The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Six

Jordan's POV

Before the apartment door shut behind Leah and Jade, Vinnie and I were ready to leave.

I sense that Leah's hiding something, so Vinnie, whose bored with his new office suggested we follow her.

"This is the first fun day I've had in days," Vinnie smirks, lifting his darkers to wink at me.

I joined in his fun but my main concern is Leah. I can't get her guilty expression off my mind, especially when she was so eager for us to make love.

"You really miss all the busybodies in the Branson building, don't you?" I averted my eyes of the streets to give Vinnie a quick look.

Chuckling, "yeah man, you know I love hearing the drama of your employees everyday life." He adds but my mind quickly drifted back to Leah.

I kept following discreetly behind them frowning when they didn't turn into the driveway of Jade's favorite shopping mall.

"Hmm." I hummed while Vinnie pulled off his shades and sat up.

From the corner of my eye, I knew he was watching me.

"Okay Sherlock," I laugh dryly, "what's the verdict?" I ask, although I can see them heading in another direction, a direction that leads to the hospital?

"Hmm, my guess is that they are going to the hospital." Vinnie responded slowly aware that I am growing anxious by the seconds.

I gripped the steering wheel tightly, when grandpa's driver drove into the hospital.

I drove in behind them, too angry to care about being seen.

I could see Jade covering her mouth in surprise as I pulled up alongside them, while she climbed out of the vehicle, followed by my nervous wife.

Pointing to Vinnie and Jade, "you and you, go back with Markie," I instructed them and without saying a word to Leah I grabbed her arm to escort her into the hospital.

"Jordan," Leah started but I was too angry to listen.

Gripping her arm tighter, "not now Leah," with a grim expression I passed the security and headed straight for the elevator.

Thankfully it was almost lunchtime so the lift was filled, which meant I didn't have to get into it with Leah right now.

Still clutching Leah's arm, I approached the front desk.

"Morning," I greeted the receptionist. "The name is Branson and I am here to see Dr. Mehra." I said firmly and abruptly.

The receptionist glance at my wife before looking at her log.

Smiling she lifts her eyes to me, "yes, I see you down here for one 'o' clock," she says nodding then glances at the clock on the wall, which says eleven thirty five.

"Jordan," Leah tries to get my attention but I am not ready to hear her explanation because she lied to me.

"Hey," I heard Jade's voice and turned to see Vinnie and Jade joining us.

Never one to use my name or status, I felt inclined to change that, now.

"Just let Dr. Mehra know that I'm here and it's important that I see her." I tried to sound as civil as possible.

Whatever the receptionist saw in me, she nodded and picked up the desk phone.

Smiling politely at the four of us, the receptionist moved from around her desk, "Dr. Mehra said to wait in her office and she will be with you in about ten minutes." The receptionist said, leading us down the corridor.

"Jordan, I didn't want to bother you," Leah started saying and this time I didn't interrupt her.

"I am not here for a check up, I am just here to ensure that my pressure is normal." I turned and frowned at Leah.

"Normal?" I repeated, "is there a problem I need to know about?" Even though I am anxious, I am still angry that she didn't see it fit to tell me she was coming here.

Looking away, I allowed my eyes to travel along the walls of Dr. Mehra's office that's line with diplomas and pictures of her receiving awards but my mind was on Leah's health.

I knew when it came to her pregnancy, I have kept myself emotionally locked out but I am always anxious and afraid of hearing something I couldn't handle.

"Leah, Jordan," I spun around to see Dr. Mehra hanging her white coat and stethoscope on a hanger at the side of the door.

Walking quickly towards her desk, "you're early." Dr. Mehra smile kindly at Leah, then frowns at her downcast expression.

"Leah, are you okay?" Dr. Mehra asks.

Lifting her eyes, I can see Leah forcing a smile and nods at the good doctor.

"Yes, I'm fine," Leah responds, looking at me. "Jordan and I are here a bit early but we are hoping you can slip us in?" Leah asks Dr. Mehra politely.

Dr. Mehra stares at us for a second too long, finally remaining on Leah.

Reaching for her phone, "can you get me Leah Branson's file." She says before hanging up.

Sensing that something is wrong, Dr. Mehra looks between the both of us again.

"So tell me," focusing on me, "what's going on?" Dr. Mehra asks me.

Staring her without wavering, "I haven't been here in a while so you tell me." I said instead.

When the nurse brought in Leah's file Dr. Mehra started reading her findings and her last recommendation to Leah, which is why Leah sneaked off here today.

After confirming an appointment for next week and settling our bill, Leah and I walked silently out the hospital, followed by Jade who stared anxiously at me.

As we pulled from the parking lot, still silent because truth be told, I can't say much in my defence, since I haven't been here for Leah but it's something I intend to change.

"Back to grind," I heard Vinnie mutter sadly.

"I want food."

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