The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Sixty One

Jordan's POV

Leah didn't even raise her eyes to gloat when the alarm she set on my phone started beeping.

"Do you have somewhere to be?" Changing Jay from one breast to the other, the second thing that separates a father and a mother, Leah asks, nodding at my phone.

With protruding lips, feeling like an ass. I shook my head. "Nope," I responded, knowing fully well, she's aware that the beeping sound is the alarm she set for Jayden's feeding.

When she didn't respond, I search frantically for something to break the ice. "How was your shopping trip?" I asked instead.

Lifting her eyes to mines, "I bought us matching outfits for the christening." Her words felt like a bullet to my brain.

Lowering my head with raised eyebrows, as I spoke, "matching outfits?" I repeated, my voice thinning out.

Nodding, her smile deepens, with a mischievous twinkle in her eyes.

"Yep," she says turning her attention back to our son, who was hungry despite the fact that it wasn't time for his feeding.

"Shouldn't you check on Rosie and Jade?" She asks, raising an eyebrow at me. "I'll join you guys in a short while, plus Jade bought lunch," she says.

Nodding slowly, I kissed the top of Jayden's head, before lifting her chin, to plant a kiss on her lips.

"Matching outfits?" I whispered against her lips, kissing her harder, when her smile widen.

Lifting her eyes, "you promised," I remind her when she grinned outrightly with a soft nod.

"Yes and I also promise to be back before Jay's feeding but you didn't, trust me." I reminded him.

Kneeling to the side of her rocker, "I'm sorry," I whispered. "I panicked when he didn't stop crying." I added but she just smiled.

Tilting her head to the side for a brief second, she turned her focus on Jayden once again.

Taking that as my cue I left to join Jade and Rosie, since I am technically on the clock.

"Vinnie wants you to call him." Rosie says as I got downstairs.

"Why didn't he call me?" I frowned, feeling my pockets for my phone.

Vinnie: "You should come down to the office and bring Jade with you." Vinnie says, as soon as he answered my call.

Me: "Right," I responded, hanging up immediately.

I didn't ask why, because if Vinnie felt I needed to know why he was calling us down to the office, he would have said something.

Pointing over my shoulder, "get Jade," I told Rosie. "She needs to go with us to the office." I explained. "I'm just going to let Leah know." I added, turning for the steps.

Vinnie was waiting in my office tapping a file on my desk.

"What's so urgent, that you needed Jade and I?" I asked, walking behind my desk, while Jade walked over to the sofa.

Pushing the file towards me.

Without touching it, I saw HR's file with Michael's name in bold letters.

"What the fuck does Michael want now?" I snapped, turning to Jade, who sat on the sofa, her eyes widening in alarm.

Pushing my chair backwards, "hey, he's done hurting you." I said quickly, drawing her into a light embrace.

Jade body shook slightly in my arms and I hugged her tighter.

"They're in the boardroom," Vinnie comes to stand where I sat with Jade.

Holding unto Jade, "let's go and let me handle everything." I instruct my sister, who can't seem to stop shivering.

"No wait." Jade clutches my wrist, her eyes wide in panic.

Turning, I wait for her to continue, sensing her shivering is more from fear.

"Michael reached out to me that night at Finley's fundraiser," she started telling me when I felt all the blood in my body, flying to my head.

Tensing up, I wait to hear what transpired since then.

With her head lowered slightly, Jade raises her eyebrow, her eyes wide with fear.

"When I didn't responded to him, he sent another message but I didn't show this one to Leah because sh...." I screamed at her angrily.

"Leah knows Michael called you?" I hollowered, shaking her hand off mines.

Shaking her head quickly, "no," Jade stuttered. "It's not like that." She added, panicking even more. "I only mentioned that he reached out, I didn't say anything else." Jade lifts pleading eyes to mines.

Sitting back down, "what aren't you telling me?" I asked giving her a stern glare.

Taking a deep breath, she leans back against the sofa.

"He's accusing me of abandoning our marriage and divorcing him without any form of counseling to salvage the marriage and the last thing he accused me off, is cheating on him, which he claims is the reason for the divorce." I found it hard but I forced myself to digest the mouthful of information that Jade just fed me.

I walked to my desk and nod for Vinnie to join me. "Tell Michael and his lawyer that Jade will meet him in court." I instructed, lifting the desk phone.

"NO!" Jade rushes towards me. "I..." pausing, she looks frantically at Vinnie for support. "Court," she shook her head. "No," Taking a deep breath, "I'm not going to court and you can't force me." With folded arms, Jade glares stubbornly at me.

Raising my eyebrows, "so you're going in there to," I glance at Vinnie, then back at her. "Talk with him?" I asked curiously.

Frowning, "won't you go too?" Jade asks, giving me a suspicious look.

Smiling, "nope!" I responded and started dialing.

Me: "Grandpa, we need to talk." I said as grandpa answered the phone.

Grandpa: "Come over." Grandpa invites me and hung up.

"You are bringing grandpa into this?" Jade squeals.

Nodding, "go," I instructed Vinnie, who stood hesitating.

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