The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Seventy Four

Leah's POV

By the time we got back home, I was drained, even though I did nothing that should have me this tired.

"Thank God you came with us," I laugh as Mrs. Sanchez and I followed Jordan inside our home. "You did most of the babysitting and I am the exhausted one." I admitted. "Maybe age is starting to pick up with me." I added with a light giggle.

Shaking her head, "yes but I bet you that every moment you were away from Jay, you worried about him." Mrs. Sanchez smirks.

Embarrass, to admit that it's true. "Not really," I wriggle, my nose.

Mrs. Sanchez continued chuckling as she shut the door behind us.

"I may not be a mother but I can't tell you how many sleepless night I've had worrying about him," Mrs. Sanchez nods at Jordan's back.

Our conversation was interrupted by a loud shrieking sound.

"Oh my God!" Jade exclaims before I saw her running towards us with her arms outstretched.

"How could you?" She turn accusing eyes at her big brother, before taking Jay from my arms. "You took my baby without telling me?" She cries cuddling Jay who instantly started fretting in her arms.

Turning her attention on me, "I came home to a empty house." Jade pouts making me feel even more guilty for not giving her advance notice of our trip.

"It was a spur of the moment kind of thing." I responded to her, unwilling to blame my husband.

Her eyes suddenly widen, before turning to Jordan who stared at his sister in amusement.

"Grandpa is waiting for you in your office," she tells him, chuckling.

Frowning, "is something wrong?" I hope we didn't return home to any problems.

Dropping the bags in his hands, "stop worrying," Jordan tells me, kissing me before kissing Jay and ruffling Jade's hair.

"I hope you made us dinner," Mrs. Sanchez continued with the bags in her hand, moving past Jade.

Nodding quickly, "uh, yes," Jade starts blushing.

Raising my eyebrows, I stare at her in amusement and wait for her to fill me in, since Mrs. Sanchez is already walking ahead of us, down the hall.

"Doc is in there with grandma." Jade admits, nodding to the sitting room.

Curious, "grandma Branson is here?" I asked aware that since grandpa is here, he brought grandma as well.

Grabbing Jay's bags, I followed Jade to the sitting room.

"Why did grandpa want to meet Jordan?" I wasn't only worried, I was curious.

Chuckling, "you'll hear about it soon." Jade's laughter lift the worries a bit but.

"Why?" I whispered, grabbing her arm to keep her back.

"It's the custom to have an interview before the ball and grandpa would be introducing Jordan as the new CEO to the world, on his favourite networks." Jade explains.

"Leah," grandma greets me but stretches her hand out for Jay.

Smiling, "grandma," I greet her then turn to acknowledge Jade's doctor.

"Doctor Gibbs," I greet him politely.

Laughing lightly, "you need to stop being so formal." He tells me, leaning back in his seat as Jade joins him.

Lifting the bags I was still holding, "let me just take these to Jayden's room," I turn to walk away.

Dr. Gibbs stood instantly to his feet. "Here let me help you." He offers politely.

Shaking my head, "that's okay. I can manage." I waved off his offer to help, turning to smile at grandma who was cooing softly to Jay, while he clutches her finger.

"And you young lady, will tell me all about your adventurous trip when you come back down." Grandma chuckles.

Nodding, my eyes flew guiltily to Jade who was thankfully engrossed with her beau.

"Hey, I would get them," I whisper yelled at Mrs. Sanchez who was trying to move the remaining bags.

Chuckling, "Jade has dinner prepared, so let me help you upstairs." She says, walking ahead of me to Jayden's room.

I freshened up quickly before joining everyone else downstairs, only to meet Jordan staring angrily at his grandfather.

I stood nervously wondering if I should enter the warzone I just bumped in to.

"Is it safe in here?" I chuckle softly with my eyes on Jordan.

Turning to face me angrily.

"You will not believe what they want me to do," he points at his sister and then at his grandfather.

Having a litting insight of what they want him to do, I smile softly and moved to sit on the arm of his chair.

Putting an arm around his shoulder, I started rubbing it with the hopes of putting out the fire that's raging within him.

I can see Jade stirring it by the mischievous smirk she throws at him.

Twitching my lips, "grandpa won't it be great if Jade as the second new face of Branson join you and Jordan at the interview?" I asked, winking at a startle Jade.

Jordan turned and lift his head at me, "you knew?" He asks accusingly.

I quickly shook my head and point at Jade.

"She just mention it." I tell him honestly.

Smiling, he turn to smirk at Jade who is now glaring at me.

"Yes grandpa, Jade is also new to the team and she should join us." Now it was Jordan's time to smirk mischievously at his sister and me to cringe from the daggers she is throwing my way.

"Grandpa," Jade stood up ready to argue but grandma's wide smile stopped her.

"Of course that is a splendid idea." Grandma tells grandpa. "My two grandbabies coming out to the world at the same time to carry on the Branson name is going to make me extremely proud." Grandma starts gushing.

"But grandma," Jordan and Jade turn to give grandma a helpless look.

Ignoring their unspoken pleas, she points at Jordan. "And you, watch your language on national television."

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