The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Eighty Two

Leah's POV

I felt I have the upper hand as her gray eyes, which reminds me of her son, darkens on me.

I forced myself not to cringe in fear at her hateful glare.

I froze for a millisecond after I heard my name being called by a soft voice that sounded so much like Evie.

Darn, Vinnie's here already!

Before turning around, with my eyes still plastered on the hateful woman in front me, whose eyes suddenly widen in shock, her lips slightly parted as she stares at the woman who called my name.

I could see her mouthing the words 'Evie' but no sound came through her lips.

Her shocked eyes averted from behind me to stare at me confused.

"My friends are here," smiling I finally turned to Evie, realizing Vinnie is not behind her.

"Evie come, meet my mother-in-law," I chuckle drawing Evie closer to the table. "I remember Julien saying that you guys were college roommates." I added smiling lightly.

"And guess how small the world is?" I spun around to Jordan's confused mom. "Her son is dating your daughter." She couldn't hide the second shock, her eyes widening in surprise. "Isn't that exciting?" I asked but still she remained silent.

Taking a deep breath, "what are you really doing here?" Jordan's mom asked slowly, with her eyes on me.

Shaking my head at her in disgust, "I already told you." And turning to Evie once more, glancing around for Vinnie who was noticeably missing. "And to introduce you to the woman whose son could soon be marrying your daughter, Jade Branson." I added. "I guess Branson and Gibbs were meant to be at the end of the day." I continued while Evie smiled politely at her former best friend.

As if coming out of a daze, I suddenly tensed under my mother-in-law's hateful stare.

Chuckling dryly with a smug smile at Evie and I. "Branson and Gibbs is still not happening." Mrs. Branson says as she slowly sits back down.

I moved forward but Evie held my hand to hold me back and shook her head when I frowned at her confused.

Standing back, I allowed Evie to move forward, while glancing around for a glimpse of Vinnie who would definitely be lurking around staring at me.

Folding her arms, Evie smiled softly at her. "And why won't the Branson's and the Gibbs finally get together?" She asks with a soft smile.

I felt lost in the middle of this battle that I sense has just started and suddenly I felt nervous.

"And what are you going to stop it?" Evie continue but the ex- Mrs. Branson just propped her chin with her elbows on the table, while smiling mischievously at Evie. "Are you going to drug my son and sleep with him too?" Evie's question wiped the smug smile of her face which was instantly replace by a shocked and embarrassed look.

Looking around the table at Mrs. Branson's friends, "so which one of these women boyfriends or husbands are you drugging and seducing now?" Evie kept her eyes on Mrs. Branson's friends but I couldn't look away from her flushed cheeks.

Glaring angrily at Evie, "what do you want?" She asked Evie while looking around the restaurant helplessly.

Pushing back the chair, two brunettes stood up with an awkward smile at the Finley girl, "I am sorry but I think we should leave." One of the brunettes blurted out bluntly, while the other just nod nervously in agreement.

Evie took one of the chairs now vacated and nods for me to take the other while smiling apologetically at the two women. "Keep your man away from this barracuda, she has the habit of drugging and seducing men and then blackmailing them for money." Evie said, turning to face a now fuming Mrs. Branson.

Before she could respond, the other woman who was seated with them pushed her chair to stand.

"I'm not comfortable with this." She waves her hand at Evie and then at me before turning to follow her friends out.

Deciding that I bought Evie here, I pulled a chair to give her some support but I don't think she needs me because she had over twenty five years to plan for her first meeting with the woman who broke up her engagement.

"Bye," Evie chuckles waving at the women who didn't turn around.

"Does Jordan know that you are here embarrassing his mother in public like this?" Ms. Finley asked in a low aggressive tone.

Leaning back in my chair, "I'm a big girl and I am here to tell your bff to back off my husband." I responded crossing my fingers that she don't reach out to Jordan.

Pulling out her phone she opens it, "I think I should call and let him know where you are." She threatens.

I tried not to show her that she had the upper hand here so I tried to bluff my way.

"He's not going to answer your call because he isn't looking for a whore." I mocked softly.

"Leah!" Mrs. Branson scolds me between gritted teeth.

"You should be disciplining your minion not me," I smirked, then started laughing at Evie's soft giggle.

Jordan is definitely going to kill me but if he answers this bitch, he'll be sleeping in another room for sure.

"I think with our children dating we should at least be civil for their sake." Evie pretends to be making peace. "A Gibbs and Branson was always in the making and Mr. Branson has already given his blessings." Evie lied smoothly.

Darn, she's good.

Giving Evie a calculating look, "A Branson and a Gibbs were never meant to be and it will never happen if those two get married because Jade isn't a Branson." Mrs. Branson laughs softly.

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