The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Seventy Six

Jordan's POV

"And that's both our aliases." I chuckle dryly, throwing an arm protectively around my sister.

"If she gets personal, let me deal with her." I advise Jade, wondering if we are being set up.

Lifting her eyes that's so identical to mine with a mischievous smile hovering on her lips. "And let you have all the fun?" Jade smirks. "Remind me to thank Leah for suggesting that I accompany you to this interview." Jade added, following grandpa unto the floor that has been decorated with a homey, comfy atmosphere.

On the long oval couch, grandpa was seated in the middle of Jade and I while the barracuda sat with an outfit that was two sizes smaller than her as Jade pointed out.

Interviewer: "Mr. Branson I would like to welcome you and your grandchildren to our business forum tonight, as you not only celebrate forty years as the head of Branson Groups but," pausing she lowers her eyes to the pages she was holding. "Your retirement after a successful run." The interviewer's eyes remained on grandpa with a polite smile, while Jade and I smirk at each other.

Grandpa: "Thank you ma'am for having me and" he paused and reached out to hold Jade's hand and then mine. "My wonderful grandchildren." Grandpa smiles politely.

Interviewer: Chuckling awkwardly, "oh you don't have to call me ma'am." She tells grandpa. "It's Michelle." She laughs, turning to smile coyly at me before turning her eyes to the camera, with a bright smile. "Maybe you would like to give the world a brief insight into your success story." She invites grandpa who willingly agreed and started to share a brief history of his humble beginnings to where he is now, while Jade and I who have heard the story a million times, listen to our grandpa share his history with pride.

With a quick glance at Jade, I notice her glaring at fucking 'Michelle' who appeared to be bored with grandpa's story.

When grandpa was done, she gave grandpa a bright smile.

"That was wonderful and motivational to our viewing audience." She didn't hear a fucking thing and is now pretending that her audience is motivated?

Turning her attention to me, she suddenly frowns and looks down at the pages on her lap.

"I'm confused though," she lift her eye back to me and then to grandpa. "Did you bypass your son to give your grandson the seat of the CEO?" She raised her eyebrows quizzically at grandpa. "Why?"

Jade's posture immediately changed and I sat up straight and alert.

So she wants to get personal?

Grandpa smiled and turned to me, "because my son was not interested in taking over the company." Grandpa responded with raised eyebrows at 'Michelle'. Leaning forward with his gaze fixated on Michelle, he placed his elbows on his knees. "In fact, he was happy when his son started working in the company and following in my footsteps." Grandpa continued. Chuckling lightly, Grandpa sat back up. "In fact, my son endorsed his son as the next CEO of the Branson Groups." Grandpa finished surprising Michelle, who stared back at us flustered as she lowers her eyes to her fucking pages.

Smiling awkwardly, she turns to the camera, "let's take a break before hearing from the new CEO of Branson Groups." She now smiles brightly into the camera.

"Are you okay, ma'am?" Jade asks Michelle.

Lifting her surprise eyes to Jade with a fake smile plastered on her lips. "Of course," she nods. "Are you?" She asked Jade in return.

Grandpa and I exchange a quick glance before we started chuckling at Jade's response.

"I'm splendid," Jade laughs in excitement.

Glancing at the three of us, "you're a close knit family aren't you?" She asks grandpa but her eyes are on me.

Smirking at me, "even when we stray, we find our way back to each other." Grandpa says.

The producer signals her and Michelle nod, "we're back on in three, two, one." And Michelle turned to me now.

"Mr. Jordan Branson," Michelle smiles at me, pointing at my wedding band. "I notice that you're wearing a wedding band." She turned her smile on grandpa, "are you family oriented like your grandpa here?" She asks.

Frowning wondering why the fuck my family life and values are any of her business.

Pretending to be dumb, "I'm sorry but what exactly do you want to ask me?" I turn the questioning unto her instead.

Michelle quickly lowered her wide eyes to the papers she was holding.

"I just want to know if you're family oriented like your grandpa here." She repeats and still I wonder why she needs to know that.

Chuckling dryly, "I sense that there's an underlying question here." I retorted. "So why don't you just come right out and ask me what you really want to ask instead of beating around the bush here." I invited her and again she was surprise at my bluntness.

Chuckling awkwardly, "you're direct." She laughs.

"And you still wonder why I'm the new CEO of The Branson Groups?" I mocked her.

Michelle clearly wasn't expecting me to turn the table on her and stared at me in surprise instead of looking away as she previously did.

Adjusting her ass in her chair, "it's just that," pausing she starts reading from her papers, "your grandfather claim to be a close knit family but your mother," pausing she lifts her eyes to me and then at Jade. "I just wonder why she isn't a part of your life?" Michelle asks with her eyes lingering on Jade now.

Before I could respond, Jade responded. "Like grandpa said during the break, even when we stray, we get back together but I guess some strays continue straying further away." Jade kept her eyes plasted on Michelle.

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