leah draws back, raising her eyebrows, giving me a smug smile.

Pulling her roughly back into my arms, "even his puke." I joke, crashing my lips on hers.

Mrs. Sanchez was already in the sitting room with the rest of the family, confirming that Jade woke her up.

Pointing to a tray with two cups, "there's tea for you and coffee for him." Jade tells Leah.

Smiling her thanks, Leah took two burgers on a plate for the both of us before sitting in the love seat.

"So what did we miss while we were putting the baby to sleep?" I asked, eyeing my grandfather, while taking a huge bite of the burger.

"You.." grandpa started speaking when Jade interrupted him.

"We're trending," she laughs excitedly.

Lifting an eyebrow, staring at her and then at grandpa curiously.

Trending means one thing in this era of social media.


Nodding, "yes, you're..." pausing he turned and shook his head with a soft smile at his granddaughter. "Trending, whatever that means," grandpa wave a hand at Jade. "Young people and internet." He adds gruffly.

The only thing I'm concerned about is the negative reviews and the impact it could have on Bransons.

"Is it bad?" I met Jade's eyes that twinkles in excitement.

Holding out a hand, I stop her. "Wait! I don't want to know." These things are never good but I should have expected it, given the time and place.

We all stared at each other when we heard the front door slamming.

I was already on my feet when Vinnie barged into the sitting room, dressed in his pj's and a robe.

"Are you fucking kidding me?" Because I was on my feet, his eyes met mines first.

Glancing around the room, he smiles apologetically at grandma. "Sorry for the...uh" he turned to point at the front door. "Language." He knows how much grandma detest coarse speech.

Turning to grandpa, "did you honestly send those two without me tonight?" He winks at Jade, nodding to the bag of burgers. "Got any extra for the outside brother?" He smirks.

Leaning back in his chair, "I don't know what I was thinking and now..." trailing off, grandpa shook his head at Jade. "They're trending." He mocks dryly.

Taking a burger from Jade, "thanks for actually remembering me," he takes a seat, joining the circle we were sitting in.

"And now we need to do some PR," Vinnie tells grandpa, before taking a bite of the burger in his hand.

Shaking his head, grandpa points in my direction. "Talk to him, he's the CEO and he is the one whose trending," grandpa emphasizes on the word as if it something new to him.

Raising his eyebrows, "yes and that's why I am here. I saw him, trending." Vinnie laughs.

Is it that bad for Vinnie to come over here in his night wear!

Trying not to appear bothered by what social media is saying about tonight's episode, I focused on what I was eating.

"It isn't bad, big brother." Jade soft words penetrated through my thoughts.

Nodding, "I did nothing wrong and I said nothing wrong." Lifting my head, I turned grandpa and Vinnie.

"Things were being said before Jade and I arrived and that, I would have let go," pausing I turned to Leah, who now looks back at me confused. "When my wife's name was mentioned negatively, it woke the wolf in me." Leaning closer, I nudge her with my shoulder, bringing a soft smile to her face.

"Then leave it and see where it goes!" Leah suggests.

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