The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Eighty Four

Jordan's POV

I got up to take Jay out of his cot when I saw Vinnie's SUV driving into the compound.

"Mummy's home," I chuckle, kissing the tip of his nose before walking towards the front door.

Leah is home with Jay more often than I am and even though he wasn't any trouble, I can see that it is a job in itself to be awake, aware and alert of Jay at all times, even when he is asleep.

I didn't get any work done but it wasn't a lost day since I got time to catch up on some sporting activities and spend time with my little guy.

I promise while Leah was in the hospital that I won't be my parents.

My son will always be my number one priority and if he is the only child we have and is my most cherish treasure.

Leah and I haven't discussed having another child and I'm too scared for her to go through another pregnancy, even though Dr. Mehra said Leah's young and her body is strong.

I smiled when I heard the car door slam drawing me out of my deep thoughts.

"Can I hold my Godson before I leave," Rosie was already running past Leah to get ahold of Jay while Jade tried but on her heels, it was impossible to beat her to it.

Shaking my head, I hugged my son against my chest, "your hands are dirty." I smirk.

Glaring at me, "I allowed you to hold my daughter after your dates," with her hands on her hips she threw back at me, waiting for me to dispute that.

Instead of answering her, I eyes lifted to see my wife smiling at me, her hands filled with two bags of food from one of my favourite restaurant.

Moving forward, "don't look at her, she knows you have a past and she also knows that I want to hug my Godson before I leave," Rosie reached for Jay while Vinnie kept honking the horn.

Turning around, Rosie flipped him the bird, before giving Jay a light hug and kiss on his head,

"Aunty will shower before coming over next time." Rosie promises, giving Jay a sad smile then hands him back to me.

Waving at Leah and Jade, "talk to you guys later," Rosie turned to glare at Vinnie once again and then turned back to salute me. "Later boss," she laughs.

"Shopping went well," I comment as Jade rolled her eyes.

Nodding, "Yes but the brain is tried now. I'm going to shower and take a nap." She informs us walking ahead of Leah and I into the house. "Don't wake me until it's time to go over to the family for brunch," she says as she continues down the corridor.

"That's tomorrow." Leah shouts back." Frowning at Jade's retreating back.

Waving over her shoulder, "see you tomorrow then." Jade laughs, disappearing up the stairs.

Turning her attention back to Jay, "hey sweetie, did you miss mummy?" Leah cooed with a light giggle.

Chuckling, "no but daddy definitely missed mummy." I responded instead, kissing her head as she leaned down to kiss our son.

Lifting her head, Leah smiled and cupped my face with a soft stern looked in her eyes.

"And you never left my thoughts the entire time I was out." Leah admitted before kissing me hard on the lips.

"Want me to put Jay back down?" I muttered against her lips.

Chuckling, Leah drew away and looked around.

"Have you guys eaten?" She asks.

Tilting my head at the little guy in my arms, "he's full." I smirked at my son whose gazing adoringly at his mother as if she is the angel I remember seeing laughing with her hair blowing in the wind as she walked with Mrs. Sanchez

Smiling delightfully, "well I bought you guys lunch," she smirked, turning for the kitchen. "Where's Mrs. Sanchez?" She asked, fully expecting me to follow her.

"Out on an errand." I said moving towards the kitchen table where we have a carrycot in placed for Jay.

"So how was shopping?" I asked digging into the bar-b-que ribs Leah dished out for me.

Since she claims to have already eaten, Leah moves the salad she dished out for herself around her plate.

"That bad huh?" I asked observing her keenly, aware that she still hasn't heard me.

Reaching out, I gripped the hand she was using to play with her salad.

"Leah!" I called.

It took her more than a second to realize I was holding her hand and that I even called out her name.

Lifting confused eyes to me, "what?" Leah asks confused.

Releasing her hand but still holding her eyes captive, "I was speaking to you." I said softly.

I know something is bothering her and I knew she was disturbed before she went out.

Frowning, "sorry about that." she apologized with a slight shake of her head. "I... uh.." Leah paused as if she is struggling for words. "I... uh.. I'm not sure what it is exactly." She averts her eyes from mine as she spoke.

Putting down my fork, I reached for her hand again. "You know you can trust to tell me anything, right?" I asked softly.

Smiling with a slight nod, "yeah I know and thank you for that assurance but." Picking up my fork, she hands it over to me. "Eat up and let's go upstairs and like Jade take some rest before Jay needs our attention." She tells me and that is her subtle way of avoiding what is bothering her.

We both took a shower, leaving Jay in his crib before bring him to take a nap with us.

"I did something today and I am not going to apologize for it." Leah says, with her head on my chest.

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