The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Sixty Four

Leah's POV

Why Michael allowed himself to be dragged down with these people is still a mystery to me but I still try to save him, while my husband was waving a gun at him.

"I already called the cops, let's go inside," I urged Jordan who glared angrily at Rawle, as he stared at me while Vinnie held a baseball bat, at him.

Pulling his hand out my grasp, Jordan turned to frown at me.

"You called the cops?" He stares at me bewildered.

Nodding, with a small smile, I try to entice him to join me in returning to the house.

The back door suddenly swung open, "you bitch," Angie stormed towards me, only to be stopped by Michael and Jordan who jumped in front of her.

I met her angry glare with a firm stare of my own.

"I warned you and give you time because the cops," lifting my hand to check the time. "will be here any minute now." As I finish speaking we heard the sound of sirens fastly approaching.

"You ungrateful bitch." Angie spat, her evident hate showing how she really felt about me. "I give up my family for you and what did I get in return?" Michael hearing the sound of the police sirens, jumped into his vehicle, urging Angie to get in but she refused to budge.

Jerking his car forward, Michael drove forward and turned unto the lawn in front the property.

"Hey, you asshole!" Rawle yelled when Michael drove of, leaving everyone else behind. Rawle couldn't budge because Vinnie had him pinned with the baseball bat.

Lifting my eyes, I saw Michael drove past the cops, who were slowing down in front of us.

"Jordan, they will see the gun!" I whispered quickly.

I didn't even know he owned a gun.

With a evil smirk, Angie lift her eyes to Jordan.

"Well if I'm going back to jail, I could keep your husband warm for you. "Angie smiles, uncaring that the cops were already out their vehicle and approaching us, while another cop, approached Vinnie and Rawle.

"Branson?" The cop standing in front of us, raised his eyebrows waiting for someone to respond to him.

Raising my right hand, "here," I whispered, pointing to Jordan, who didn't hide the gun. "This is my husband, Jordan Branson and I am Leah, Leah Branson." I added, as the cop stretched out his hand for the gun Jordan was holding downwards.

Nodding to the cop, Jordan passed over his gun, "I have the original copy of my license in the house and a copy in the car," Jordan explains, nodding to his vehicle.

I glance across to where Vinnie stood chatting with the cop, while Rawle stared at Jordan, his eyes filled with hatred.

Opening his notepad, "Mrs. Branson, what is the problem here?" The office addresses me, since I am the one who called them.

With a quick glance at Jordan, I explained why I made a call to the Police Station about Angie's suspicious call, especially with her now coming out of a Seattle prison. I explained that I felt threatened, since I was home with just my newborn and our nanny and that Angie didn't come alone.

I moved closer to Jordan when I was done speaking, listening to the cops question Jordan about his reason for having his gun out.

I gasp silently, when he explained about seeing people outside his home while his wife, son and their nanny was home alone and getting worried when he couldn't get through with me or Mrs. Sanchez on any of our phones.

Jordan pointed out that Rawle was my ex-fiance from Seattle and about his stalkerish behavior towards his wife.

I realize Jordan didn't elaborate about Michael and for some unknown reason, I am okay with that, for now!

"Ma'am, why are you here and why didn't you leave when Mrs. Branson ask you to leave her property?" The cops turned on Angie now.

Averting her eyes from Jordan and I.

"She's my step-daughter and she owes us," Angie says, turning her eyes on me once again.

Frowning, "owe her?" I mouth to myself.

Chuckling, "if it wasn't for you, your father would not have divorce me and my daughter and I would not be homeless right now." Angie continued to blame me in front of the cops. "You're also the reason I went to prison." Angie reminded me.

I stared at her shocked.

Like I suspected, it was really the money they were all here for.

Shaking my head with a small smile.

"You were paid over the years for being my step-mother but if you're broke, it isn't because of me. It's because of your lifestyle and forging legal documents is the reason you went to prison, not me." I responded smoothly, glancing at Jordan when I felt his arm around my waist.

Pulling out his handcuffs, "do you want to press charges?" The officer ask and I glance at Jordan.

"Of course," Jordan responds. "I want these people out of our lives and somehow they are constantly popping up to cause trouble." Jordan says. "I want them charged and I want a restraining order against the both of them and their accomplices." He added.

Nodding to his partner, the officer standing with Vinnie and Rawle, proceed to handcuff Rawle, who turned on Jordan.

"You owe me and my family and you will pay." Rawle threatened Jordan as the cop forcefully dragged him off.

Handing Jordan a card, "I need you to come down to the station to make an official report," he was saying when Jordan interrupted him.

"I can make it but my wife can't leave our baby for any length of time." Jordan explains. "Can you send someone over to take the report from us?" Jordan requests instead.

Nodding, the officer agreed.

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