The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Sixty Five

Leah's POV

As angry as Jordan was with Mrs. Sanchez and I for not getting to the phone when he call, he we just as grateful that things turned out this way.

Finally he was able to place Rawle into the hands of NYPD but he promises that the next time, it won't end this way.

And that is what scares me!

Watching grandma Branson cradle Jay in her arms, after they all came over when they heard what occurred here earlier this afternoon.

"I've already hired extra security officers from Branson's security team," Jordan's father, whom I realize is always staying in the background, informs us.

Lifting his eyes to his father, Jordan shook his head. "Dad that won..." Jordan's father stood to face him, with clench fist cutting him off.

Pointing to where I sat, "that's my daughter-in-law and she will always be a target," his father said between clenched teeth.

Sitting back down, Jordan's dad raked his hand through his thick slightly grey hair.

"It's seems the Bransons are plagued by unfortunate circumstances because of what we have." With his head lowered, Mr. Branson continued explaining himself.

Slapping a hand against his chest, "me being set-up back in college." He points to his father, "you getting setup by the greedy whore, from some small town, where you almost got locked up because of false accusations and Jordan having to lower his self-esteem to get out of the trap she set for you." Mr. Branson continues.

Nodding to Jade, "Michael is a good man but he got caught up," Mr. Branson smiles apologetically to his daughter, shaking his head. "Something went wrong because in the months Jordan was away from the office, Michael had millions at his disposal and he never touched a cent." Mr. Branson, continues.

I saw Jordan's eyes narrow, as he listens to his father's words.

"Yes, Michael was above reproach." grandma Branson spoke for the first time, with a dismal smile.

With my eyes glued on Jordan, I can already see him calculating his thoughts in his head but he remained silent.

"Thank you for the extra security Mr. Branson." I smiled politely.

Turning my father-in-law frowns at me. "How many times have I told you to call me dad?" Mr. Branson nods at Jay. "If he hears you addressing me as Mr. Branson, he would never call me grandpa." He smirks, his eyes softening as it fell on his grandson.

Chuckling, "sorry," I mummer quietly.

With his eyes still on Jay, "he's going to be targeted one day, as the future heir of Bransons and I need to ensure that he is untouchable," Mr. Branson muses, softly.

My eyes widen in surprise at my father-in-law words.

Jordan and his grandfather exchanged a quick glance with each other before grandpa Branson spoke softly to his son.

"Whatever is going on in that crazy head of yours, shut it off right now." He tells his son.

Chuckling dryly, Mr. Branson lifts his eyes to his father, "if we didn't have money our lives would have been so very peaceful." He smiles wryly.

Tilting his head with a slight smirk, "true but," grandpa Branson smiles at Jordan and then at Jade. "I wouldn't have had these two pillars in our family and we would have been in need and in want but now that we have, we are able to help thousands of people other than those wearing the Brason's name." Grandpa smiles, satisfied that he has done is part.

Shaking his head, "yes but having my family targeted all the time is not acceptable." Mr. Branson adds.

Jade moves to sit on the arm of the chair her father sat on.

"Yes dad but we always come out on top and that is what makes us stronger." She smiles hugging him from behind his back.

Jordan joins in, ruffling the top of his father neatly groomed hair. "Yeah dad we're fighters and my son was born a fighter." Jordan speaks to his father but his eyes and soft smile were directed at me.

Glancing briefly at his son and his daughter, "thank you," he whispers, his voice slightly broken. "Thank you for not giving up on me and thank you for supporting me when I agreed to your mother's divorce request." He smiles his appreciation to his children.

Laying her head on top of his, "we supported the one who cared, too remained with us." Jade's voice softens.

Placing an arm around the shoulders of his children, "thank you so much for being such great kids." I heard the soft sobs in his voice. "I know I don't say it often but I am so fucking proud of you both," Mr. Branson was saying when grandma shout to reprimand him.

"I am tired of telling you all about language around my great-grand." She lift her eyes to glare at her son. "I am going to ban you all," her eyes travels from her son to her grandson and then her husband.

Chuckling gruffly, grandpa who sat in the loveseat with his wife and Jay, leans closer and pecks her on the cheek.

"Grams keeping us away from Jayden isn't going to stop him from cursing, it's in his genes." Jordan chuckles, as he tries to pry Jay out of his grandma's arms.

"Not if I have any say in it." Grandma snaps, finally releasing Jay into his father's arms.

Mrs. Sanchez always ready for a crowd, called us in for a dinner which turned into a hearty meal without any discussion of our problems from earlier today or work related, which is a blessing to my ear.

Jade monopolize the conversation as everything out of her mouth was Jay's christening and Bransons upcoming ball which according to her, merits another shopping trip.

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