The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Seven

Jordan's POV

"You know this day off is going to cost us, right?" I chuckle at Vinnie as it dawned on him that he will be working overtime tonight.

"I could just move back to my old room," he shrugged.

Nodding thoughtfully at him, "that sounds like a plan but the same rules applies." I reminded him but then I remembered, he's in a committed relationship with Rosie.

We sat sipping water after a heavy bar-b-que lunch, Leah and Jade forced on us.

Vinnie and I couldn't move and inch but the girls, who were energized from lunch, decided to do some window shopping, although I did see Jade running from from one store into another loaded with bags.

Turning my attention back to Vinnie, "how's it going with you and Rosie?" I started a conversation I previously avoided.

A soft smile brightens up his face. Nodding, "good, really, really good." He lifts his eyes to mines, his smile disappearing.

"I know that we're not what you expected but," pausing Vinnie looks away with the same soft smile reappearing. "She's good for me," he says. "She's the kind of woman Sarah would approve of." Vinnie continued and for the first time I heard him mention a woman he's dating and the woman whom he lost in once sentence, without being overcome by sadness.

Nodding in agreement, "Sarah would want you to be happy and she would approve of a woman who can keep you in line." I remember when Sarah found out she was ill and tried breaking up with Vinnie.

When he wouldn't accept them breaking up, Sarah and I pretended to be in love but other than beating the crap out of me back then, he stayed faithfully at her side till the end.

"Yeah," Vinnie whispered. "Last Sunday, I took Rosie to meet Sarah's parents and they were happy to see me moving on, especially with a woman who wouldn't let me fall." Staring back at him in shock.

I didn't expect him to seek Sarah's parents blessings but that's exactly what he did.

I lift my eyes to meet Leah's bright smile.

Placing three bags on my lap, she shakes her hands free.

"Since you're going to be sitting here, you can keep the bags." She laughs when Jade just drops her bags on Vinnie's lap.

"Make yourself useful," she says and turns away.

Nodding to the bags, "didn't you say that you were window shopping?" I asked, already amused at the fun they seem to be having.

"Janelle's birthday is coming up so we're going all out." Jade points at Vinnie. "And don't you forget it." She held unto Leah's arm, taking her into another store on the opposite side of the corridor.

"Fuck!" Vinnie responded. "Did we know that?" I chuckle at his confuse expression.

Nodding, "it's on my phone but from now Leah will keep me updated on these things." My eyes followed my wife as she looks at the display before walking into a baby store.

Chuckling, Vinnie follows my gaze. "Having a wife is a really good thing." He says observantly.

My mood changing already.

"And losing her, is a bad thing." I met Vinnie's gaze as he nods in agreement.

Sighing softly. "You're not going to lose her if you stop fucking up." Vinnie blurts out.

Opening his arms, "take her away this weekend." Vinnie suggests but I was already planning a road trip, since flying is out.

"I was thinking about the cottage at the lake," mentally making a note to ask grandpa about his and grandma's first vacation getaway when they were starting up.

We ended up making plans for Rosie and the girls to join us along with Jade, Michael and of course Mrs. Sanchez, who wouldn't let Leah out of her sight for one second.

"Jordan," Vinnie held me back as we followed the girls outside.

I look at him expectantly, adjusting the bags in my hand.

"Talk to Leah," he urged me, something he has been doing for months. "Let her in because she seems to be holding it together for the both of you and I know you're stronger than that." Vinnie encourages me.

Averting my eyes to the girl who stood smiling, as she waits for me to join her.

Smiling with my eyes on her, "yes but she is also my weakness." I admitted softly, moving to join Leah and Jade.

I never knew what loving someone more than I love myself meant, until now because I have two persons I would willing die for, my wife and baby,

"Should we come with a truck next time you girls go, window shopping?" Vinnie asks Jade, giving her a sarcastic smirk.

Huffing, Jade shoved some of her bags towards his chest and picked up the others on the floor beside her, turning to Leah.

"Make sure to leave him home when we go baby shopping," Jade chuckles at Vinnie's scowl.

Following behind Leah and Jade, "guess who won't be going to the lake house?" Vinnie sings, playfully.

Jade stops and spins around smiling in excitement at me.

"We're going to the the lake house?" Nodding for me to say yes.

Before I could respond, "we, not you!" Vinnie responds rudely to Jade, "oh and Michael but definitely not you!" He says opening the passenger door.

Leah and I were quiet during the ride back home because Jade and Vinnie continue their playful bickering.

I smiled at my best friend and my sister.

There was a time when I thought they would hook up, especially since Jade was crushing on Vinnie, long after Sarah died but it didn't go anywhere because Sarah and Jade were good friends to the end and she thought herself unworthy of taking Sarah's place.

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