The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Seventy Nine

Jordan's POV

Leah stared back at me absolutely horrified after I carelessly revealed my innermost thoughts to her.

"Whatever is going on in that head of yours get rid of it, right now!" Leah immediately warns me. "Just remember you're a father of a little baby who needs you around." Shaking her head, she walks off mumbling incoherently.

Chuckling, I follow her but instead of going into Jay's room she walked straight out the bedroom door.


This is the first time I came in and because I am was so angry and disturbed about another attempt of mom to place Jade and I under a microscope, I didn't check in on my son.

"Hey little man," I cooed as I hoovered over his crib before reaching to lift him out of his cell.

Cradling him, I swayed slowly as I nuzzle his neck that is beginning to get chubby.

Smiling in admiration at my son whose receiving proper nurturing from his amazing mother.

"Leah!" I whispered before chuckling at my son. "Mummy's mad at daddy, lets go make her smile." I walked around in search of Leah.

Already sensing I was in the sitting room, Leah spun around waving her hand to express how angry she was with me.

"Did you mean what you said up there?" she asked, her voice breaking somewhat.

Chuckling at her demeanour, "what do you think?" I'm not going to admit that the thought did strongly cross my mind and that I was already conceiving ways to do away with my mother.

Frowning deeply, "that you were joking?" She asks hopefully.

Shrugging, "well there you have it." I responded, looking around. "Want to go for a drive?" Raising an eyebrow waiting for her response. "We could do with some fresh air." I nod at Jay who just rested comfortably in my arms gazing adoringly up at me.

"Jay hasn't been out in a few days." I added while Leah seemed unable to make up her mind about going for a drive or if I was joking about taking mom out.

"Leah" I chuckle, "I was joking, I would never put myself in a position to lose either one of you," I walked slowly across to her.

Frowning sadly, "I know it's difficult dealing with your mother constantly interfering in your lives and I can't begin to imagine how you and Jade might be feeling or felt when you realize your mother once again tried to sabotage your lives." Leah stood at a distance, shaking her head sadly.

Clutching my son tightly in my arms, "drop it Leah, I was just joking." I suddenly felt irritated with her constantly repeating my bad choice of words earlier.

For whatever reason, Leah dropped it lifting her eyes upwards. "I'm going to check on Jade and serve dinner in a few minutes." Leah said while walking out of the room.

Staring down at my son whose, still staring back at me in admiration, or at least I hope he admires me. "Guess mummy's still pissed off with me and since you're with me she probably thinks you're on my side." I chuckle as he blinks back at me. "So our drive is off." I added, deciding to see what's in the kitchen.

By the time Leah and Jade came down to a late dinner, followed by Mrs. Sanchez, Jay and I had dinner on the table, except tonight he will be watching us eat from the carrycot on the kitchen table.

Jade's face was freshly washed and make up free but she's wearing the same outfit from the interview.

"You okay?" I asked my voice gruff and deep with concern for my sister.

Glancing across at Leah whose eyes were glued to her son before turning to smile at me.

"I've been better and I'm definitely going to get much better after a good night's sleep." Jade responds, glancing at my wife once again before forking up the lasagna Leah made for dinner.

Frowning in confusion at my wife and my sister, "you're sure?" I asked and Jade nods with a serene smile.

Chuckling, "of course I'm sure that I am okay." Jade tells me turning now to Leah.

"My big brother doesn't believe I'm good." She laughs and Leah lifts her eyes from Jay to me.

"Your sister is fine, I am fine and so is Jay." Leah says, looking at Jay once again, confirming my suspicions that something happened upstairs but I am not privy to it.

Chuckling dryly as I scratch my unshaven chin, "and I am fine also." I added in case anyone was interested.

Leah and Jade exchanged a mischievous frown before bursting out into laughter.

"That's settled then because tomorrow you will be babysitting while I go shopping with your sister and you PA." " Leah smirks, turning to Jade. "We plan to get Evie's dress first then theirs." Leah adds.

"I'm staying home and babysitting?" I repeated Leah's words, regretting it the instant it flowed out of my mouth.

Shrugging, "of course I'm babysitting but," pausing I smile at my wife and sister, "I was thinking that Jay and I could accompany you guys," I started picking at my lasagna, "you know and us boys could browse around some baby stores or some toy shops." I added.

Leah was the first to respond without giving any emotion away.

"Oh, well maybe you could go with them and Jay and I could stay home, again." Her voice drops sadly.

Glancing at Leah, "yeah those hours sound like it could be to long for Jay, so Jordan could accompany us." Jade agreed.

Lifting an eyebrow curiously at the three women at the table, "okay, okay." I sighed, maybe I am imagining things because of what I said earlier to leah.

"Jay and I will remain home."

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