The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Seventy Eight

Leah's POV

I paced anxiously as I await Jordan's return from the television interview.

He didn't want to go to the interview and I didn't support what he wanted. Now I feel guilty if things went south for him.

Throwing myself on the sofa once again, hoping Jay doesn't cry for anything right now, since his butt is clean and his tummy is filled.

I was standing on the front porch waiting after I saw bright headlights reflecting through the curtains of the front hallway.

Grandpa waved from the window of his vehicle when Jordan and Jade climbed out.

"Aren't you coming in?" I shout out but he shook his head grinning happily.

"I brought your husband safely back home and now, I have to go home to my wife whose eagerly awaiting my arrival, the way you were waiting on your husband." Grandpa chuckles, winking at me when Jordan walks up to hug me against his side.

"Enjoy your evening then." I wave him off as his driver maneuvers the vehicle along the driveway.

Tilting my head back before wrapping my arms around his neck, "I missed you." I whisper while Jade did her gawking sound as she moved pass us into the house.

Without saying a word, Jordan roughly pressed his lips against mine.

Drawing me even closer against his body, he deepens the kiss, with me being a more than willing participant.

Chuckling as we drew apart, "was it that bad?" I joked, frowning when he sobered up and looked across the front of the property.

Without saying a word, he simply shook his head and usher me inside the house.

"Of course tomorrow is fine, I will confirm with Leah and Rosie and we will make arrangements to pick you up." Jade was saying as we walked into the sitting room.

"Yes, yes." She nods before hanging up, her caller leaving her in a pensive mood.

Twitching her nose, "that was Evie," she whispers softly to Jordan and I.

We frowned at each other curiously.

Jordan leaned closer to Jade, "you're speaking to loud." He whispers in her ear, drawing back quickly when she moved to slap him for making fun of her.

Grabbing my hand, "you have to go shopping with us tomorrow for our gowns." Jade tells me.

I gave Jordan a helpless look.

Coming to my rescue, he threw his arm around my shoulder.

"I already took Leah shopping for the ball." He responds easily while Jade stood with her eyes and mouth open, gaping at us.

Turning accusing eyes on me, "you already have gown?" Jade asks and I nod slowly, silently begging Jordan to bail me out.

"Yep, I went to Paris for an appointment and realized I needed a new tux, so I took Leah along and got a dress." Jordan explains.

With her hands on her hips, Jade glares at her brother.

"A dress?" She asks. "You bought the CEO's wife a dress?" She almost barks at her brother.

Waving her off, "a gown, a dress, what's the fucking difference?" He winks at me, before walking out the room, leaving me alone with his sister.

Nodding, "it's a gown." I tell her to ease her mind.

"Okay, so what color did you get?" Jade asks casually, "we can't go in there wearing the same color." She laughs, as we walk up the stairs.

"A deep gold." I tried visualizing the color once again of a gown I only saw on paper. "And Jordan is wearing white and," I pause as I tax my brain once again. "some touches of gold somewhere." I finished, embarrassed I couldn't give her more information, especially since I am not being a good sport.

"Cool," Jade starts walking towards her room. "But you're still going shopping with us to make up numbers and conversation with Evie." Jade chuckles before running into her room.

"Jordan?" I open the bathroom door when I didn't see him in the bedroom.

Without calling to disturb Jay from his alone time, I peeked into his room and still didn't see Jordan.

I was about to walk out the bedroom when I saw the window flying with the cool breeze.

"Jordan?" I whisper, shifting the curtain to see him gripping the railings tightly.

"I repacked your closet," I chuckle lightly, as I walk slowly towards him.

Lowering his head, I heard his soft chuckles.

Nodding, "yeah I notice." He says, before lifting his head to stare broodingly out into the early evening.

Realizing something is bothering him but I will have to coax it out of him.

"Wanna talk about what happened?" I ask softly, moving to stand alongside him at the railings.

Turning to me, "apparently my mother made a deal to share our family drama for money with the interviewer and an executive from the station." He simply explains.

"Oh," I responded, having no idea what is the right response for his answer.

Chuckling softly, "yeah, I don't know what to say either but," turning he shook his head smiling sadly. "Thank God grandpa was there," he starts laughing now. "Otherwise grandma would be over here right now reprimanding me." He adds jokingly.

Nodding, "yeah she would." I joined in his light mood.

"When would she stop?" Jordan changes our conversation. "Shaking his head, "I always knew she wasn't normal but now, she's becoming psychotic." His conversation and tone of voice starts to concern me.

Slowly placing my hand on his back, "she will stop when it stop affecting you." I responded softly.

He blinks rapidly before making eye contact with me.

Laughing to himself.

"I love her but I also know she is not worth it." He admitted.

"It itches me when she pulls stunts like this, that the only thought running through my head right now, is taking her out." He continued broodingly.

Stunned, I couldn't respond.

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