The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Sixty Six

Jordan's POV

Even though I understood Leah was on the phone with the cops which made it impossible to answer the homeline, I made a decision along with dad to install security cameras in every room of the entire house.

Being wealthy and living outside doesn't mean that we are free.

Here I am watching my family while I sat listening to another executive throw a pitch for potential client for me to approve of.

Thank God Vinnie is all ears because my mind is on my next meeting which takes place at NYPD.

"Well Jordan what are your thoughts on this?" Mr. Scott broke through my train of thoughts when the executive member was done with his pitch.

Raising his eyebrows he wait for my input.

Gathering the documents in front of me as a sign that I am done for the day, I glance at Vinnie from lowered eyes, who simply shook his head.

Nodding, I turn to face Mr. Scott.

"I will look over this proposal and like every other, I will ensure that a thorough search is done with Marshall's Enterprises before I give them a hearing." I responded smoothly, aware that no one expects an immediate answer from me.

"Right," Mr. Scott responds with a small smile, glancing around the boardroom for someone to support him in getting an immediate response from me.

No one uttered a word to support him and like they did with grandpa, they will do with me and wait until I am ready to give him my decision about his potential client.

"Gentlemen," smiling politely I stood up. "Thank you for your time and if nothing of uttermost important comes up, we will meet at our next schedule meeting before the ball." I grinned. "Make sure your dancing shoes are shining." Nodding to Vinnie, I walked towards the glass door, smiling at the security who immediately pulls it open for me.

"Any calls?" I asked Rosie whose head is bent as she scribbles on a notepad in front of her.

Nodding with a slight shrug, "yes, Detective Bennet is waiting for you." She informs me.

Taking a deep breath, "yes, call and tell him I'm on my way." I dropped the files I was holding onto her desk." Take care of these for me." I instructed her, while searching my pocket for my keys.

"Need company?" Vinnie strolled in behind me.

Twitching my lips with a light shrug.

"Yeah," for the first time in along while I felt anxious about an impending meeting.

"Kick their asses back to Seattle," Rosie shouts at our retreating backs, earning a kiss that Vinnie blows her way, while I give her thumbs up.

"You guys are getting married before the year end." I finally remember to pass Leah and Jade's message to him.

Frowning, Vinnie stares at me confused.

Seeing his confusion, I smile.

"Jade and Leah." Was all I needed to say for him not to question me further.

Shaking his head, "I wanted to pay something on a house, having a wedding now will put a dent in my savings." Vinnie explained as we rode down the elevator towards the underground carpark.

Throwing an arm around his shoulder, "that's the least of your worries," I chuckle, throwing my keys to him when we got to my Maserati.

"Your wedding will be courtesy, Leah and I and I believe grandpa has something special for you and Rosie." I didn't want to spoil the surprise so I just said that and point to a parking space as we arrive at NYPD.

Curling his fist, "here's hoping they get their asses kicked back to Seattle." Vinnie wait for me to fist bump him.

Shaking my head, I did as he expected before walking into the police station to keep my appointment with Detective Bennet.

After just forty minutes, I breathe a sigh of relief, satisfied with Detective Bennet findings and the punishment laid out to Angie Morrison who went straight back to prison in Seattle and Rawle Ambrose, whom the court laid a restraining order against after his father spoke in favor of Leah and I.

Unsure of where Evelyn Ambrose is right now, a restraining order has been placed against her but Rawle claims not to know her whereabouts and that only leaves Michael.

As I entered my vehicle with Vinnie in the driver's seat, I open my phone and smiled when I saw Jay in Mrs. Sanchez arms, while in the kitchen Leah is bent peeking inside the oven.

"Leah's cooking." I tell Vinnie before placing my phone stand, stuck unto the dashboard.

Giving me a side smirk.

"You know your wife might soon put a restraining order on you for some privacy at home." He tells me.

If that comment was suppose to guilt trip then it worked.

"Fuck you man!" I hurled at him, dreading to face the office once again but the day is still young.

When I walked through the front door after five, I walked straight into the living room which was the last place I saw Jay and his mother before entering the house.

"Hey little man," I fussed over Jay but I didn't touch him in case Leah was looking.

"Daddy's gonna clean up before he holds you." I tell my son whose bright eyes stares at me in wonderment, while his two fist works it way, up and down.

"Hey you," I walked towards Leah who is leafing through a book on the table.

Lifting her eyes, she smiles and turned to greet me properly while Mrs. Sanchez quickly exits to give us some privacy.

"I spoke to Detective Bennet earlier today." I started watching Leah's eyes widen but not in surprise.

"You already know don't you?" I asked realizing Rosie already spill the beans.

Nodding, "yes and I am happy that finally, we get to live our happily ever after."

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