The Homeless Girl and the CEO- Sequel

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Chapter Eighty Six

Jordan's POV

I believe that I broke every speed limit between my home to my grandparents and maybe getting a ticket and spending a few hours behind bars might have help the fire that's raging within me.

Slamming my door shut, I jogged towards the front door and used my key instead of ringing the doorbell as I would normally do when I come over for a visit.

"Where's dad?" My tone of voice made grandma's neck snap up quickly.

Frowning with a worried expression, "what's wrong?" Grandma stood up, "Is Jay okay?" Of course the first person she would ask about is her great-grandson.

Peering behind me, "is Leah and Jade with you?" She continued.

Shaking my head impatiently, "everyone is fine but I am here to see dad and it's important." I snapped at grandma which proved to be a big mistake.

Narrowing her eyes at me, "calm down and tell me what's wrong and don't you dare use that tone of voice with me." Grandma warned.

Sweeping my hand over my face in frustration, I turned and walked out of the sitting room to run up the stairs in search of my father of grandfather.

"JORDAN!" Grandma hollowered but I ignored her in my quest for the truth about my sister's parentage.

"Not now grandma," I holl0wered back taking the stairs two at a time.

Instead of finding dad in his room, I saw grandpa walking out of his room, clad in his comfy home attire, of a polo shirt and his khaki three quarters pants as usual.

"Jordan," grandpa's countenance lifts as his eyes fell on me. "I didn't expect to see you guys till tomorrow." He chuckles, as he made his way towards me.

"I'm here alone." I explain before he asks for Leah and Jay. "I needed to see dad." I added.

Frowning curiously because I have never willfully seek out my father before.

Looking over his shoulder, "did you check his room?" Grandpa asks and I nod.

Tilting his head to the staircase, "well he must be downstairs and if he went out your grandma would know." Grandpa chuckles playfully, because he calls grandma the Branson's warden.

Grandma makes it her duty to know our going out and coming in and if we are not where we are suppose to be, she would call our phones down.

Grunting, as I made my way hastily down the stairs.

"What's wrong?" Grandpa asks as we stop at the bottom of the stairs.

Looking around, "I'm only going to do this once, so I need dad here when I speak to the both of you." I explained, unsure how to bring up this conversation in front of my grandparents.

Staring curiously at me, "huh." Was grandpa's only response, before walking towards the sitting room where I left grandma.

"Where's Julien?" I heard grandpa ask grandma before I joined them. "His son needs to speak to him and he appears anxious." Grandpa added.

Lifting her eyes to mine, "I noticed," grandma agreed with grandpa.

"Have a seat, I called your father and he will be here shortly." Grandma explains.

Feeling like an ass!

Of course, why didn't I think about that on my way over.

"How's Jay and Leah?" Grandma asks and I smile softly at the mention of my wife and son.


"There are both fine and you will see that for yourself tomorrow." I answered, silently praying dad gets here sooner.

"Where did dad go?" I asked curiously.

Shrugging, "I didn't ask, I just told him you are here alone to see him." Grandma explains.

Nodding, I lean forward, resting my elbows on my thighs as my mind drifted back to a short while ago after I heard what Leah had to say.

I am such a fool!

Pulling out my phone, I started to dial Leah's number when dad came hustling into the sitting room, sounding as if he is out of breath.

Cutting the call, I place the phone beside me on the sofa.

"You're clearly out of shape," I joked, trying to make light conversation with dad.

With a sad look, dad smiles at me.

"I know why you're here." Dad got straight to the point confirming that Evie mention their visit with mom.

From the corner of my eyes, I saw grandma and grandpa moving to leave the room.

"No, stay." Putting out a hand, dad stops them.

Since dad knows why I am here, I wait for him to continue under the curious gaze of his parents.

Lifting his eyes to grandpa, "Jordan found out about Jade not being my daughter." Dad explains.

Grandma and grandpa's expression soften at dad's explanation.

Shaking her head, "she may not be your flesh and blood but she is your daughter and our granddaughter." Grandma corrects dad in an instant.

I felt tears welling up in my eyes, "so it's true." I whispered softly, although I should not have question what my mother said.

Moving to sit beside me.

"Jordan, I don't know what is going on in that head of yours but Jade is your sister and our child," grandma was saying but I cut her across.

"You need to tell her the truth." I turn to dad since I believe it is his responsibility.

Shaking his head sadly, "and what will that achieve?" Dad asks.

"You loved Jade from the moment she came home from the hospital and I did also," dad averts his eyes. "From afar." He says sadly.

"Since the divorce, I can openly show my love to the both of you." Dad continues and I agree that he doesn't move biased between Jade and I.

Nodding, "yes but you still need to tell her." I persisted. "I cannot know this and not tell her." The guilt would destroy me.

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