The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Sixty Seven

Jordan's POV

My father for the first time since I've known myself instructed Jade to cut down the size of the christening and made it about immediate family and friends only.

I stared down nervously at my son who laid quietly in my arms staring back at me curiously. I felt myself sweating in this cool afternoon under the fully decorated tents, courtesy of Jade.

"Hey little fella," I whispered, kissing Jay's soft dimpled chin.

"Would you drop him if he answered?" Rosie chuckles while taking a seat beside me.

Touching my inner baby blue dress shirt neatly tucked inside my white suit, a color Jade insisted Leah and I wore.

"Nice threads," Rosie laughs since she knows light colors are not my thing.

Grimacing, I shook my head. "I can't wait to get out of this ugly ass thing." I muttered softly, glancing around to ensure that neither Jade nor Leah was nearby.

Smiling, Rosie gazed around the open area of the garden.

"Your father did good," Rosie commented reaching out to straighten Jay's hat, while patting his head affectionately.

I followed her gaze, smiling at the decisions dad made, leaving no room for objections from Jade or I.

Chuckling, "yeah downsizing the guests to ensure no snakes or vultures come in disguise to his grandson's christening," Rosie shakes her head with a smirk. "Who would have thought." she mused.

Nodding in agreement, "all he needed was getting the poison out of his life and bam, he's back to the man he was meant to be." I added.

Leaning closer to me, Rosie whispers in my ear. "Don't say I told you but your grandpa has located Evie and she will the be only stranger at Jay's christening." Rosie quickly draws away, placing an index finger on her lips.

Rosie working for me as my PA will be privilege to personal information since grandpa isn't at the office on a regular basis and he trusts her.

Surprise, I quickly glance around the garden but so far it's only our immediate family and closest of friends in attendance.

Thankfully the guys understood that with Cole's betrayal how things have changed for us, especially for my father who suddenly seems to be in control of his life, once again.

"And there's more but since I already spilled the beans to Leah, I figured," shrugging her shoulders. "What's one more." Rosie laughs, not one bit embarrassed about gossiping and through the years at Bransons, when I needed to know something of importance, Rosie was my spy.

"Your father is feeding and providing gifts for two children's home in the area in Jayden's Branson's name." Rosie's eyes softens as she probably saw my eyes watering up.

I glance around the garden until my eyes fell on dad, who stood with a contented smile as he looks around the area decorated for Jay's christening.

Gently placing Jay into Rosie's arms, I rapidly blinked my tears away and made my way towards my father.

Finally the father I have always wanted!

Dad smiled as I approached him, his eyes widen in surprise as our eyes met, before I wrapped my arms around his shoulders.

"Thank you," I whispered.

I felt the slight shaking of his shoulders as I hugged him tightly.

Without asking why or what, dad hugged me back gently patting my back.

"No, thank you!" Dad said instead, before drawing away, nodding behind me. "The minster is here." He smiles.

Wiping the corners of my eyes, I turned to see grandpa smiling at me and Leah's hand pressed against her chest as she mouths, "I love you!"

Dad's ex-fiance still wasn't present when Jayden's actual christening started but then I stopped looking around as I listen to what the minister was saying in regards to my responsibility as a father and to Vinnie and Rosie's responsibility as official guardians of my son.

Leah cried through the entire ceremony with both our dads, looking on with soft contented smiles on their faces.

The only damper on the festivities was the amount of security around that dad hired. Even though I felt stifled, I didn't complain and Leah just smiled as things unfolded today.

I held my breath when the minister lifted Jay in the air, my eyes meeting Vinnie's who was just as tense as I was.

"Stop it," Jade who knows me so well, nudged me on the side.

Even though Jade isn't a Godparent she is the only aunt on both Leah and my side, so she needs to be up here with us.

"Thank God this is over," I breathe out, while wrapping an arm around Leah, watching Jade and the servers she hired ushered the guests to their seats.

Joining us, Gem smiles at Leah. "Kathleen must be so proud of you and the beautiful woman you've become." She hugs Leah.

Lifting her eyes to her father, "yes, dad did a great job bringing me up." Leah admitted.

"Congrats man," Kern walks into our circle interrupting us, drawing me away.

"You father asked me to deliver lunch and gifts for the kids at two of the children's home in the area," He says proudly. "So here I am, on the nick of time." He adds.

Embarrassed about having to withdraw Jay's christening invitation from him and the rest of the guys.

"I'm sorry about the change where the invitations are concern." I started apologizing to Kern.

Shaking his head. "Man I understand that Cole fucked up and with everything that went down last week with those motherfuckers from Seattle." I shoved kern slightly as I shushed him.

"There's a priest here, man." I whispered turning to see Leah and Gem staring at Kern. "Watch the language." Throwing an around his shoulder. "I'm going with you!"

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