The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Eighty

Leah's POV

"Tell mummy to be good and don't smile at any guys who isn't daddy." Jordan jokes as I press kisses all over Jay's face.

"Tell daddy to behave and don't bring girls over while mommy's gone." I joked, still giving Jordan a stern look.

Nodding, Jordan takes Jay from my arms, while I lean to kiss him once again.

"Be good," Jordan whispers while leaning to kiss me as Vinnie pops his horn, impatiently.

Jordan and Jay escorted me to the SUV, where Jade and Rosie were already seated comfortably inside. Raising his eyebrow at Jordan, Vinnie laughs at his expression.

"Don't worry, I have my gun so your girl won't be receiving any unwanted attention." He tells Jordan what he wants to hear.

Shutting the door behind me, Jordan still stares at me suspiciously, "drive safely." Jordan tells Vinnie, blowing me a kiss as Vinnie drove away.

Meeting my gaze in the mirror, Vinnie winks at me. "Like my boss apparently smells a rat?" Vinnie chuckles.

Rosie spun around instantly to give Vinnie, Jade and I a suspicious frown.

"What are you guys up too?" She asks.

Jade and I gave each other confused frowns, "shopping?" Jade averts her eyes to Rosie's.

Nodding her head, "uh huh," she answers still giving us all a suspicious look.

Evie decided to meet up with us at the office of a well known designer in the city, whom Jade made an appointment with.

"Hey," Evie smile in relief where she saw us walking towards her. "Thank God you guys are here." She said in between hugs. "I was beginning to get restless." She chuckles nervously.

Jade quickly checks her time.

"I'm sorry for keeping you waiting..?" Jade trails off when she realizes we are on time.

Hooking her arm with Jade's, "oh sweetheart you're right on time, I'm just nervous that's all." Evie says, giving me a knowing look.

I self-consciously glance in Rosie's direction, realizing that she's staring back at me curiously.

"Well I am just here for fun and a little time off because my husband already took me shopping." I laugh as we entered the lobby to meet Jade's appointment.

Jade spun around curiously, "yes he took you shopping in Paris." She smirks. "But you guys are being very evasive about who and what you'll be wearing." She nods in Rosie's direction for her to join in.

When Rosie didn't comment, "I did say that I'm wearing gold." I reminded Jade and that is all I remember for fact.

Chuckling, "yes you did mention that." She confirms.

Rosie moves closer to me, "Paris huh?" She whispers as we enter the lift.

Nodding, "one of these days I'll tell you about my one night trip to Paris and Jay's first overseas trip." I won't tell her that her Godson spent his entire trip to Paris in his hotel room with Mrs. Sanchez.

"The girls are so excited about spending the night of the ball at the hotel helping Mrs. Sanchez babysit." Rosie says.

The Ball!

Clutching Rosie tightly. "Gosh I wish I could remain with them at the hotel. I think I am scared." I suddenly realized I am not eagerly anticipating attending the ball.

"Wearing gold and hanging on to the one of the city's sexist man alive?" Vinnie laughs, "I would definitely be scared too." Vinnie says, only to increase my anxiety.

Turning quickly to him, "maybe you could be Jordan's date and Rosie and I could remain with the girls and Jay?" I suggested, knowing full well that it wasn't a possibility.

"Yeah right." Jade chuckles as elevator door opens. "You're the new face of Branson's and my brother would be naked without you." Jade says, turning to smile and untangle herself from Evie's arms at the woman whose walking briskly towards us.

"Ms. Branson it's so good to see you again." The woman held Jade's hands, while pecking her lightly on both cheeks.

"It's good to see you again Brandy and," turning around Jade smiles at us. "See, I've bought new clients." She adds, nodding at Vinnie and I. "Except those two," Jade flicks us off.

"Come," Brandy ushers us further inside a vast boardroom with a glass table that's covered with papers strewn around with drawings and fabrics while two women and one guy in the room, tried setting the table in order.

"Would you be able to find anything when you're done neatening the mess?" Vinnie jokes, only to have Jade turn around with a vicious glare.

Pointing to the door, "want me to leave?" He smirks winking at Rosie, who just giggle at his mischievousness.

Moving forward, "you can attend to Evie first," I suggested with a smile at Evie, hoping Jade agrees with me. "And maybe we can shop around afterwards because the both of you will be discussing wedding gowns," I finish, raising an eyebrow at Vinnie.

Following my gaze, Jade nods in agreement, "yes, yes. Take him away." Jade says mockingly to Vinnie.

Like me, Evie was an extremely simple person and finding her safe color was easy, despite the suggestions the designer and Jade made.

Rosie and I discussed colors while Evie was being attended too but left the designer with the final colors for Rosie.

"I'm ready," Evie approaches me with a nervous grin, looking back at the designer. "She's good." Evie tells Rosie who was already walking over to join Jade.

"Call when you're done." Vinnie tells Jade as he draws Rosie into his arms. "Miss me babe." He whisper endearingly, before kissing her.

"Don't go to far," Jade throws over her shoulder as we were walking out.

Rolling her eyes, Rosie raise two fingers behind Jade's head, imitating the devil's horn.

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