The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Eighty Three

Leah's POV

Instead of being shocked like me, Evie smiled easily at Mrs. Branson.

"Yes I know." She responded. "Julien mention that the only time he slept with you was when you drugged him and he never touched you since." Evie explained with a triumphant smile, while I'm sure my mouth must be hanging open in shock.

My first thought is, does Jordan know this?

"Julien?" My mother-in-law whispered softly and Evie smiled with a slight nod.

"Yes, we met at your grandson's christening and we have been catching up ever since." Averting her eyes with a dreamy look in her eyes, "you could even say that we have started dating again." Evie chuckled, her words seem to have the effect of a dagger plunging through Mrs. Branson's stomach, because she doesn't have a heart.

Scuffing haughtily, "dating?" Mrs. Branson mocked. "He's over the hill and no use to any woman." Mrs. Branson laughed.

Chuckling mischievously. "Oh I beg to differ." Evie smiles then turned to Ms. Finley who just sat there listening intently to the dialogue between my father-in-law's ex and his present.

"You do look a bit like Jade," Evie mused, with her index finger circling her face. "Could she be your half-sister?" Nodding mockingly at Mrs. Branson. "She has been around the block a few time and it's always with someone else's man." Evie laughed and I fought gasping at the shock and fear I saw on Ms. Finley's face.

Pushing back her chair she turned to glare at Mrs. Branson and without another word, she grabbed her handbag and rushed out ignoring Mrs. Branson's calls.

Turning to glare at me now, "what are you doing?" She pushed the upper half of her body over the table as if she was coming after me.

I wasn't going to be intimidated by her. "I came to tell you to back off my husband but you refused and from what I have just heard, having a talk show to discredit my husband and his family won't work in your favor because of your lifestyle during your marriage." I told her before gathering my belongings, having seen and heard enough and I also need to hold Jordan in my arms and never let him go.

Turning to Evie, "let's go, Jordan must be going crazy babysitting." I chuckle.

Nodding in agreement, Evie stood up to join me. "Yes Jayden must be getting tired of his father." She joked.

"Jayden?" I heard from behind me as I turn to leave.

Turning around to face my mother-in-law. "Yes Jayden, your grandson." Shaking my head sadly. "It's sad that the only grandma he would know is Evie." I just wanted her to hurt as much as she hurt my husband by being a delinquent parent.

I could swear I saw her face shrinking right in front of me but I couldn't care anymore. I don't care anymore after what I heard about Jade, wondering about her brother's reaction to this information.

"I don't have money to pay for this," Mrs. Branson spread her hands at the table that's full of drinks and uneaten food.

I was about to open my handbag but Evie stopped me.

"I'm sure you can wash some dishes and clean the washroom." Evie smiled, with a hand on my arm she pulled me out of the restaurant with her.

"We can't leave her with a bill like that," I whispered to Evie when she nods to the side of me.

Vinnie stood waving a chit in his hand, "I settled it." He assures me with a grim expression.

I quietly followed them outside but before Vinnie could walk away to retrieve his vehicle, I grabbed his arm.

"Did you hear our conversation with Jordan's mom?" I asked even though I know he did.

Vinnie nods before walking in the direction of the car park.

Jade and Rosie were waiting outside the building restlessly.

Waving her hand at Vinnie, "what kept you back so long?" Jade was ready to get into it with Vinnie but Evie interrupted with an apologetic smile.

"I'm sorry Jade but I met an old friend and I had to catch up."Evie explains.

Embarrassed, "I'm sorry, I was just worried." Jade tries to explain her impatient behavior.

I wrapped my arms around her, "you're the best." I whispered, as Rosie frown at us. "Now let's go eat before I go home to my husband and son." I tell her, feeling a warmth spread through my body. It feels great to know I have not one but two person whom I love dearly, waiting at home for me.

Chuckling, "gosh I can't wait to see the day Jayden drive Jordan up a wall," Rosie joins us as we walk towards Vinnie's vehicle.

"Oh Leah you're going to love your bridesmaid dress." Jade gushed as we wait to be served.

I rolled my eyes at Rosie who was leaning against her fiance's chest.

Chuckling, "trust me Jordan is going to love it." Rosie laughs.

Frowning at her response. "And what about me?" I wasn't curious, I was scared because I wasn't bold in my dress code.

"All that matters is that Jordan loves it," Vinnie adds, smiling for the first time since we left Jordan's mom and the restaurant behind.

I was still skeptical about him paying her bill and leaving her to help in the restaurant as punishment for a short while as was his agreement with the manager of the restaurant.

I was surprise when Ms. Finley abandon her at the lunch table but I am more concern about Jordan and if her knows about Jade being his half sister or maybe the worst of my worries should be Jade's reaction to this!

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