The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Sixty Nine

Jordan's POV

I smile with my eyes glued to my phone as I watch my wife feeding our baby with a contented smile on her face while staring at the camera.

I breathe a sigh of relief after leaving the second children's home.

I wish Leah and Jay were here with me today to share in the joy I saw on the faces of the kids we deliver the lunches and the gifts too.

I've been giving charity through my grandfather for years but this is the first time, I have actually gotten involved with a hands on experience.

It was the most humbling experience and it's something I intend to continue with my family.

"Aren't you coming in?" I ask Kern when he stopped short in the driveway with the engine of the truck running.

Shrugging, "nah, we'll hook up Sunday as normal," He says.

Staring ahead of me I shook my head. "Drive up and join us for lunch." I stated firmly, leaving no room for argument.

I went through the front leaving Kern and the securities to join my family in the garden.

By the time Leah and I return downstairs to rejoin our family my attention was drawn to the redhead dad sat laughing and chatting with, along with Jade and the good doctor.

I stopped, gripping Leah's arms to stop her.

"Whose, that with dad and Jade?" I frowned in curiosity.

Leaning closer, "she came in just before I left to feed Jay but I was thinking that she must be that Evie person?" Raising her eyebrows, Leah asks me instead.

Glancing around the garden, I caught a slight glimpse of Rosie whose smiling back at me with a mischievous smirk and a slight nod.

I lift my eyes to my dad once again, surprise and happy to see the corners of his eyes crinkled with deep lines, emphasizing his joy.

"Jade seems to have taken a liking to her already." I couldn't hide my observation, especially from Leah.

Leah followed my gaze, "want to join them?" Leah asks softly, her expression softening.

Shaking my head with a small smile, I nod at Kern. "I invited him for lunch and," I stopped to check the time. "It's way past that time already." I realized that as much as I want dad to get on with his life, I'm not ready to meet his past that could become his future.

Leah averted her eyes from mines to glance briefly at the table where dad sat with the redhead, who was and apparently still is the love of his life, along with Jade and her good doctor, who all seem to be getting along famously.

Shaking the feeling I can't understand, I threw an arm around Leah's shoulder and guided her to where Vinnie and Rosie were sitting with Kern.

Before we got to the table Janelle rushed towards us, "aunty Leah, aunty Leah, may I hold Jay, pleaseeee" she begged. "I promise to be careful, pleaseee." She continue begging.

Lifting an eyebrow, Leah smiles at me because she knows that I am the overprotective parent, between the both of us.

"Use the carrycot," Rosie joins us, smiling down at her daughter. "And you can watch him but you are not allowed to take him out." Rosie warns an anxious Janelle.

"I'll only watch, I promise not to touch." Janelle agrees with a wide grin.

I join the guys leaving Leah and Rosie to deal with settling Jay down for Janelle to just, watch.

Leah position her chair where she could keep an eye on the girls and Jay while a server approached our table with the lavish lunch Jade had catered for her nephew's christening.

"So want some gossip?" Rosie leans across Vinnie whispering softly to Leah.

Curling down her lips, Leah shrugged lightly but I was curious because of the glint in Rosie's eyes.

"Yeah," I responded easily chuckling at Leah's expression.

"So, apparently the good doctor is related to," Rosie paused for dramatics.

In that moment, I turned to where Jade is still seated with her doctor, the redhead and dad.

Frowning, "this will be really fucked up if he turns out to be her son." I mused, with my eyes glued to their table as I try to find similarities between the redhead and the doc.

Vinnie laughed softly, "well then, it's really fucked up." His mischievous laugh confirmed my thoughts.

Leah took her eyes off Jay to stare at dad's table. "Well, I'll be darm." She giggled lightly. "It's destiny." She smiles at me and then at Rosie.

"My thoughts exactly." Rosie agreed with her while I shook my head in bewildered.

I was happy to focus my attention on the food in front of me for a few minutes.

"So doc is her son?" I asked Rosie, still surprised.

Shaking her head, "from the little I gathered, she never married and she adopted the doc." Rosie fills in.

"Wow!" I mouth as I continued eating my lunch, mentally preparing myself to meet my dad's former flame.

"Enough stalling," Vinnie chuckles at me, "now go and introduce your wife and son to your...," nodding his head in the direction of dad, the redhead and doc.

Taking a quick peek into Jay's carrycot, curling my lips in a small smile when I see my son fast asleep.

"Should we disturb him?" Leah asks with a worried frown.

One thing we have learned since bringing Jay home is that he frets a lot when we wake him by force, even if it is to feed him.

Shaking my head, "nah, that will be waking unnecessary trouble." I tell her taking a deep breath, I grab Leah's hand and started walking towards dad's table.

His eyes was the first that I met as he stares anxiously at me.

"Hey doc, dad!"

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