The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Fifty Nine

Leah's POV

Mrs. Sanchez started planning Jay's christening with grandma Branson but Jade is in charge and she's planning the entire event plus, she's also in the process of planning the Branson's Ball which Jordan placed in her hands.

She already got the family priest for the service which will be held in our backyard. Jade has restricted Jordan and I from venturing outside, so I can't wait for the unveiling.

When I tried to get involved she stopped me. "You already did the hardest part," Jade would say "and that is pushing out the baby."

As grandpa desired, Jordan is back in his old office, after having to air it out because of the person he had working in his place and I am back on the job, presently doing another presentation for Ms. Gemma of Massy's group.

Since I am still working from home, it's not bad and Jordan promises to remain at home with Jay when I have to make the presentation to the Massy's board.

"Bored are we?" Jade chuckles, peeking into Jay's cot that was a gift from my grandparents.

I sense that everything that I got were things my late mom gathered together, before my birth and using them for my son, warms my heart.

"I'm just thinking about my life and how grateful I am for the love of my family." I smiled with my eyes on Jay.

"I got a call from Michael and when I didn't answer," Jade hands her phone over to me. "He sent this." Jade's gray eyes darkened, the same way Jordan does when he is disturbed.

"When did you get this?" I lift my eyes curiously to hers before I read the text message Michael sent to his ex-wife.

Leaning uncomfortably against the backrest of the chair she sat on.

"The night of Finley's charity dinner." She smirks mockingly.

Biting my lips, I opened the message and started reading what Michael wrote.

I frowned, my mind running on Rawle.

"He's crazy," I said, shutting off the phone. "Rawle said things along the same line to me," I told her. "And even if there wasn't a Jordan in my life, I wouldn't have given him a time of day!" I said firmly.

Smiling softly, "yes but there was a Jordan." She whispers sadly.

Frowning because I am concern about her feelings. Has she been suppressing how she truly felt?

Have Jordan and I been expecting her to simply forget her love for Michael in just day, the way that I did?

Reaching out, I covered her hands that laid entwined on her thighs.

"I'm sorry for being insensitive to your feelings about Michael and his betrayal." Placing a hand across her shoulder, I tug her closer to me.

"I'm so sorry for expecting you to throw him behind your back, the same way I did with Rawle." I whispered my apology, embarrassed for the way I have handled Jade's pain.

Gripping my hand tightly, "please don't tell Jordan." Jade pleads softly.

"Jade," lowering my eyes, I shook my head. "I won't broach the subject with him but if he asks," lifting my eyes I smile sadly at her pained expression. "I can't lie but," I pause. "I won't elaborate.

Nodding slowly, Jade wipes her eyes.

Smiling through her sadness. "Don't worry, I have no intention of getting back with him or even meeting him but," averting her eyes, Jade's voice trails off.

I helped wipe her tears, "we need a girls night." I chuckle, staring at Jay as he tries to suck his fist that's too big for his cute little mouth.

"Or more like a girls afternoon out." I decided, because I am not ready to leave Jay at nights, yet.

"Shopping!" Jade claps excitedly. "We need to get you a new outfit and of course we need a christening outfit for my baby here." Jade smiles, playfully tickling Jayden's tummy.

Not wanting to burst her bubble, I joined in her excitement. "Shopping it is." I agreed, making a mental note to mention this to my father, who already sent the christening outfit, my real mother bought me.

Taking out her phone, "Let me call Rosie," Jade says, already dialing Rosie's number.

Trying to stop her proved futile.

"Jade, she's training to replace Vinnie as Jordan's PA, so you know Jordan will have a problem with that." I reminded her.

Jade playfully glares at me with a smug smile, "well she's Jayden's Godmother and she is responsible for certain things and going shopping with us, is one of them." Jade smiles cheekily.

Jade: "Jordan," Jade says into the phone.

Drawing away from her, "you called Jordan?" I mouth softly.

Nodding she smiles mischievously.

Jade: "Sorry, but it's important that I speak to the Godmother of your son." Jade says into the phone.

I pulled her hands to get her phone but she slapped my hand away.

"Jade," I whispered, reaching for the phone again. "Let me speak to him first, please." I pleaded softly with her.

Frowning at me, Jade gave me the phone.

"What the fuck do you want Rosie for?" I heard Jordan saying when I put the phone to my ear.

Me: "It's me, Leah." I quickly identify myself before he hangs up on me.

Jordan: "What's wrong? Are you okay? Is Jayden okay? Do you want me to come home now?" Jordan's tone changes to panic.

Me: "Relax, we're both fine." I giggle, subtly moving away from Jade, while composing an excuse to give Jordan for our impromptu shopping spree.

I felt guilty when I heard Jordan's deep sigh of relief.

Jordan: "What does Jade want, that couldn't wait until we get home?" Jordan sounds curious now.

Me: "Can you trust me?"

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