The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Seventy Two

Leah's POV

The weeks leading up to Branson's Ball kept everyone busy, except me and for some unknown reason it left me feeling down.

Jordan had to attend meetings after meetings in preparation for the end of year, as he's now the CEO of Bransons Group, while Jade kept Rosie and Vinnie on their heels in order to get the job done before their upcoming nuptials.

Lifting Jay out of his crib, "it's you and me alone again kiddo." I giggle as Jay tries stuffing his fist into this small mouth.

"Aww, mummy's angel's hungry?" I place him on the changing table, only to have him scream out.

"I'm going to change you first and then fed you." I tell my son but of course he continue screaming.

"What going on here?" Mrs. Sanchez ran to the nursery blowing.

"I wanted to change him but he wanted me to feed him first." I explain, lifting Jay after I was done changing him, surprise when he stopped screaming.

Mrs. Sanchez and I exchanged a horrified look.

"It's Jordan and Jade's fault," we both said simultaneously.

When they are home, whether Jay is waking or asleep they don't put him down.

"Grandma Branson is going to be upset with us." I mused. wondering now if Jay was hungry when he started screaming or if he screamed because I put him down?

I quickly gathered some of his personal items before following Mrs. Sanchez downstairs.

I remained in the kitchen with Jay while Mrs. Sanchez prepared a small lunch for the both of us.

"So you're really going to stay home with the girls and babysit Jay instead of joining us at the ball?" I kept pleading with her to join us but she still refuses.

Chuckling, "it's your first time at the ball and supporting your husband at his first year of hosting." Mrs. Sanchez reminded me.

I lowered my gloomy eyes so that Mrs. Sanchez won't see how worried I was because I don't even know what's really bothering me.

"Leah?" Mrs. Sanchez calling me softly, forcing me to lift my eyes to smile sadly.

She frowns as our eyes met, "you know you can talk to me, right?" She reminds me.

Nodding with a soft smile before shaking my head.

"I'm being stupid." I gave her a wry smile, shrugging my shoulders and turning my attention to Jay whose wriggling, restlessly in his baby carrier.

With her questioning eyes still glued on me. "You know Jordan isn't pushing you away, right?" I lift my eyes quickly to Mrs. Sanchez.

Shaking my head, "please, like I said, it's nothing." I responded.

"Okay," Mrs. Sanchez sang softly before getting back to her chores and leaving me to my own thoughts.

I started scrolling through Jordan's laptop eventually getting into some sites of famous dress designers.

Having no idea what I want, I sent an email before I change my mind and with the designer being in Paris what are the chances that he'll respond.

"I'm taking Jay upstairs if you don't need help from me." I was already standing up to leave the kitchen after shutting down Jordan's laptop.

Nodding with her normal soft smile, I left the kitchen with my son whose staring wide eyed at me.

"Oh no mister, you're going down." I giggle at his little frown.

Jayden got his father's color hair the least he could have gotten was my eyes, I thought on my way upstairs.

I woke up with a start when I didn't feel Jay, sitting up quickly to see it's still light outside.

Frowning because the last thing I remember was Jay falling asleep on my chest and now I'm alone in my bed.

"Jay," I mutter softly as I rushed into his nursery, breathing a sigh of relief when I saw him fast asleep in his crib.

Ensuring that he was fine, I freshened up before going downstairs to find out from Mrs. Sanchez, how Jay ended up in his crib.

The kitchen was empty, which led me to walk around the quiet house until I pass by Jordan's office with the door slightly ajar and his rumble of his low voice.

I hate eavesdropping, so I just give one knock before pushing the door open.

Jordan's deep frown disappeared when he lifted his eyes to see me standing inside the door of his office.

"Do what you have to do, just ensure that it happens!" He instructed the person on the other end of the line before hanging up.

With a genuine smile, "hey, you're up." Jordan says walking around his desk towards me.

Nodding slowly, I open my lips as he leaned down to kiss me.

Why is he home and so early?

Drawing slowly away, "how come you're home this early?" I frowned, looking over his shoulder to his office clock.

Jordan led me back to his desk and turned the laptop around to face me.

Pulling in my lips, I bit it in embarrassment when I saw a response to the email I sent the designer in Paris.

"I'm sorry?" I frowned unable to determined Jordan's reaction, especially since I used his email address.

With a light chuckle, he closed down his laptop.

"If you wanted to go shopping for a dress in Paris, all you had to do was tell me." Jordan smirks.

Shaking my head in denial, pointing to the laptop. "I saw his name and sent the mail, I didn't expect him to respond or accept." I quickly explain lowering my head. "I used your laptop and your email address." Screwing up my face, I tried not to smile.

"Well you'd better get packing, we're leaving for Paris shortly." Jordan tells me with lifted eyebrows, waiting for my reaction.

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