The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Sixty

Leah's POV

Jordan didn't question me but he is curious, only because I was being evasive.

"What about this?" Rosie lifts a white satin gown for a newborn baby but nothing catches my eye because my mind is on the gown that's hanging in our closet at home.

Hanging the gown back on the rack, "what are you really looking for?" Rosie frowns at me.

Glancing quickly at Jade, who was shifting through a rack of baby sleepers, I shook my head.

Raising her eyebrows, her eyes shifting between Jade and I.

"Later," I mouth, turning away.

"You know what?" I had to tug Jade's hand away from the suits she was holding, to get her attention.

Gazing at me with a space out look, I smiled and threw my arms around her shoulder.

"Let's go," I nod for Rosie to follow us.

After catching up with us, "ok spill," standing with folded arms, Rosie twitches her mouth, intrigued at whatever is going on with Jade.

Jade turns accusing eyes at me.

Raising my hand, I shook my head.

"I haven't said anything, I promise." I responded, only for her to turn to face Rosie whose staring back at her expectantly.

"Fine," grabbing ahold of Rosie's hand, Jade stomps off leaving me alone in the corridor of the mall.

Keeping them in sight, I started with some window shopping at a few ladies store.

I have never done any shopping on my own since coming here but now is a good time to start.

I entered a store whose name looked familiar and started browsing.

The girls were still chatting when I emerged with a huge smile and a dress I chose all on my own, now to get something for Jordan in a similar color code.

Since I was alone, I didn't need to ask for suggestions so I was done shopping for Jordan and myself before Jade and Rosie were finish talking.

From Jade's expression, it appeared that Rosie was doing all the talking and Jade just sat there listening keeningly to whatever advice Rosie was giving her.

By the time Jade realize I was standing at a distance, she stood up, pointing at my bags. "You went shopping without me?" Jade didn't hide her disappointment.

Shrugging lightly, "this is mine," I lift one bag and "this is Jordan's." I sang happily.

Curling her lips downwards, "really?" She responded in disbelief.

All I could do was twitch my nose.

"Well I hope you got the colors," Jade says stomping off towards the escalator.

"Hey," I ran slowly on my four inch heels with Rosie chuckling behind us.

"I have a baby to get back too and a babysitter who has no milk." I reminded Jade that her brother is at home with Jay.

Her scowl is instantly replace with a smile at the mention of Jayden.

"Okay, I already ordered lunch, so let's go and pick it up and I will get Jayden's christening gown when I return to the mall later in the week." Jade always in charge, makes further plans.

Realizing I need to tell her about the gown daddy bought, sooner than later.

The three of us sat comfortably in the back seat of grandpa Branson Benz.

Nudging Jade who sat to my right, "you okay?" I asked softly.

Hooking my hand with hers, "you need to stop worrying," she chuckles, with no evidence of her broken love life in sight.

"You're Jay's aunt." I remind her. "I could never stop worrying about his favorite aunty." I chuckle.

The car grew quiet with Rosie texting away on her phone, before Jade speaks again.

"I never said it before but I am sorry for the way I treated you when I first found out about you and Jordan." Jade says, touching my hand.

Shaking my head, "I understand and I never held it against you." I admitted.

Blinking rapidly, "you really are a nice, aren't you?" She mocks jokingly.

Nodding to the person sitting beside me, "actually," I grabbed Rosie's phone from her hand.

"Hey," she yelled when I pass it to Jade.

"When I mention you to Rosie, she told me that you're a nice girl and don't take it to heart." Rosie stopped trying to retrieve her phone when she realize we were discussing her.

Leaning over me, staring at Rosie in surprise. "You said that?" Jade asks, with a hand pressed against her chest.

"Yes," Rosie nods, "now hand over my phone before I change my mind." Lifting her eyebrows, with her hand outstretched for her phone.

Leaning back still clutching Rosie's phone, "so when do I start planning your wedding?" She asks Rosie instead.

Caught unprepared.

"Ahem.." Rosie looks at me for help but I have no idea what she and Vinnie has in mind. "I think Vinnie and I need to discuss it." Rosie responds slowly.

Glancing at a frowning Jade and an uneasy Rosie, "I have a brilliant idea." I said to the both of them. "Have your wedding after the ball and before the new year." Jordan and I already discussed carrying the weight of the wedding on our shoulders, so all they have to do is apply for their license.

"That's right round the corner." She protested.

Turning to Jade, "when I am done with Massy's, I'll help you with the planning, right?" I nudge her, coaxing for her support.

Smiling brightly. "I am always prepared." Jade claps her hand, before handing Rosie her phone.

I walked into the house, rushing towards Jordan who was pacing the hallway with Jay in his arms.

"He's hungry," Jordan gives me an accusing look.

Checking my time, I shook my head.

"Let me clean up," I tell him, leaving the girls to freshen up.

I hustle in the shower, while Jordan tries soothing his wailing in his arms.

"He's got strong lungs."

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