The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Sixty Eight

Leah's POV

Jay and I kissed his daddy goodbye before he left with Kern and two securities his father insisted on sending along with them to collect and deliver the lunches for the children he promised today!

The man Jordan use to grit his teeth every time his father's name was mentioned, is now a supportive father and a rapidly becoming a doting grandfather!

Mingling with our guests wasn't really difficult and with Jordan leaving, Jay and I did the rounds while I kept looking at the entrance for my father-in-law, former flame.

"Do you think she stood him up?" I whispered anxiously to Rosie.

Twitching her lips, "I hope not." Rosie was saying when Jade joined us.

"Who got stood up?" She giggles, following our gaze to the front entrance.

Rosie and I glance quickling at each other and then at Jade.

"I don't see the good doctor anywhere in sight?" Raising her eyebrows, Rosie said instead, avoiding Jade's question.

Smiling, "his shift is almost over so he'll be here soon." Jade responded with a shy smile.

Turning around to face her, "so how's that going?" Rosie, grabbed Jade's hand and tugged her towards a secluded table, leaving Jay and I to follow behind them.

Lifting Jay's face closer to mines, "wanna go hear about aunty Jade's love life." I asked, nuzzling my nose into his small neck.

Also ready for a small gossip, "so what now?" Rosie stares into Jade's eyes, "you're into him, he's not into you." She continues probing.

Giggling shyly. "We have been meeting up for lunch almost everyday for the past week." Rosie's flicks her head back in surprise, while I simply raised my head to stare at Jade, having no reaction.

Averting her eyes to mines with an apologetic smile. "I'm sorry I kept you guys in the dark especially with dad trying to figure out what went wrong with Michael but.." Lowering her eyes, her lips suddenly starts quivering.

"I can't explain it.." Jade starts again. "I have already crossed that bridge and if there was something going on with Michael, Rawle and Evelyn that he couldn't share with me, then that says a lot about us." Jade explains and I smile, nodding definitely understanding what she means

Rosie who sat closer reached across and hugged her, "good for you girl and we love having a doctor in our midst," Rosie laughs but Jade's eyes lingered on mines.

"What does Jordan really think about me starting a new relationship?" Jade asks.

"He..." I was about to share Jordan's feeling about his sister's love life but I bit my lips and stopped. "You should have this conversation with your brother." I suggested, hoping my smile was warm and encouraging.

Nodding with a slight shrug. "Yeah I should." Jade agrees, lifting her head as a redhead walked in with grandpa Branson, smiling broadly.

Rosie and I exchange a quick glance, with me shaking my head in excitement and Rosie covering her mouth to suppress the gasp that escaped.

Turning to frown at Rosie and I curiously. "Okay, what are you guys not telling me?" Jade spun around in her seat to stare at grandpa Branson's guest who was now hugging her grandmother.

Lifting my eyes, I saw Jordan's father standing frozen as he stares at the woman whose being clutched tightly in grandma Branson's arms.

"Who is she?" Jade nudge Rosie impatiently, watching the red headed woman smile with a slight nod of acknowledgement, to her father.

Without asking us who the woman is again, Jade elbows Rosie in the back.

Turning to glare at Jade, "let's just say if she and your father were together, you would be a redhead." Rosie snaps, chuckling softly as Jade's widen in surprise.

"That's Evie!" Jade exclaims loudly, uncaring that all eyes turned towards us.

I looked away in embarrassment, "Jade," I muttered, trying to shut her up.

Standing, Jade made movements towards the woman who was slowly approaching her father, when she turned to look at the entrance and a happy smile slowly creeped unto her lips.

I followed her gaze towards the makeshift entrance Jade made, to see the good doctor walking towards Jade with a wide grin and two gift bags in his hands but it seems that only one is for the baby.

"I need to stop calling him the good doctor," I tilt my head towards the entrance where Jade is hugging her guest of honor.

Frowning Rosie leans closer to me, "what's the good doctor's name?" Rosie whispers.

Staring back at her lost in thought. "Dr. Gibbs?" I giggle, kissing Jay when he starts making some baby sounds after hearing me giggle.

"Yes baby, daddy will be right back." I whispered kissing his soft cheek.

Jade and 'her good doctor' approached our table.

Smiling politely, "how are you?" Dr. Gibbs placed the large bag covered with disney characters on the table.

Nodding politely, "I'm great," I responded. "Again, I want to thank you for your services while I was warded at your hospital." I repeated because Jordan and I have thanked him and Dr. Mehra every single day since Jay's birth.

"Where's Dr. Mehra?" I glance behind him.

Shaking his head, "she's on her way but I couldn't wait," he turned to smile at Jade.

"We only know you as the good doctor and" nodding to Jade, "she hasn't been very helpful with the introductions." Rosie commented with a playful glare in Jade's direction.

Stretching out his hand at Rosie, Jayden choose that moment to scream his head off.

"Okay," I laugh standing with a screaming Jayden in my arms, aware that all eyes are on my screaming son.

"He's hungry," I responded with a soft chuckle. "I'll be back for lunch."

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