The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Seventy

Jordan's POV

Dad stands to pull a chair out for Leah even though I am standing beside her and more than able to help seat my wife.

"Thank you," Leah smiles politely at dad before turning to doc.

"Thank you again for coming and for the wonderful gift you brought with you, although you did so much while I stayed at the hospital," Leah tells doc while I pull a chair alongside Leah with my father hovering nervously nearby and his redhead, looking on curiously.

Leah already got a gift from him for Jay?

"Jordan, I would like to introduce you to a friend whom I haven't seen in years, Evie, Evie Gibbs." Dad says, turning to Evie.

"Evie this is my boy, Jordan Branson." Dad smiles proudly as he introduces me to 'his friend.'

Leah was busy making small talk with the doc and I believe that she was giving me the time to meet with dad's 'friend'.

"It's a pleasure," I reached out to shake her hand, aware that she is forcing herself to smile as she stares at the only thing I inherited from my mother, her former best friend, my eyes.

I touch Leah's shoulder to get her attention, "this is Leah, my beautiful wife and the mother of my adorable son, in whose honor we are celebrating, today." I clutched Leah's shoulder tightly, as she smiles politely at Evie Gibbs.

"It's a pleasure to meet you and," pausing Leah turns to nod at doc. "You have a good son here." she admitted, while I pull a chair beside Leah.

"Yes" I added to Leah's comment.

Chuckling, "yes, the attention he pays to others and his helpfulness is one of the things that led him into medicine." Evie admitted.

"And a scholarship." Her son laughs.

"It's really a small world," dad chuckles. "Your son being my daughter-in-law doctor and now he's dating my daughter." Dad laughs.

I turned as Leah touched my arm lightly, laughing along with dad.

"I think he took extra care of me because he wanted to please my sister-in-law." Leah adds, causing the good doctor to flush.

"I am sorry I missed the ceremony," Evie tells us, while gazing around the garden. "This place looks wonderful." She smiles at Leah.

Chuckling, "courtesy of my sister-in-law." Leah laughs as Evie turns curiously at dad.

Nodding proudly.

"Yes, Jade recently got into event planning with Jordan and Leah's wedding being her first event plus I heard she has a wedding after this and then the Branson's ball." Dad says, then turns to give Evie a surprise look as if he suddenly had some kind of epiphany. "You should come," dad tells her in his not so subtle invitation. Looking at her son, "yes the both of you should come." Dad nods firmly as if that settles it.

Evie covered her mouth in surprise while Leah giggles beside me.

Twitching her nose, "that was really smooth," she laughs with Evie's son joining in leaving Evie flushed.

"Yeah dad," I laugh. "That was really smooth," I mimic Leah's words.

Leah and I both turned swiftly at Jay's loud wail.

Smiling Leah pushes back her chair and taps my thigh when I moved to follow her.

"It's naptime," she tells Evie. "It was a pleasure meeting you and I do hope you take up my father-in-law invitation to attend the Branson's ball with us." Leah moves away from the table.

"You stay and mingle," Leah tells me, as she walks towards Rosie whose now cradling her Godson.

I watch my wife walk away leaving me to 'get acquainted,' with my father's new friend.

"I hope you would take up dad's invitation and join us at the Ball. I know that it's less than three weeks away." Having no idea what to say, I just kept the conversation rolling in the direction Leah left it at.

Evie glances between dad and I, definitely flustered.

"I'm already going with Jade, mom, you should come with us," her son tries coaxing her.

"Yeah it's going to be a lot of fun," I added hoping that she would agree to keep dad smiling.

I followed dad's twinkling smile to the redhead seated beside him.

I can only visualize how beautiful she was back in college, because she is absolutely stunning now.

Slimmer than my mother, her face like Leah's has a fresh makeup free outlook.

Chuckling self-consciously, "I haven't been to a Branson Ball in years and I would definitely need a gown." Evie laughs, her words bringing me out of my thoughts.

I exchange a quick wink with dad.

"Well Jade has shopping day planned with the girls, you should join them." I suggested.

Laughing out loud, "of course Jade would love to help you shop." Raising an eyebrow, dad gives her a hopeful smirk.

Evie exchange a nervous smile with her son.

"Go for it mom, it's your time now." His eyes soften as he stares at Evie.

Nodding slowly, she glances between dad and I. "You Branson men are extremely persuasive," Evie laughs nodding in grandpa's direction.

Thinking about Leah and how fast things progressed with her, "when we know what we want, we go after it." I agreed, pushing my chair to stand. "And you should remember that," I wink at dad, nod at Evie and slapped Jade's new beau on the shoulder, before walking away.

I quickly pulled out my phone to check on Leah, whose rocking Jay to sleep while Janelle and Shenelle keeps her company.

"There's so much food remaining and everyone has eaten," I heard Mrs. Sanchez complaining to Jade as I walked past them.

Chuckling, "guess who won't be cooking for the next week?" Jade laughs, grabbing my arm.

"We need to talk."

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