The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Eight

Leah's POV

Since returning from the hospital, Jordan and Vinnie has been locked up in the office with back to back online meetings, while I put my feet up.

My pressure didn't go down, nor did it go up and now that Dr. Mehra mention putting me on bed rest, I could see the fear in Jordan's eyes.

I don't know how my mom felt while she was carrying me but I don't feel sick or weak and once my feet is elevated for a short while, I am fine.

Mrs. Sanchez planned a diet for me and for once I won't fight her on using less salt among other things.

I am also excited to be spending the weekend away from the city with my husband and friends.

Since returning from our honeymoon, Jordan's grandpa placed a lot on his shoulders, since he considers marriage to have matured Jordan.

"Have you had dinner?" The voice of the man I was thinking about, interrupted my thoughts.

Smiling, I tilt my head backwards to see him behind me, staring down at me.

Lifting my arms, I invite him to hold me.

"I had something light because I wanted to have dinner with you." I tried flirting with him.

Stooping, Jordan wrapped his arms around my neck and captured my lips with his in one of his sensual kisses.

"Fuck, you taste so good," he whispers against my lips. "How are you feeling?" Jordan asks a question I have never heard him ask before.

Narrowing my eyes, I smiled.

"Jordan, I promise you that I am fine and I intend to relax and be pampered at the lake house, or is it a cottage?" I frowned, wondering how big the cottage is.

Chuckling, Jordan sits beside me on the sofa, "it use to be a two bedroom with a kitchen and living room in one, plus an outdoor bathroom." Jordan smirks.

Twitching my mouth, "hmm, and now?" I hope the outdoor bathroom is a thing of the past.

Following my train of thoughts, "don't worry, when grandpa got his first million, the first place he rebuilt was the cottage, buying up the land around it." With a far away expression, Jordan describes the cottage that is now a vacation home, with nine bedrooms and indoor plumbing, which sounded like music to my ears, with the only downside being, no internet!

Janelle and Shenelle would scream their heads off, so Vinnie and Rosie kept it a secret from them but Jade bought every board game she owns, while buying up a few more.

The next few days flew quickly as Jordan worked harder and I kept packing and repacking for my heavily anticipated trip.

Friday afternoon, Jordan shut down the office earlier so that we get to the cottage before dark.

Vinnie drove Rosie and the girls while Jade and Michael came along with Jordan and I, along with Mrs. Sanchez.

The only downside to this road trip was the amount of times I had to make a pee break but I couldn't help it.

As expected all my unexpected stops caused us to reach in the dark but thankfully Vinnie arrived earlier.

I walked around the bedroom Jordan says was his, checking out the bathroom first, opening the tap and flushing the toilet, grinning from ear to ear when it all worked.

"Awesome," giggling, I threw myself at Jordan. "Indoor plumbing works." I laugh.

Pulling me into his arms, "maybe inviting company was a bad idea," snuggling his face in my neck, which I found have gotten chubby since my pregnancy.

Chuckling, "well, we only need to venture out for food," drawing myself of out his arms, I went to check out the bed, smelling the newly washed sheets.

"Did Rosie do all this before we arrive?" Surprise, I turned to Jordan.

Shaking his head, "no the caretakers came and did a general, including stocking the pantry for the weekend, so we can laze in bed all day and.." Jordan was saying but paused and just stared at me with a guarded expression.

"And?" Lifting an eyebrow, I encourage him to continue.

"We need to talk," Jordan said. "About everything, since I found out you were pregnant and me being a total jackass since then." Jordan added, sweeping a hand over his mouth, he turned away.

Reaching out, I pulled his arm, "I think I understand how you felt and I don't hold it against you, once we are good now." I assured him.

Frowning, "are we okay?" Jordan asks, his question definitely surprising me. "Are you okay?" He asks and I nod quickly.

"Yes Jordan I am am fine and I feel great, I promise you and I intend to spend the weekend with my feet elevated and lazing in front of the lake or in bed." I chuckle, trying to lighten the tense atmosphere, Jordan just created.

With the same calculated frown, Jordan nods and smile.

"Let's get dinner," he held out his hand which I accepted.

Nodding to the bathroom, "actually, I am kinda full with the sandwiches Mrs. Sanchez brought along and I really need a shower." I stood awkwardly in front of him, hoping he won't have a problem with it.

"Okay, let me make sure everyone is settled in upstairs," Jordan moves towards the doorway.

Jordan and I, plus Mrs. Sanchez are occupying the downstairs bedrooms while the others are upstairs.

I spun happily around the room, before organizing for my shower, yawning as I fought to stay awake.

Not accepting that I am full, Jordan returned with a light dinner for me.

"The girls are mad like hell," Jordan chuckles. "They will die without social media." He explains and I understand their plight but since I am not on any social media platforms, I am not bothered.

Yawning, I climb into bed, snuggling into Jordan's body for extra warmth.

"I love you!"

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