The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Eighty One

Leah's POV

Vinnie pulled up in front of an upscale restaurant, raising his eyebrows at me after staring at the location.

"Impressive," he chuckles, smirking at Evie who sat restlessly in the backseat of his SUV.

I eyed the entrance of the restaurant with a determination to do what I came here to do.

"Impressive indeed," I agreed with Vinnie as I reach out to open the door.

Reaching out, Vinnie stopped me, "wait in front for me." He instructed, his eyes locked intensely on mine.

Nodding, "of course." I responded smoothly, reaching for the latch again.

"Leah!" Vinnie says from beside me once again, in a warning tone.

Shaking my head at him. "Vinnie?" I mockingly joked with him.

Turning around to Evie, "ensure that she waits for me." He instructs Evie.

I didn't hear Evie's response but apparently Vinnie was satisfied with her unspoken communication.

As Vinnie drove off I spun around to Evie when I was confident that Vinnie could no longer see me in his rearview mirror.

"Wait here for him, I am going to see where she's seated." I turned and entered the restaurant without waiting for Evie to respond.

"Good afternoon ma'am, do you have a reservation?" The hostess greeted with a polite smile.

Straining my head, I search the tables that were in my line of vision.

Returning a polite smile to the hostess, "uh, I'm here to meet my mother-in-law, she called to say that she would be having lunch here." I clenched my fists as I lied outrightly to the hostess with a polite smile plastered on my face.

Nodding, "name please?" The hostess asked.

"Uh, Branson?" I hope she is still carrying that name because if I fail to meet her today, I will never get a chance to confront her again. "But she is here with friends so I not sure who she's with today." I added.

Rolling her pen down her list, I relaxed inwardly when I saw her smile.

"Does the name Finley sound familiar to you?" She asks and I nod quickly.

Of course she would be here with one of those bitches.

"Yes, the family are business associates of my in-laws." I confirmed.

Lifting her eyes, she replaced her pen and takes up a menu, "this way please." The hostess indicates that I should follow her.

I wanted to surprise her and if I follow the hostess in, she will see me coming from a distance.

"Uh actually, can you direct me to the ladies room first and when I return, you could escort me to her table." I lied once again, crossing my fingers and hoping the hostess buys my excuse.

Placing the menu back down, "no problem ma'am." The hostess points alongside to where she stands, "walk straight ahead and take the first right." She directs me.

Anxious to leave I nod. "Thank you, just give me a few minutes." I said as I walk away.

With my head held high, I search the sea of faces hoping for a glimpse of the woman I came to meet and I hope to find her before Vinnie finds me.

Having had little contact with her in the past, I stopped when I heard a shrill laughter which sounds so much like the Finley girl Jordan's mother tried to hook him up with.

Turning to ensure I wasn't being observed by the hostess, I changed directions and with a faint mocking smile on my lips, I headed directly to where Jordan's mother was seated.

The Finley bitch saw me first, so I simply wave and smile as I approached her table, my smile deepening as I watch her lean to the former Mrs. Branson, maybe to alert her of my presence.

"Hello there," I greeted the five women who were all seated at the table. "Fancy meeting you here." With my eyes on my mother-in-law, after glancing around the restaurant.

Taken by surprise, "Leah," she greets me, frowning deeply.

Laughing, "oh, so you do know my name." I mocked, nodding at her friends who were all eyeing me curiously.

Composing herself, her jaws tighten as she now threw mental daggers at me.

"What are you doing here?" She glance around the seating area, maybe trying to see whose here with me.

Shrugging, I shifted from one leg to the other. "I'm meeting friends." I responded lightly, wishing Evie would walk in at this moment so she could see who my friends are.

"Then shouldn't you run along," smiling at the ladies seated with her. "As you can see, I am with 'my friends." She said between clenched teeth, confirming her displeasure in seeing me.

Chuckling, I checked out the friends she's with only recognizing Finley's daughter.

Losing the smile, I stare at her straight faced, "I hope you're not planning to seduce any of 'your friends husband', in the hopes of getting a better lifestyle?" Raising my eyebrows, I watch her waiting for that to sink in. "I mean it is a trait of yours to break up your friends relationship for money, right?" I added as she stood angrily to face me, while the other women's eyes widen in surprise, at my words.

"What do you want little girl?" She glares at me and I am sure we are drawing attention to ourselves now. She wanted an audience, so I am giving her one.

Folding my arms, I smile now.

"I want you to back of my husband and his si.." My voice trailed off as she cuts me across.

Shaking her head with a disgusted look at me, "you don't get to tell me about staying away from my son," her voice low and angry.

"I am not telling you to stay away from your son." I repeated. "I am telling your to back off my husband and his sister."

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