The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Seventy Three

Jordan's POV

When Mrs. Sanchez called to say, Leah seems disturbed, I didn't wait for her to continue, I just dropped what I was doing into Vinnie, Rosie and Jade's lap and came straight home.

I cuddled Jay after removing him off her chest before putting him back down to sleep and use my free time to check on some personal emails.

I smile in anticipation of Jade's reaction when she finds out why I took my family on an emergency trip with only two weeks left before the Ball.

"Hey," Leah slid into the seat beside me on the jet.

Pushing the documents I was working on aside, "he's down?" I knew she won't be outside with me unless Jay was fast asleep.

Nodding with tired smile, Leah lays her head on my shoulder and close her eyes.

Kissing the top of her head, "you know I love you, right?" I ask, smiling when she nods her head again. She didn't mention what was bothering her and she won't unless I probe but she seems contented right now so I'll find out later and put whatever is disturbing her to rest.

Shaking her awake, "Mrs. Sanchez mention you missing lunch so I had the chef prepare something for us." I also missed lunch and have been missing lunch for a few days now but I don't think she needs to know this.

We change seats and sat around a table while a stewardess laid our dinner out, while another took Mrs. Sanchez dinner in for her because she didn't want to leave Jay alone.

I shook my head, amused because I felt as if she wanted Leah and I to spend some time together.

"So are you excited about your trip?" I ask while we ate the Jasmine Rice, Chunky vegetables and pepper chicken the chef on board, prepared for us.

"I can't believe we got a response from Mr. Henri." Leah laughs as she ate. "I know it's because of your name," she continued and I didn't stop her but let her continue.

Shrugging, "what I think, is that he would love to have one of his personal designs on display at our ball," I shared my thoughts, honestly believing that's the truth.

Twitching her mouth, Leah nods. "Yeah, maybe you're right. Jade would be angry when I miss their shopping trip on Saturday." She mentions my sister, who is going crazy with all her event planning.

"Maybe you should still go," I tell her. "I mean Evie would be there and it would be a good time to do some bonding since she and dad have been spending a lot of time together." I added.

"Yeah," Leah agreed. "But you will have to babysit," she reminded me.

Chuckling, "and when have I ever complain about hanging out with my son." I retorted.

By the time we arrived in Paris, the only one among the four of us who wasn't jetlagged is Jay but since we had limited time to spare, he remained at our hotel suite with Mrs. Sanchez, while Leah and I went out to meet with the world renowned designer she reached out to, after a short nap.

"Good morning," I greet the receptionist at the entrance lobby. "I'm Jordan Branson and th..." suddenly I was interrupted by a strong male voice behind us.

"And the beautiful Leah Morrison Branson," The voice chuckles.

Leah and I quickly turned around and came face to face with the man who spoke, with Leah being the only one smiling excitedly.

While the man spoke to us, his eyes lingered on Leah as he scrutinizes her from head to toe.

"Uh... Mr.?" I broke the uncomfortable silence.

Laughing from behind us, "Monsieur Henri," the receptionist introduces the man whose still staring at Leah.

Stretching out a hand to greet me. "It's a pleasure to meet you Mr. Branson." Monsieur Henri chuckles. "You were easy to find on the internet but," again he turned to Leah. "But your lovely wife, not so easy to find." Monsieur Henri admitted with a slight smirk at me.

Indicating the elevator, "don't blame you," he added turning to the receptionist. "Have the team join us in the designing room." Fucking Monsieur Henri instructs his receptionist.

If Leah wasn't so excited, I would have left here the moment he started eyeing my wife.

"I like to visualize my clients with the colors and gowns that best suit them but, since I am now seeing you for the first time, I'm going to have to go with my instinct and together with your husband's, you'll be perfect." Monsieur explains with a grin as we entered the elevator.

Stunned by his explanation, I saw Leah fighting a smile from the corner of my eye.

"Well you can't blame a man for keeping his personal life private." I retorted dryly.

As if he didn't hear me, "gold!" He gaze pass me to stare at Leah thoughtly and then at me.

"Jordan," raising his eyebrows, "may I call you Jordan?" He seeks permission.

Nodding, I gripped Leah's hand tighter before she laughs out.

"Gold, with that blond hair a deep gold gown will add to your radiancy." Nodding Monsieur Henri smiles in satisfaction.

Throwing an arm around her shoulder as the lift door opens, "my wife looks good in every color," I boast although the gold does sound good but I'll never admit that to him.

"It will be our debut as a couple on our first official engagement since taking over the company." I admitted while following Monsieur Henri along the corridor.

I sat on the side while Leah was being measured with dozens of different color fabrics and sketches scattered on a long table.

"Now it's your turn," Monsieur Henri chuckles. "You're now Jordan Branson, The CEO!"

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