The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Sixty Three

Jordan's POV

"I have to go!" I hollowered between gritted teeth.

Without looking back, I dialed Vinnie, while walking hastily out of my grandparents home, leaving Jade behind.

Vinnie: "Yeah,"

Me: "We seem to have some uninvited guests parked outside my property." I can't confirm it but it looks a lot like Michael's vehicle, with someone in the passenger seat and someone in the backseat.

Vinnie: "You want me to call the cops?" He asked.

Me: "I want these people gone and calling the cops, don't keep them away for long." I explained, bluetoothing the phone to the car speakers, when I got into my vehicle.

Vinnie: "I will be a few minutes behind you so wait for me." He states, hanging up.

Thankfully grandpa insisted on me getting a house close enough for him to come over to hang out with Jay.

I tried Leah's cell phone but it rang out.

Frustrated, I tried the houseline but she nor Mrs. Sanchez answered, either.

What the fuck are they doing?

I kept dialing Leah's phone and the houseline but, still no one answered.

The only thing that had me at ease is the fact that the occupants of the vehicle were still inside, the vehicle.

Leah wasn't in the sitting room, no was she in Jayden's room where he laid fast asleep.

I need to put fucking cameras in every fucking room in the house, I decided, angry now that, Leah wasn't answering my calls.

Slapping the steering wheel of my vehicle, I kept my eyes on the camera outside my house, ensuring that no one goes in.

From the distance, I made out Vinnie's metallic green truck and if I noticed it, then so would Michael.

I started my vehicle and drove towards my home, opening my glove compartment at the same time.

Grandpa got me a license firearm which is always in my possession but I've never had the cause to use it in public.

Michael's park lights lighted up when I pulled up alongside him but he was unable to reverse when Vinnie came and park behind him.

He sent down the window of the drivers side but I already knew it was him.

With my firearm in hand, I smashed the window of the backseat, hearing the sound of a loud shrill.

"HEY HEY!" Michael shouts, opening the door on the driver's side but, I kicked it shut.

"What the fuck are you doing loitering outside my home?" My eyes widen, with clenched jaws, I raised the gun at him, while Vinnie stood with a baseball bat, on the passenger side to reveal, fucking Ambrose.

Raising his hands in surrender, "hey man, I only bought Leah's mother to see her," Michael exclaimed, fear etched all over his face.

"Leah's mother is dead," I snapped, "try again." I nod to Vinnie, who like the hood boy he use to be, smashed the window of the passenger seat.

"What the fuck!" Ambrose yelled, angrily.

Turning to point behind his seat to the woman I saw once before, Leah's step-mother.

"Get out!" I instructed Michael with the gun still pointed at his head.

Stepping back, I allowed Michael to open the door.

"You're fucking crazy," he shook his head at me, his eyes still expressing the fear he felt.

Glaring angrily at Michael, with the gun pointed at his face now, while Ambrose yelled at Vinnie for slamming the door shut with him inside.

"With my wife and son inside and you stalking on the outside, what the fuck did you expect?" I yelled in response to Michael's comment.

Pointing to the back seat where the former Mrs. Morrison sat.

"She wanted to meet Leah and..." averting his eyes from the backseat, Michael lowered his eyes and shook his head in defeat.

"And parking outside my house like a fucking stalker, seemed like a good idea?" Moving forward, I slapped him as hard as I could, without actually cuffing him in the face.

Stumbling backwards, Michael hit the side of the door and slid to the ground, covering his face in frustration.

"I made a fucking mistake and now I can't redeem myself from it." He cried.

I stared at an angry Ambrose, who stood staring angrily at Vinnie, who stood ready to slam him with the baseball bat he waved at him.

Chuckling dryly, "how the fuck can you redeem yourself when you hang around the likes of him and a," pausing, I glared at the woman sitting in the backseat. "Fucking criminal," I added.

Gone was the woman whom I first met, whose face was plastered with makeup and her neck and face was previously adorned with jewellery, courtesy of the lifestyle, Andrew Morrison provided.

Ignoring Michael, who started weeping, I turned to the sound of my name being called and Leah's voice.

So now she decided to reach out?

"What do you want with my wife?" I turned away from the sound of Leah's voice to face the woman who cowered away in fear.

Shaking her head, Leah's step-mother covered her mouth to suppress herself from crying out loud.

"Jordan," I turned as Leah dressed in a shorts and loose vest, grabbed my arm with the gun I had pointed at Michael. "What are you doing?" She frowns nervously at the gun in my hand.

Glaring angrily at her, "if you answered your fucking phone when I called, I wouldn't be here." Nodding around me, "like this." I snapped.

Her lips curled down sadly, with her eyes averting from the gun I held, to the woman sitting in the backseat of Michael's car.

From the corner of my eye, I notice fucking Ambrose staring at my wife.

"What the fuck are you staring at?" Raising the gun, I yelled at Ambrose.

Lowering her eyes, "these people are destroying your life."

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