The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Eighty Five

Jordan's POV

"What I am going to tell you could hurt you or upset you but you need to promise me that you will control yourself and not react, uh beastly." Leah said first, leaving me intrigued.

"Now I am more than just curious." I responded, trying to sit up.

Adjusting herself she sits up with me. "Remember you promise not react irresponsible." Leah warns sternly.

Shaking my head, "I never promised anything like that." I corrected her.

Shrugging, "well if you don't promise then," Leah was saying when she slid back beneath the sheets, dismissing me.

"Hey," I reached under the sheets and started tickling her, chuckling as she kicked and screamed while begging for mercy.

"OKAY I'LL TALK!" Leah shouts still squirming under the sheets.

I stopped in an instance, only because I am actually interested in hearing what my normally calm wife did and why she isn't sorry and most of all, I want to know what she knows that she fears could hurt me.

Lifting the sheet off her face, "I met your mother today while she was lunching.." I stilled at the mention of my mother.

Sensing the change in me, Leah lifted off the sheet to sit up beside me.

"I'm sorry." We both said simultaneously to each other.

Frowning, "why?" Leah asks.

Sweeping my hands over my face, I scratch my chin thoughtfully.

"I know that an encounter with my mother never turns out well." I admitted.

Clutching my arm, "I found out where she was and I deliberately went to meet her." Leah's words surprises me and then worries me.

"Why would you do that?" I felt the creases between my eyes deepening.

Leah turned around to face, "I needed to talk to her and I didn't go alone." She continues, confusing me even more.

"Just tell me what happened and who accompanied you on your visit to mom." I am concern with worry now, realizing since Leah isn't worried about mom but me, mom must have said something to her.

"I decided that enough is enough and I needed her to back off you and trying to attack you everytime you make a move and I also didn't want her dying at your hands." Leah says, adding the last part to remind me of what I said after that fiasco of a television interview.

Unsure of what I am actually hearing, "so you went to tell her off?" I felt and overwhelming surge of love filling up inside.

Nodding, Leah looks away. "Something like that and I took Evie with me." She adds but I didn't probe because I am sure Vinnie would not have allowed her to venture out, even if it is with Evie.

Folding my arms I leaned against the bedrest, "tell me what happen and where you met my mother." I invited her to continue.

Averting her eyes, Leah stares at the wall in front of her and started telling me about taking Evie to meet my mother at the restaurant she was dining at, with her friends.

She conveniently left out how she knew where my mother was but I know for a fact that Vinnie took her since he would never allow her out of his sight.

I listen, clenching my fists as Leah draws to an end of her encounter with my mother.

I promise to remain calm as Leah spoke which wasn't difficult because I felt myself frozen in shock.

I could hear my heart thudding loudly against my chest but by the look in Leah's eyes, she didn't hear it.

Sliding slowly off the bed, "I need to pay dad a visit." I was already pulling off the sweater I was wearing and walking towards the closet to get a change of clothes.

"Jordan I fought with my conscience about telling you what your mother said, please don't make me regret it." Leah tripped while climbing of the bed to join me.

"You open this can of worms and I need to get rid of it." I don't know why but the words flew out of my mouth before I could make sense of what I was saying.

Shaking her head in disbelief, "maybe I shouldn't have said anything and let her blurt it all over national television." I didn't have to turn around to know that Leah was angry.

I'm not going to get into this with her now, I just need to speak to my father because deep down inside, I know that my mother is telling the truth but why would she blurt it out to Leah and her former best friend.

"Jordan!" Leah whisper yelled at me as I pulled a T-shirt to wear with the jeans I had already pulled up.

I am sure if I continue this discussion with Leah it could escalate with the way I am feeling right now and then Jade would get involved and that is the last thing I need right now.

Grabbing my phone and my keys, "not now Leah, we will continue this discussion when I get back." I threw over my shoulder as she walked briskly to keep up with me.

"So I was wrong to tell you what was said?" She asks softly.

Trying to curb my anger or maybe it is the hurt I feel, "why did you go to see her in the first place?" I don't know if she explained her reasons for seeking out my mom but it is now lost in the major bombshell she dropped.

Biting her lips to stop it from quivering, "when my husband comes home after an encounter with his mother and he tells me he wants to make her disappear, it becomes my business." Leah responded and rushes past me, down the stairs.

I know she's right but I need to speak to my father first.

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