The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Sixty Two

Leah's POV

Me: "Rosie," I answered only after checking the caller ID.

Rosie: "Mrs. Branson." Rosie spoke in a professional tone. "Your husband, Mr. Branson, instructed me to tell you that he's going over to his grandparents home, along with his sister but he promises, not to be late." Rosie adds, erupting into soft giggles when she is done delivering Jordan's message.

Me: "Thank you miss, uh" I responded in the same tone Rosie used on me.

Rosie: "Now for the gossip part." Rosie starts whispering.

Me: "There's gossip?" I asked, moving around the kitchen with the phone attached to my ear, which merits a harsh glare from Mrs. Sanchez.

Rosie: "Yup," Rosie continues to whisper. "Apparently Michael and his attorneys came to meet Jade, with some kinda bull," Rosie explains. "Jordan refused to give him a hearing, so they have gone to Mr. Branson's home to conspire against Michael and get rid of him for good." Rosie chuckles with an evil laugh.

Me: "Wow!" I laugh softly. "You finally sound zealous about working in my husband's office." I tell her.

Rosie: "I still hate it," she responded firmly. "You know all the action is in the lobby." She added, "Vinnie's here, gotta go." Rosie says quickly, before hanging up.

Shaking my head, I smile, thinking about Rosie before my thoughts revert to Michael and what he is up too.

I heard the ringing of the house phone but since Mrs. Sanchez was closer to the phone, I left it for her to answer.

From the corner of my eye, I observe Mrs. Sanchez standing, holding the handphone and wearing a deep frown.

"A Mrs. Morrison?" She mouths softly, covering the mouthpiece of the phone, which she held out to me.


Smiling warmly, I took a deep breath, before taking the phone from her.

"Thanks," I mouth softly.

Me: "Hello grandma," I answered, happily.

There was a long pause and some light shuffling before I got a response from the caller.

Angie: "Leah," Angie greets me instead. Her voice soft and motherly, compared to her normal, abrupt and firm tone.

Me: "Angie!" I whispered, releasing the breath I was holding.

Angie: Chuckling lightly. "It's strange to hear you address me by my name." Angie sighs.

Me: "I'm not the one who broke our relationship." I responded smoothly.

Angie: "That's true," Angie admitted softly. "I didn't want to hurt you but when Melissa came into our lives, she blackmailed me" Angie's explanation, reverts all the blame on Lissa.

Me: "Why are you calling me now, Angie?" Having no desire to stir up a painful past, I got straight to the point. "Our relationship, is over," I added, feeling uneasy and I couldn't understand it.

Angie: "I need to talk to you, Leah." Angie pleaded. "Just give me a chance to explain." She persisted. "I am outside, you could come out and meet me and when I've said my piece, I will leave you for good." I froze at Angie's words.

Angie is outside?

Isn't she supposed to be in prison? Taking a deep breath, I shook my head.

Me: "You're outside my home?" I asked slowly, wondering who brought her here, while Jordan is out and if she is aware that Jordan is out?

Angie: "Leah, I took care of you when your mother left you. I left my family for you." Angie raised her voice but her voice wasn't harsh. "And this is how you repay me?" The tone of her voice started changing, "by putting someone whom you met less than a year ago, before me?" I sense Angie was straining to keep her temper in check.

Me: "Thank you Angie," pulling a chair at the kitchen table, I sat down. "Thank you for moving in to take care of me when my mother couldn't." I felt my chest clutching tightly. "But," I continued. "You were highly compensated by my father, while you lived with us," I told her. "But he didn't know that you abandon your daughter, to take care of me, a decision that came to destroy my life." Closing my eyes, I started remembering what if felt like back at the hotel, when I saw Angie supporting Lissa at her engagement to my fiance.

Angie: "You need to hear me out, you also need to hear what Rawle has to say." Angie's voice continued rising.

Rawle are here with her? They are both, outside my home?

Me: "Angie, maybe you're aware or maybe you're not aware." Since this is the last time I will be speaking to her, I decided to put it all out there.

"Evelyn spoke to me and so did her mother, before I left Seattle." I lift my countenance, as I continue speaking to my former step-mother, on the phone. "When I first returned to Seattle, my husband sat during a luncheon only to hear, your daughter and Evelyn speak horrible things about me and last but not least, you supported uncle Carl in blackmailing my father with something uncle Carl did and that is what, I will never forgive you for." I insisted.

Angie: "Leah, you can't blame me for that," Angie stated. "Carl is the one who made the accusation, I just didn't oppose him." Angie continued to blame everyone but herself.

Chuckling softly.

Me: "I know the only reason you are reaching out to me, is because of money and your greed for money." I didn't hold back, even though I'm alone with Mrs. Sanchez and Jay.

"Please leave my property, before the cops remove you and," pausing, "I will get a restraining order against you." I added. "I don't know how you are out of prison so early and if it's parole, then getting arrested won't work in your favor." I continued, turning to Mrs. Sanchez.

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