The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Seventy Five

Jordan's POV

"I hate this, I hate this!" I tug at the sleeves of my shirt once again as I dress for my first sit down interview I'm being forced to do.

Suddenly everything that I own is itching, adding to my discomfort.

"What else do we have in there?" I walk towards my almost empty closet, having gone through everything and not liking them.

Leah groans as she follows me into the closet once again. "Jordan who are you hoping to impress?" She snaps browsing through the shirts that are still hanging. "Are you hoping to have a swarm of girls flocking outside your office and our home after this interview?" She adds definitely angry.

Suddenly she pulls out my black Armani suit and a black Armani dress shirt and flung it against my chest.

"You want to dress to impress?" She ask, flipping through some ties and pulled out a black tie and flung it at me. "Nobody does it better than Armani." She flung at me before marching out of the closet. "And I'm not bending to repack the mess you made in there," my angry wife continued towards Jayden's room, although I am the one who needs her help right now.

"Leah," I followed her stopping when she abruptly stopped and turn to stare at me.

"Yes Jordan," she mocks, spinning around to leave me once again.

Realizing I'm on my own, I started undressing once again, to redress in the black suit my wife choose out of frustration for me.

With a wide grin, "so how do I look?" I spun around only to realize she isn't looking at me.

"Impressive." She snaps, staring at Jay who just laid in his cribs, exercising his hands as he runs a marathon.

Black is not just my favorite color, it is also my safe color.

Seeing Leah in this mood lightens mine a bit.

"Nice" I chuckle, stooping in front of her. "You know when I look good, you look good right?" I reminded her.

She frowns at me as if I have lost my mind and checks the time on my wristwatch.

"Grandpa would be here soon to pick up you and Jade." She moved to stand but I push her back down on the rocker.

"I need some incentive to leave the house," I tell her chuckling as she starts blushing, lifting myself to capture her lips in a deep sensual kiss.

We didn't break for air until Jade barged into the nursery where I was making out with my wife.

"Ooo" she exclaims in exasperation. "You guys are the worst parents ever," Jade reprimands us. This is not the first time she caught us in Jayden's room having some fun.

Pointing to the connecting door to our room, "your room is right there and what the hell are you wearing?" Jade nods at my suit and then at her black dress.

"Grandpa is going to wonder if we're going to his funeral," she finally laughs and moves between Leah and I to get a hold of Jay.

"Aunty has to go and pretend to be nice all because your mummy suggested it to take me away from you but tonight, you're sleeping with me so that mummy and daddy can play in your room." Jade laughs but she is still angry that Leah suggested that she accompany me to the interview.

"You look good," Leah commented as she straighten my tie while grandpa and his driver wait on the outside for us.

With a quick kiss on her lips and one on Jay's head, I grabbed my sister and left for the television station.

As the three of us walk into the lounge of the studio, grandpa glared at Jade and I.

"I still don't know why the both of you had to dress in black," he continued complaining as he has been doing since we entered his town car.

Straightening grandpa's light gray suit jacket, "because we don't want to take the limelight away from our outgoing CEO." Jade laughs.

Raising his bushy eyebrows at me, "is that right Jordan?" Grandpa ask and I shook my head.

Twitching my lips, "black matches my mood and Leah says I look good." I smirk as Jade burst out in giggles at grandpa, irritated look.

Grandpa turned on Jade, "and are you also in a black mood?" He asks her and she shook her head.

"Nope, I've got a sleepover with a really cute guy." She retorts, winking at me.

Grandpa glares at her, "not while I am alive," he retorts, lifting his eyes to mine. "Don't allow her to have sleepovers with guys under your roof." Grandpa warns me.

Lost because I have no idea what they were talking about.

"You two are crazy," I started looking around. "When is this thing going to end?" I asked wishing it was already over.

"Mr. Branson." A man in his forties walked briskly towards grandpa while Jay and I look on. "Bernie Armstrong, we spoke on the phone?" He introduces himself while reminding grandpa who he is.

Nodding unimpress, "yes yes," grandpa greets Mr. Armstrong, before turning to us. "This is my grandson, Jordan and his sister Jade." Grandpa introduces us and we politely greet Mr. Armstrong.

"Come this way, they're waiting on you." Mr. Armstrong walks ahead of us.

"There will be certain topics that will be off limits for my sister and I." I said while following Mr. Armstrong, ensuring that Jade keeps up with grandpa.

Surprise Mr. Armstrong turned around.

"Oh, well you can discuss that with the producer," he laughs nervously.

Nodding, "just direct me to him." I lift up eyes to the faces that are staring back at us.

After making the introductions, the barracuda who will be interviewing us stared at Jade and I with a menacing smirk.

"She's appears to be trouble!"

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